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Baseus 1M Type-C USB Cable - 4 for $12 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square via eBay


BUY 1, GET 3 FREE (add 4 to cart) stacks with eBay code PSLEIGH for 20% off, Discount shows at Checkout.
Value of least expensive item will be discounted from the subtotal amount. Discount amount will be applied once per transaction.

Baseus 1M USB Cable for iPhone/iPad

Baseus 1M Type-C USB Cable

2x NUGLAS Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone

NUGLAS 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung

Universal Smart Phone Car Mount

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  • +1

    Wonder if there's a way to get a mix of two 50cm and two 1m's.
    I've used their usb-c to usb-c cables and they've been awesome so far

    • +8

      You can! Just add then to your cart!

      • +4

        No idea who downvoted you, it works perfectly

        Screenshot for proof:


        Can also add 4x 2M to cart for $15.94 delivered

  • +5

    Just watch out, if you don’t mind waiting for weeks to get your cable. For me I’ve waited almost 4 weeks until I have to get eBay to intervene to get my 30 days money back guarantee.

    • +4

      You lucky if you get it in 4 weeks, can be 3 months sometimes

  • Hahaha,..check out the universal paper clip…ffs!

  • Anyone used NUGLAS 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung and know if finger print sensor still works with this glass screen protector?

    • +1

      Doesn't appear to be full screen adhesion, and most likely plastic/very thin tempered glass.

      Your best bet for Full Screen Adhesion for Curved Screen (ie. Samsung Devices) are UV-Glue Screen Protector (such as WhiteStone Dome Class) - Just note that they are expensive.

      • I've got some cheapo ones off aliexpress and they're working nicely. UV too and the FP scanner works totally fine

        • Do you have a Link?

          • @dfr: Welllll maybe haha
            I ordered like 6 of them at once and they all came in generic packaging so I have no clue which is which.
            Based off the reviews I think this is the one:

            The working one for me had a dotted textured protective film over the glass in the package. Where another one that didn't work for me was had a completely clear protective film.
            Sadly it's a pain telling the difference because it's all just super generic packaging

  • +3

    Or $15 postage. What a joke.

  • +3

    Thanks.its good value with eBay plus

  • +3

    Thanks. Got

    2x 0.5m
    1x 1m
    1x 2m

    For $15.97

    The 2m ones are more expensive.

    • I guess the "free" one is automatically the cheapest because adding 4x 2M to cart is $15.94 after discount

      • It's usually the case

  • Seems like click and collect is $15. Any way for free delivery for non ebay plus members?

    • I dont have ebay plus and i got it for $12.

      • How?

        • I selected 4. Went to confirmation page added promo code and scroll down and see $12. Do you do all these steps to see final price?

        • Me too. Shipping was free to my area and no eBay plus

  • +1

    works perfectly.

  • +1

    Thanks very much

  • +7

    Why is expected delivery up to three weeks if the item is in stock and based in Sydney? Coming in from overseas, no doubt…

    • +2

      That's right- dropshipping. It's all the rage on eBay unfortunately.

      • +1

        I've already lodged a few complaints with eBay for false advertising. FeeBay of course didn't care.

  • +4

    I understand free postage for Ebay Plus members, but $15 postage for a single cable is plain thuggery….

  • Are these qc 3.0?

    • Yes they are.

      (promotional images have it)

      • In the item description it states it only supports 5V 2a over 2m cable, so the 2m cable may not quick charge.
        Also the description states the cables only support 480mbs (USB 2.0 speeds), so presumably only the usb 2.0 pins, but if its just for charging it won't matter.

        • That's just a generic description so I'd trust the images more. Besides these cables have been posted plenty of times and they work fine with fast charging.

          At the bare minimum the QC 3.0 protocol starts from 3.6V anyway.

  • Sigh, just when I had bought a USB Type C cable from miniso for $7 yesterday! Guess I'll pick up on a few Type C 2m cables for when the girlfriend and I both change our phones to the Oppo Reno2 Z.

    • nice phone but a tad too long. (profanity) at oppo decided to pull the stereo speakers from this one, im surprised they kept the 3.5mm

  • +2

    $15 postage.
    What a rip.

  • +5

    I don't think it's worth it if you don't have Plus.

  • Any feedback on the iphone cable? They are not MFi certified.

  • Would this work with Huawei P20 to supercharge the device?
    I have USB-C cables, non of them supercharges my phone except the genuine Huawei cables.

  • +1

    I bought 4 x 1m, and 4 x 2m cables. I ended up subscribing to eBay plus (I had done 1 trial before and unsubscribed), and they gave me a $20 voucher.
    That paid for the 2m cables. Total $49 for subscription and $12 for the cables.

  • Damn it I did not read the comments first.

    I purchased 4 x 1m first.

    then 4 x 50cm.

    then 4 x 2m.

    for a total of almost $40.

    I definitely don't need that many cables, wish I read first and just mixed for a total of 4 cables.

    I hope USB-C cables don't become obsolete anytime soon haha.

    Would be good if eBay had a cancel order option like Amazon does.

    • USB-C cables won't be obsolete soon but USB-A go USB-C sure will be at some point, we will just directly connect USB-C to USB-C going forwards

      eBay does have a cancel order option, you also get free returns with eBay plus if you wanted to return them after delivery.

      Click My eBay. It's in the upper-right corner of the eBay website. …
      Click Purchase History. It's in the drop-down menu below "My eBay". …
      Find the order that you want to cancel. …
      Click More Actions next to the order you want to cancel. …
      Click Cancel this order. …
      Click Submit.

  • 3 days still not sent my order? anyone else got theirs sent yet?

    just checked

    Will usually send within 10 business days of receiving cleared payment-

    BIG OOF.

  • +1

    Thanks. Bought.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!!! Bought 1x 1m USB-C cable 1x 2m cable and 2x Samsung S9+ screen protectors… total came to $20 and then $16 after the coupon code, brilliant!

  • +3

    Ordered 4 x 1m black lightning cables and was sent 4 x usb-c cables (not sure of length as I haven't taken out of the packaging)

    Double checked I didn't order incorrectly, as I also ordered 3 x usb-c cables and Nuglass for iphone as a separate order, but those haven't arrived yet.

    Double-check your order before taking out of the packaging. I've hit up Shopping Square but haven't heard back yet

    • +2

      Same thing here. Ordered 4x Lightning, received 4x USB-C…

      • mines still not sent.

    • Shopping Square making me send back the item and wait for a refund once they receive the stock…

      • +3

        they told me to place a new order for the cables I wanted and I'll get refunded once they receive the wrong ones back. I don't see why the customer should pay twice for a staff mistake.

        • Agreed, that was basically my reply back to them…

        • give them bad feedback and then file a paypal case?

  • Has anyone received their orders yet?

    • +1

      Still waiting for mine =/

      • Mine has been sent on Friday. Should be here before the end of next week. But then I bought 4x 2m USB-C cables which they probably have more stock of.

        • I got this message..

          We apologize for the inconvenience.

          We have found a handling error for the item and therefore your order has not yet been process for sending out.

          Our team is currently fixing this error.

          We placed your order on hold. Will you be able to still wait for the item delivery?

          It may take us another 1-2 business days to ship out your order.

          Again our apologies for this. Your prompt response is much appreciated.

          not sure what to do..

  • Purchased on 8th.
    recieved today.

  • Received today but they only packed 2

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