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4 for $50 4K UHD Blu-Ray Movies ($5.95 Shipping) + 10% off $75 Min Spend @ Sanity


Just purchased Batman Begins 4K UHD, The Dark Knight 4K UHD, The Dark Knight Rises 4K UHD and Kong: Skull Island 4KUHD. I then added The Secret Life of Pets 2 4K UHD which took the total over $75.
Added the LIFEWORKS10 code which took 10% off the total purchase price. Removed The Secret of Life Pets 2 and still received 10% discount. Total order $45 plus $5.95 for shipping.

Thanks to g12345567 for original Sanity 2 for $30 4K UHD Blu Ray movies post.

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    Sanity….still exists? How is that even possible?

    • +1 vote

      Sanity clause.


      I'd love for someone to advise.

      My 4 closest shopping centres all have one too.

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      I used to work at Sanity. I swear almost every disc had either scratches or fingerprints on them from having to unpack the disc and then having to put them in sleeves to file behind the counters.

      Imagine paying a premium for discs that were pretty much second hand.

      The irony is we were forced to upsell $4.99 disc repair kits.

      Would never buy anything from them. Used to always go to JB as even with the staff discount you could find most stuff cheaper there and at least shrinkwrapped.


        In QLD? I know store managers who were absolutely bullied out of the company.

        And a regional manager who got a sales assistant pregnant and promoted her.

        Trash company.


    Only 26 UHD titles to choose from, kinda limiting..


      You can apply the LIFEWORKS10 10% off code to any purchase. Doesn't have to be the 4 for $50 deal.


    Just some cognitive dissonance for OP:

    The Christopher Nolan Collection 4K (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Interstellar, The Prestige, Dunkirk) has been:
    $84.50 JB Hi-Fi although now $220
    $66.99 Amazon Prime currently $88.99

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      That’s 90 pounds?


      A few weeks ago I bought Batman Begins, The Dark Night , The Dark Night Rises and Dunkirk all 4k with Blu - ray discs for $15 each at Amazon. 4k movies for me and the Blu-rays for my brother. He's happy being a huge Batman fan. Yeah, I'm happy too.

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