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60% off New Shared Hosting, $9.95 .au Domain Names, 50% off Web Hosting Upgrades + More @ VentraIP


Customer Appreciation Week is here!

The second round of deals are live from 12:01am Wednesday 13 November 2019!

Customer Appreciation Week runs Monday, November 11 - Sunday, November 17 2019.

Keep an eye on https://ventraip.com.au/appreciation/ as well as our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for the new deals every 48 hours.


Every customer who submits an order using an offer made available during Customer Appreciation Week will be eligible for free VIP Candy.
1 per customer. While stocks last. Strawberries & Cream flavour.

Includes a Customer Appreciation Week VIP T-Shirt, VIP Candy, Journal, Backpack, Drink Bottle, and Tote Bag.
Claimed by signing up for a VPS or submitting a web hosting upgrade during Customer Appreciation Week.

All Week

50% OFF Web Hosting Upgrades
Claimed via the Upgrade Tool found in VIPControl. Note: upgrades submitted via the VIPControl tool will be submitted for billing to manually action.
Discount applies to all prepaid billing cycles on eligible services.
Legacy services can only upgrade to a new service.

30% OFF VPS Services
Claimed using the coupon code VIPVPS when purchasing a new service.
Discount applies to all billing cycles and plan types.
Discount excludes license costs when purchasing a Self-Managed VPS.

Second 48 Hours (Wednesday-Thursday)

$9.95 .com.au Domain Names
Claimed using the coupon code VIPAU when registering a new domain.
Discount applies to the 1st-year registration only.
Discount excludes the renewal and transfer of existing domain names.

60% OFF New Shared Hosting
Claimed using the coupon code VIP60 when purchasing a new service.
Discount applies to all billing cycles and eligible plan types.

Exclusive Offer

$1 Legacy Web Hosting
Eligible customers will have the opportunity to move from their existing legacy service and match their prepaid hosting period for just $1.
Claimed by submitting an eTicket via the email sent to eligible customers.
Offer available on all existing legacy hosting services.

Referral Links

Referral: random (225)

$50 Visa/Mastercard Giftcard for the referrer after referee signs up to a new hosting service and either a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name, and remains an active customer for at least 60 days

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  • VIP60 already seems to work. Can you please confirm if you have hosting with another provider (cough your sister site cough) that the expiry date it has is ignored if you purchase (effectively transfer) onto your site? Thanks.

    • Hey @Gav, in this case it's probably best to talk to our Billing team about your specific circumstance and they can help you work out the best option. You can give them a call or email [email protected] :)

  • Damn thought it was the new .au domain names

    • Sorry @parker2004au, still a little bit to wait on those ones!

  • I don't quite understand the $1 Legacy Web Hosting offer. Can you provide an example of how this works?

    • Hey @eqv, this is for our customers who are on our legacy plans. Customers can register their expression of interest to join an upgrade list, which will help them move to one of our newer plans for the low price of $1.

      • Yep, I got one these emails tonight. I'll definitely be looking into it.

      • What does the $1 cover? Say if I have already prepaid my webhosting for 5 years. If I take up this offer and move to the premier plan ($28.95/mo), I only have to pay $1 extra and I get 5 years on the premier plan? Is that what "match their prepaid hosting period for just $1" means?

        • Hi @eqv! If you have 5 years of prepaid hosting remaining on your legacy service and are moved to a Premier plan after submitting your interest in the $1 offer then yes you'll only have to pay $1 to get 5 years of hosting on the newly created Premier plan. :)

          • @ventraip: Thanks for clarifying that up, sounds like a good deal

  • I would be careful with these guys. One of our clients was with Netorigin for nearly 3 years. VentraIP took over Netorigin recently, resources shrunk by 33%, innodes went from 300000 to 200000 and more importantly both of his sites slowed down a bit compared to before. Another issue- We had a cron job running every 5 minutes and no issues until VentraIP took over, they suspended the client's account (no notice was given-just suspended the account - his both sites went down), 2 days later the client says I cannot send emails, I contacted them and I was told to change the cron run time to every 15 minutes or the account will stay suspended. I had no choice as the client didn't have a recent back up of the site.

    • resources shrunk by 33%, innodes went from 300000 to 200000

      ummm weren't there also some increases?

      RAM: 2GB -> 4GB

      CPU: Shared CPU -> 200% CPU

      • Oh ya, all that CPU power and RAM added that we cannot use. customers cant make a cron run every 5 minutes and may be they added extra storage too but reduced amount of files each customer can have. They added more CPU power and memory etc to cram more customers in one server. Anyway the point is that the Website performance went down.

    • Hi @dan0909 thanks for the feedback on this one. In this instance, it would be best for you/your client to contact our management team directly on [email protected] - that mailbox is monitored directly by our management team, and they can review any eTicket history and what happened in this situation, and find the best solution for your client.

      • -2

        That attitude alone was bad enough for us to leave VentraIP. We want a webhost that is on our side, not a wanna be GoDaddy.

        • Hi @dan0909, we certainly want to be on your side and help as much as we can, but it's difficult to do that in this forum, especially without having the full details. Our management team are in a much better position to assist if you're able to provide the info to them. Cheers!

          • -1

            @ventraip: The management team will not be able to bring us back - we are no longer with you. You can stop with DAMAGE CONTROL type generic replies now.

  • any email hosting deal?

    • Hey @dirtyhen there will be some email hosting deals coming ;)

      • can't believe I had to pay extra for the SSL before and now it comes for free with new plan

  • “60% OFF New Shared Hosting”

    If I choose monthly, will I be paying the 60% off price each month?

    • Hey @Ronney it's on your first invoice - so if you prepay for 2 years, it's 60% off that amount, or if you choose monthly, it's 60% off the month (and then goes to full price after that). Cheers!

  • Any current codes for domain transfers?

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