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35% off Sitewide + 10% off if Bought with Any Snacks @ Myprotein


MyProtein running 35% off sitewide.

Score another 10% off by adding a $2.94 Vegan Carb Crusher.

That is combined 45% off.

Get $9.99 (6-9 biz day) delivery when spending $100+, free $150+.

A list of cashbacks available.

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Referee gets 33% off discount 1st order ($75 minimum spend), and referrer gets $40 credit.

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    Shipping kills this. $19.99 delivery for 1kg of Creatine.


      It does. I managed to get $150 and used shopback.

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        Shame I don't need anything else. Thanks for bringing it to our attention though OP. Definitely great deal if people need to spend $150+.


    Any recommendations? Protein bar, or cookie wise?


    Any flavour recommendations for protein isolate? Something different aside from chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Thanks!

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    Gotta say now that I've tried more of their products not a fan of this brand.

    Their preworkout has a strange super sweet sickly flavour, I can't even drink it at half the recommended strength.

    And the protein pancake mix is horrific, again the sweetner levels are way off.

    And the worst of all are the low carb protein bars.
    Never had a worse bar in all my days, texture is cardboard, before/during/after taste is disgusting, you can basically taste chemicals the whole time and the flavours (tried 3) were all equally bad.
    Absolute train wreck of a protein bar compared to Quest or even homemade.

    And lastly the Alpha multivitamin, which smells and tastes like garden weeds. The QC of this brand is horrendous, and I would thoroughly ignore their products.

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