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Men's Dry Pique Short Sleeve Polo Shirt $19.90 @ Uniqlo


Great polo shirts and they fit really well. Regular price is $29.90.

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  • are these sizes one below normal. I am a large with normal polo. Would this be xlarge?

    • For me sizes are about normal.

    • Sometimes yes…sometimes no. I find Uniqlo sizing can change a little season on season (and no it isn't my shape changing), but typically Uniqlo sizing runs a little smaller. So if you are 'large and the shirt you are comparing to is fitted, try an XL, if not and the shirt you are comparing to is relatively lose, give L a go. Can always return back in store if you have access to one.

    • Wish they were more of an athletic fit..

      I'm 6'2/98kg, athletic build.. large fits great up top but excess at bottom.

      • I'm 6'0, 102kgs and have the same issue. My waist is like 32.

        Always gonna be the way I feels

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a few :)

  • is store same price?

  • Grabbed 2, thanks OP

  • Are these fitted in size or lose fit?

  • When they say 'dry' what they really mean is that the outfit is 100% polyester. The same stuff no one would ever touch at places like Lowes and Best & Less. Now it is marketed by many firms as being a plus. As polyester clearly doesn't absorb sweat, so technically it is never 'wet' in the first place, so doesn't need to dry.

  • Wait till they are 10….have too much clothes already.

  • Until when is this deal?

  • I tried them on instore today, found the XS to be a perfect fit for me when I'm normally an S (slim build)

  • Anyone know if these come on special regularly at this price?
    I dont want to risk buying online without ever trying this brand on and dont have time to get to a store by Wed.

    Some people say buy one size larger, some say one size smaller, some say it's the same as your regular size. So i better try one on before buying.