RM Williams Dynamic Flex - Deals before Christmas?

Hi all,

I am after a pair of Dynamic Flex RM Williams. Trying to suss out what the best deal I can expect to find between now and the 24th of December?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Singles Day - Monday 11th
    Click Frenzy - Tuesday 12th
    Black Friday / Cyber Monday - end of Nov

    RM Williams direct rarely go on sale but you may have some luck through The Iconic / Hype DC etc


    You might be out of time if you have to order direct from RM Williams.

    RM Williams were stating they cannot guarantee pre-Christmas delivery on ordered boots if purchased after the 31st of October. This is due to their work shop shut down period, if ordered after 31st of October they have an ETA of late Feb to early March 2020 :/

    If you find your size / style in stock somewhere you'll be fine though!


    Thanks for the help. I know my size/colour/width. I notice that on eBay with the coupon you can get a pair for $469 delivered, but was trying to figure out if there might be a better deal in the coming weeks, its a little gift to myself.

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    Qantas store has them on offer sometimes too, I copped a pair for $320 + 7,000 points


    $445 here (didn't check for delivery cost)


      Was considering them, but the reviews of the shop aren't very positive. I tried to phone them and couldn't get an answer to when they would be sent.


        By all reports Nungar are legit, but my wife ordered a pair in late May / early June and we are still waiting. No confirmed date yet.


    I bought mine from blowes clothing eBay - took under 5 days to receive the boots. I bought them for $413 a month or so ago but I believe it’s at $460 currently.
    Worth having a look. Positive experience with this seller. Good luck


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