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Bonus Philips Hue White Starter Kit with Purchase of Selected Arlo Pro-2 or Arlo Pro-3 from Participating Retailers


Hi, I'm not sure if it's a deal but posting it anyway. I guess it depends how much will cheapest Arlo Pro 2 kit cost.
Amazon has 2 camera kit for $622.

Philips Hue White Starter Kit must be worth around 150 bucks?

Over to you guys, please be gentle, OZB L plater here :)

Link to Terms and Condition's

Eligible Products

  • VMS4230P – Arlo Pro2 2Camera Kit
  • VMS4330P – Arlo Pro2 3Camera Kit
  • VMS4430P – Arlo Pro2 4Camera Kit
  • VMS4530P – Arlo Pro2 5Camera Kit
  • VMS4240P – Arlo Pro3 2Camera Kit
  • VMS4340P – Arlo Pro3 3Camera Kit
  • VMS4440P – Arlo Pro3 4Camera Kit

Participating Retail Store:

JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, Bing Lee, Bunnings, Costco, Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne, Leading Edge, Retravision, Betta Electrical, Officeworks, The Good Guys, Catch, Kogan, Device deal, Wireless1.

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    Redemption page is: http://arloredemption.com.au/
    Terms and Conditions page is: https://arloredemption.com.au/?page_id=227

    You can pick either E27 (Edison screw) or B22 (Bayonet) fitting.
    Quick search found the E27 for $139 at Bunnings: https://www.bunnings.com.au/philips-hue-white-smart-led-star...
    Bayonets are harder to get (ask me how I know), and currently retail $179 by "Electronics Marketplace".
    Two white bulbs and a Gen 2 Bridge.

    Participating retailers: JB Hifi, Amazon, Bing Lee, Bunnings ,Costco ,Harvey Norman ,Joyce Mayne ,Domayne, Leading Edge, Retravision, Betta Electrical, Officeworks, The Good Guys, Catch, Kogan, Device deal, Wireless1

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      How do you know

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        I managed to snag the Aldi deal (3 colour ambience bulbs, v2 bridge, 2m LED strip - $199???) buuuut realised later I had B22 sockets.

        Yeah. I was very sad.

        • adapters?

          • @jacknomiz2: Yup, that's what I'm using rn. It's really not ideal, but it's working…

        • You need this (https://www.bunnings.com.au/deta-e27-edison-batten-holder_p4...) then turn off the mains, and call your electrician mate (aka Mr. Google and YouTube) and Bobs your uncle ;)

          • @landroverz7: I'm a tenant, soooo… :(

            • @kwchaz: I'm a landlord. If you were my tenant then I would say that if you wanted to put in at your expense that's fine.

              Some landlords might ask you to revert back to the original batten at the end of the lease.

              I would also add that I'm renting myself and my landlord is very reasonable. The only thing I do is ask before do something. Even if it's just to put a picture hook up.

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    my Arlo has gone to shit since the split.

    • Yup I would not recommend Arlo to anyone, flakey recording and flakey notifications. For the price I expected a lot better, makes my old swann unit look good.

      More then happy for someone to buy my Arlo Ultra 3 camera system if they want it….

      • my tenure with them at the start was actually very good. Everything was working perfect beyond the 1-2 second delay for live footage but expected for wireless systems, but it's all gone to crap and then Netgear and Arlo decide they are 2 different entities which has made it even buggier

      • I would be interested in your kit. My current Arlo kit has been flawless, I just needed to adjust my modem MTU size and reduced my wifi 2.4 Ghz band power and mine have been perfect.
        I would love additional cameras especially Arlo 3 for the driveway to better read license plates

        • It is interesting how peoples experience with them differ. I just have no confidence in getting an alert if someone was breaking into my house. For example the one that points at the front of my house and door picks and chooses when it picks up and alerts. Yesterday I had some very expensive fish delivered and I never received an alert for the van stopping on the lawn, person getting out, knocking, leaving the box and leaving. Nothing even recorded. But I get an alert when I pull up later that day. Alerts are also delayed, sometimes up to 30mins, if someone was in your house they would be long gone by the time I get an alert at times.

          Have had multiple times when it alerts me and I check the footage and the recording just stops. no clue if the person left or what happened since the end of the footage. Live view is great when you first get on but then it slows down so the longer you watch it 'live' the less live it becomes. A pain when I have it out on the driveway watching it for when a client comes to pick up their car. Embarrassing when I get a call saying they are in the driveway yet I am looking at a 'live' view and the driveway is empty!

          I did get my 3 Camera Ultra system for $1100 which is pretty good compared to the $1300-$1500 they go for but expect a lot more for that money, especially when I have to pay $12p/m to get it to actually record/view

          • @worthy1: Not everyone has the same modem and router.
            Sounds like you need someone to have a look at your internet and how crowded your wifi channels are

            • @porsche804: Pretty crowded no doubt, laptops, phones, google homes, phillips hue's, TV's, Fish tank gear. Just how technology is progressing I guess, more and more products becoming reliant on wifi so you would hope they can all compete with each other or they become useless. They are all attached to my Netgear Nighthawk. Should I be playing around with something on there to give priority to the Arlo?

  • Gee, lucky I bought my Arlo Pro two a day before the promotion date. Having said that excellent product, I'm loving my Pro so far really recommended it.

  • I would rearrange title to make Arlo the star and and you should add a base price.

    "Purchase Selected Arlo Pro-2 ($) or Arlo Pro-3 ($$) from Participating Retailers with Bonus Philips Hue White Starter Kit"

  • Anyone redeemed? Just wondering about actual delivery times - T&Cs say within 90 days….