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The Comfy Original Blanket Sweatshirt Jumper from Shark Tank $49.99 ($2 off) Delivered @ Amazon AU


From the US hit TV show, Shark Tank to a worldwide craze, The Comfy® is the original blanket sweatshirt that is sweeping the nation by storm. Being modeled after a 5XL sweatshirt and taking on a “Comfy size” of its own, The Comfy® is the new way to stay warm in the home or on the go. While it’s perfect for lounging around and curling up on the couch, it’s also great for staying cozy at a sporting event, a camping trip, a chilly movie theater, a cool evening on the patio – the possibilities for ultimate comfort are endless!

• Original blanket/sweatshirt invented by 2 brothers & backed by Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran
• Features: huge hood, giant front pocket, high low hem, and ribbed cuffed sleeves 
• One Size Fits All Adults and Teens
• Contents: Outer material – luxurious fleece microfiber. Inner material – premium fluffy sherpa. 100% polyester
• Care-Free Wash: toss it in the wash then tumble dry on low - it comes out like new

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  • +2

    Perfect for these cold winter nights!

    • We couldn't agree with you more :)

      • +1

        That it's summer seems to be lost on the OP…

  • +9

    Perfect to combat the arctic air conditioning at work!

    • Wearing mine as I type to you! Definitely office approved ;)

  • +3

    Costco has these 2 for $45 or 1 for $30, but membership is required

    • Which store?

  • +12

    Woohoo, $2!

    • +2

      This can't be real… OMG $2 saving!

  • +1

    Love the promo video. And its reversible. Go figure.

    • Thanks for the feedback :)

      • Did it get a deal on the show ?

        Make it from pure wool and I might buy it at that price :)

        • Yes! We are backed by Barbara Corcoran :) The Comfy is made out of polyester sherpa. It's the most comfortable thing you'll ever wear!

          • @The Comfy: At least Bud you have some interest lol :

            MW: What was your last great investment?
            Corcoran: Last season [on ‘Shark Tank’] two crazy guys, brothers, who had nothing more than a homemade sweatshirt blanket you drape over your head with a big hood. They called it the Comfy. They didn’t have any idea who would buy it –– none of the Sharks were interested. I invested $50,000. My $50,000 is worth $30 million, that was in just one and a half years. Not bad on a $50,000 investment. I could honestly say I saw it coming. That’s my best ‘Shark Tank’ investment.

            Surprised me :)

  • +11

    Sounds like an ad not a bargain!!!

  • +1

    …'active wear' for ozbargainers

  • +5

    Save $2 is an ad.

  • +1

    Huggle Hoodie is cheaper by a few bucks.

    Probably can get even cheaper knockoffs on eBay, I would assume all of them are China made anyway, even the originals.

  • 1st time ive seen a deal tagged with 'warm' & 'comfy' :D

  • +2

    100% Polyester - no thank you

    • +3

      Goerge only wears Gore Tex

    • Really good for sitting in front of an open fire with your $2 coin you've saved, tossing up where you went wrong in life before you catch an ember and spontaneously combust

  • +1

    The Oodie - Upto 50% Off ( Looks Better )

    • Oh no, not the Oodie! The stole the idea from us right after we aired on Shark Tank :( Support us, the 2 brothers who made this product. It will make you feel comfy on the inside and out!

      • +2

        Did you not patent the product?

        • +1

          don't think they could, wearable blankets aren't exactly a new thing…

        • We sure did! We actually have 2. A design and utility patent.

  • +3

    What percentage discount is this? an absolute ozbargain laughable percent!

  • $2 coupon does not work OP, entered and it says "
    The code you entered is not valid."

    • I am sorry to hear that, but am here to help! Will you please double check you are purchasing from "The Comfy" and not another seller? Thanks!

      • just checked - Sold by: Cozy Comfort Company LLC

        Gift Cards & Promotional Codes
        The code you entered is not valid.

        i still can't but dont worry, you might just want to check thou.. thanks

        • Oh no I just tested it on my side and it looks like it is working. You have to select the coupon at check out and you will see a message that says " Use your $2.00 promotional balance". Do you have a screen shot that you can share with me so I can take a further look into it? Thanks!

  • They should make an aeroplane carry on version.

  • +3

    $2 makes this an advert, not a bargain

  • A whopping 4.001% discount…. wow… Bargain

  • +1

    Ozbargain Joke of the year this post!

  • +2

    THANK GOD, just in time for summer!! 🙄

  • Great if you want to lose your self esteem

  • $2 off? What a shill - honestly sad.

  • Negative for hurting the ozbargainers sentiments for taking only 2$ off

    • +1

      The coupon doesn't even work

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