Samsung Galaxy Buds Black $179.99 + Delivery (Grey Import) @ Kogan


Cheapest galaxy buds I have found at Kogan AU.
Free shipping with kogan first

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    Everyone's free buds are all over the usual places like Facebook…. I'm sure you can get the local varieties with a quick drive for the same price, easily.

    Plenty of idiots think they can get full price like the AKG Headphones though… they are good for a laugh.

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      Lots of brand new sealed hovering in fb for 150.i think that would be better buy.


        Yeah around me they are 200 to 250 (lol) but I'm sure a smart seller would take 150.

        Provided they are sealed of course…


    just switched over from iphone to samsung , i always loved how fast my airpods connected once properly set up , been looking to pick these up, i hope these can connect as fast.

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    How's the sound quality and mic clarity as compared to those true wireless soundpeats and qcy?


      Sound quality is amazing on these and can be tweaked to increase or decrease whatever you feel is missing to provide a fuller sound out of these buds.

      Mic clarity on the other hand is an issue with these. A YouTuber had done a test when these came out of a mic test between the Galaxy Buds and AirPods. The Galaxy Buds were absolutely horrible, while the AirPods sounded perfect. Maybe… Samsung might have done an update, but the Mic was REALLY REALLY bad and I don't think one update could get it anywhere near AirPod mic standard