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Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse $123.48 Delivered @ Be-Start eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Not as cheap as the deal described here, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/491623 but no super special membership needed except for ebay

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    Your link is broken.

    • fixed

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        You fixed it with the wrong link though.

        Item 193196627979 is $149.95 down to $139.95 with code.

        Item 184021586307 is $154.35 down to $123.48 with code.

        • ok. Fixed now

  • Correct link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Logitech-Mx-Master-3-Advance...

    Free postage without eBay Plus too it seems.

    • I can't seem to update the title, thx for posting the link, it wouldn't let me edit the post

  • Trying to buy it on my computer and keep getting this error when putting in the code, anyone else?

    "This code can't be applied. You can only use it via: computer browser, eBay app for iPhone, mobile browser, eBay app for Android, eBay app for iPad."

  • Not sure why you would spend the extra on this over the MX Master 3? Usb c, a new scroll wheel and a different shape but the reviews I've read have suggested it's not much different. Given you can get the 2 for about $80 it doesn't seem worth it unless you claim it as an office expense and get a tax deduction on it.

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      MX 3 still new , wait till price drop. If you buying MX 2 at RRP, then MX3 worth the money for its design. Specially the forward and back button compare to old design. USB C is handy too.

  • Would’ve bought this as easy as 1-2-3 if it was $123.45.

  • i hate how Logitech options software has a live updater that chews up a LOT of resources in the background.

    • Truly, my Logitech unifying software randomly alt-tabs my computer at the worst times. I uninstalled Logitech options but it still messes with my computer…

      • I uninstalled Logitech options but it still messes with my computer…

        Are you sure it's the Logitech software then?
        I have no random alt-tabbing or any of those kind of problems on any of my computers, they all run the Logitech software.

        • Yep, the unifying logo appears in the taskbar and disappears every time.

  • Would it be worth upgrading from the M720?

    • You comparing $50 item with $150 item here

    • The M720 certainly feels smaller and maybe lighter?

  • Bought it as soon as it got released for $150. Coming from the original mx master, this is sooo nice and quite. Best feeling mouse for me and looks cool.

    • I'll try it out in-store. Performance MX is still my mouse of choice.

  • That's a pretty good price got this the MX Master 3 last week for $128 I tried to get the JB Hifi lady to price match, $116.24

    But she mentioned didn't include delivery $18 she said she can do it better then the delivered plus 116.24 and boom $128 so if anyone wants the mouse instantly just see what the best price JB can do it for.

    BTW best mouse I have ever used, I have been using some shocker crap mouse and know understand why it's so expensive lol. Worth it though

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    This ebay seller messed me around with a AMD RX5700XT, it took 3 weeks to get my 660$ back from them when they "our last stock was faulty and new stock still has not arrived.".

    Would not recommend this seller when it comes to discounted items.

  • Is this mouse okay for people with smaller hands?

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    Bought one from them a couple weeks ago and it came in a brown box. Google says perhaps its a refurb but the mouse looks brand new. YMMV.

  • Looking to get one for use at work, however our work laptops don’t allow us to install any software onto them. Would I be able to customise this on my personal computer then plug it into my work laptop to continue using the same settings?

    • Hey padfoot07, I got myself a Logitech G604 and can confirm that custom button settings can be saved onto the mouse for use on a PC where there is no Logitech software installed. YMMV for the Logitech office mouses.

      • Great thank you

  • im incorrect… edited

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