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Engel Digital Platinum Series MT45FP Chest Fridge / Freezer 40L, 12/24/240V $1077.30 @ Repco


Thanks goes to baaatender for the original 30% off offer. Use Coupon Code REP41119

This is the Engel Digital Platinum Series Model MT45FP Chest Fridge / Freezer 40L, 12/24/240V.

Repco retail it at a pretty high price of $1,539.00 normally. But with this discount, it comes to $1,077.30

Total Savings- $461.70

Click and Collect only (available to collect in 30mins in most stores). Delivery not available.

Plenty of stock around Perth stores.

I've heard the Engel quality is not quite as good as it used to be, so I'm on the lookout for the Bushman equivalent. But this might be useful to some.

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  • Good price for an Engel - little small for my needs but

  • I'm trying to decide between this or the Bushman 35-52L portable which is on eBay special at $1,255.50 using code PLEASE10. Bushman has much better Product Review ratings.


    • I went Engel last year but if I was to do it again - Bushman 35-52L.
      Reasons - I've read the Sawafuji Compressors no longer uses rare earth magnets and may not be as reliable as before. Also note that Engel support is woeful and arrogant from all accounts.

      Bushman has some fantastic reviews and easy to repair even way beyond Warranty. Rock sold BD35 Compressor as well with plenty of spares available.
      The bushman comes standard with Tie Down points (I paid $40 for Engel ones that felt rough and cheap)
      Sadly I don't think Bushman's are assembled in Australia anymore but still maintain the same support staff.

      When my Engel dies I'll get a Bushman.

      • RE: Engel support, yep, they're shocking, according to their service agents they are the worst company to deal with for warranty claims… The service agents claim they cant even talk to Engel, all their support phone numbers go to full message banks…

        My Engel failed when I was on the road in the NT earlier this year, I had to visit 4 agents and travel 1500km before I found one that would do warranty work… The first 3 were keen on doing the work until I mentioned it was a warranty job, then they were suddenly too busy or just flatly refused, lol

  • Jumped on the deal, not impressed with build quality so far. A basic function of a fridge is to seal right?