Optus Prepaid Data Global Roaming - $20 for 10GB over 14 Days

I've just recently Optus has an add-on, which is $20 for 10GB of data global roaming, over 14 days.
It's a lot cheaper than other options from travel sim providers.

Has anyone used this Optus for roaming - what's the quality of service like, and are their charges legit?
I've got an Optus pre-paid, so I wouldn't be incurring any call charges by accident.


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    Just a heads up, only these countries:

    The $20 Data Roaming add on gives you $210 value equivalent to 10GB data to use in NZ, UK, USA, Singapore, HK, mainland China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.


    Is this a better option than a US SIM for an existing Optus post paid customer?


    Oh wow that's actually really cheap.

    "New customers can activate a $2 and choose the $20 data roaming option when activating"

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    FYI more discussions here

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    I think i had 4gb roaming data with optus when i went OS for 4 weeks and didn't use it all. That was also using it for navigation with quite a lot of driving.

    I switched my phone to 3G and turned off data when i didn't need it as well.


    I have 2GB inclusive roaming in my Optus postpaid plan and used it in mainland China. I'd assume the add-on you are considering would use the same roaming network.

    I found my quality of service quite good (at least in the main Chinese cities - can't vouch for rural areas). Best bit was the China doesn't apply their global firewall to foreign SIMs so I was able to browse Facebook, Australia news sites etc, which actively gets blocked when using Chinese wifis


    Thanks for the posts and that link to the discussions page. Looks like a goer for me in upcoming Japan trip!

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