The Fork (former Dimmi) - Dinning Reservation

Anyone know what's happen to this website? It seems there is a significant change on their booking service and rewards program. We can see the reward points now completely different and redemption process no longer same as before.

Our account have 45,000 points now only 4,500 and the redemption for 10,000 pts for $20 no longer exist but only to use your points to get dinning discount.

What's happen to the old The Fork? Is this the new program? I think the dinning/review points accumulated in the pass are now pretty much worthless.

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TheFork (formerly Dimmi)
TheFork (formerly Dimmi)


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    That’s so Forked, I hope you find a rewards program that rewards you more appropriately for your dinning dollars when dinne.


    I can't even login, currently.


    they've converted to their original platform, seemingly without porting accounts. if you make a booking, all the correspondence from them is in french.

    ..unless they merged with lafourchette accounts which i already had?


    Their website and the new are stuffed, don’t even let me logon. Their old app simply refuses to display anything else other than “please download the new app” message.

    What a shit show.


    My points and previous bookings are gone.

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    Sounds like some finne dinning.


    (formerly Chuck's)


    They sent out an email on Friday (8/11), the Subject: Introducing our new look.
    It says:

    TheFork Australia is going global!

    With our new app and website, we've joined forces with TheFork in Europe and Latin America to create the perfect way to check restaurant availability and book a table.

    You can enjoy all the benefits of TheFork by downloading the app!

    We have migrated all of your account information, so that you won't miss your current reservations.
    You can access your TheFork account with the same username and password that you previously used. Easy, right?


    LaFourchette SAS - A TripAdvisor Company
    70 rue Saint Lazare, Paris, France - RCS Paris 494 447 949


      I didn't get an email.
      I also had over 200,000 points.
      Now I have no account (account was removed) and forced to sign up again with 0 points.
      Tried emailing. No response.
      Anyone else with similar issue?


        I found this info at, perhaps it answers somewhat your questions. I have not got around to downloading the new app yet.

        What will happen to my account?

        If you already have a TheFork account and did not opt-out of transferring your details to our new website, then your account will be automatically migrated to the new platform. You will need to download the new TheFork app and use the same login and password you used previously.

        What will happen to my curent loyalty Reward Points?

        Our current Reward Points program will undergo changes. Your Reward Points will be moved into your new TheFork account and are now called Yums, TheFork's global loyalty program. With each reservation you will receive points that you can accumulate and exchange for discounts at participating restaurants. The more you book, the more you earn! If you had exisiting Reward Points, they have been converted into Yums that you can now use on TheFork.