Nokia 4.2 with Android One 3GB/32GB $199.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


On special at the moment for $199.20.

Price match at Officeworks and get it for $189.24.

Android 10 updates should be available in first quarter of 2020.

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    A phone for under $200 with NFC, fingerprint sensor and 2 year manufacturer's warranty is a rare thing. Too bad the performance and battery do not seem up to par


    Be aware with Nokia phones (especially 5 and 6 series). I had 5.1plus purchased from Officeworks 5 months ago. Just last month, had charging port issues and none of the cables would work. went back to officeworks (and it is known issue) and got my money back.
    got lg v30+ and much happier with LG now.


    It may sound like a silly gripe, but I find it frustrating that these don't have a USB-C port. A deal breaker for me.

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      Not silly at all. I'm the same. Considering USB-C has been around well over 2 years now it seems silly not to get a phone with it. Much less likely to damage the port being reversible and faster to charge the phone too.


      You DEFINITELY don't want a USB C Nokia.

      The micro USB port on the 4.2 is actually a key selling point, it actually has a chance of working after a year.


        Tell me more… but before that read hammer07 comment.

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          5.1 plus, 6.1 plus, 7 plus all have loose USB-C port problem after normal usage. Very wide spread and Nokia has admitted it. Shouldn't have too much fuss when requiring repairs, but repairs you will need.

          All other USB C (9, 6.2, 7.3 etc) phones released after Nokia have acknowledged the problem are still too new for the issue to show up.

          So avoid USB C Nokia until the problem have been fixed.

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