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$20 Add-On for Optus Prepaid Plans: 10GB (14 Day) of Roaming Data for Use in HK, Indonesia, Japan, M'sia, S'pore, NZ & More


Optus recently improved their pre-paid roaming and it seems to best almost all of the travel sim options going around, especially for convenience and country coverage. Buying multiple packs would net you a fair chunk of data too ($40 for 20gb for instance). The only caveat would be that you need to activate it in Aus first.

$20 Data Roaming
Up to $210 credit to use on data. At $0.02/MB that gives you 10GB

Available plan:
Prepaid Epic Data, Prepaid Epic Value, My Prepaid Ultra, My Prepaid Ultra Plus, My Prepaid Ultimate, Prepaid Ultimate Plus, My Prepaid Long Expiry, Optus Prepaid Long Expiry.

Available Destinations:
Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, UK and USA.

14 days

*For the cheapest method on activating a new sim, try this post - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/7969742/redir (but this sim instead https://offer.optus.com.au/shop/prepaid/sim-card/2-sim)

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  • Nice

  • +4 votes

    And for post paid? SFA?

    • looks like postpaid is still the $10 per day nonsense, I just had a look in the app

    • Post paid roaming on Optus is a rip off. $10 a day for 100MB (which is nothing) and if you exceed this you'll be billed $1 a MB.

      I'm about to head to Bali and I have Optus post paid but there is no way I'm using roaming on my regular SIM. I'll just grab one of these and it'll be $30 in total for 10GB for roaming for my time there.

      • +7 votes

        Got back from Bali on Sunday. At the airport going over I got a simcard with 11GB data for IDR150k with Telekomsel. There are better value options with more data but 11GB was more than enough data for my needs. Their coverage and 4G speed are very good. The simcard providers are on the left just after coming through customs. The cost of data there has reduced drastically in the year since I last visited

        • Did the same at this place recently. They replace the SIM for you and check if all is ok on the spot.

      • I went to Bali a few weeks ago. I ordered a SIM through klook, was $10 for 6gb, more than enough for one week. Plus they met me at the airport and installed it for me. Too easy. No way I'd pay $10 per day for 100MB.

  • Free Sim on Optus's website btw!

  • Reckon this will be around till Jan? Going to Japan.

  • This is indeed attractive. So looks like you can buy a $30 kit, which is available from Optus and some supermarkets for $15 or less, activate it on Long Expiry, then use $20 of the MyCredit to buy 10GB of roaming data, and still have $10 MyCredit left for calls and text within Australia for 6 months!

    • Brilliant - Optus $30 sim kits are also half price at woollies this week.

    • can you use the MyCredit you get on long expiry plan to buy the add on?

      • That's just what I assume going through the Optus site. Am I being too optimistic? Sorry if I am wrong and have misled anyone!

      • Can an optus prepaid customer confirm this please? This is how telstra prepaid works I believe but I’m not sure about Optus.

        Edit: Found the answer. No, you cannot use mycredit to buy add on packs. Link's below.

      • Last time I was on optus prepaid which was a while ago (a year maybe?), I couldnt do shiet with MyCredit so just forfeited it when I ported out

      • I went on live chat to ask if you can use the MyCredit you get on long expiry plan to buy the add on. And they confirmed only via a recharge

    • New customers can now activate a $2 SIM via optus.com.au/activate and choose the $20 Data Roaming option in the activation journey.The $20 roaming option will only be available for activation on the Optus Prepaid Epic Data.
      This might mean it can’t be activated on long expiry unless this is only for new $2 SIM cards

      • That should be just for new $2 Sim. When you look at details of the plans, e.g. Long Expiry, the $20 Roaming Data is listed as an available add-on.

      • I think that condition is only because that particular sim will be set up for data only, which is the case for the data roaming option too.

    • Looks like you can’t use mycredit to buy any add on pack.


    • People are saying you cannot use mycredit for add ons :(

    • Given this has now been proven to be not possible, we really ought to neg this so it's not so positive.

      Nothing against you, WantToPayLess - you came up with an extremely innovative solution which could've been an absolutely awesome way do it, but unfortunately it's not true and it more than likely will mislead people with such a high number of positive votes!

  • I'm going to the US early Mar to end of Apr. How do I use this? I'm already an Optus pre-paid customer, and don't expect to move out anytime soon.

  • Could i buy a new SIM and recharge it with the $20 just to use it overseas for roaming purposes and dispose the SIM once I'm back?

  • Stupid question but what about going away for more than 14 days?

    • But two $20 recharges and you'll get 30 days. Says it in their site.

      • 28 days is the new ‘month’ sorry.

      • But you can't activate 2nd sim while you are overseas right? It has to be activated within AU according to optus website.

        • get 2 recharges on 1 simcard, before you go o/s.
          "$20 Data Roaming Add On can be stacked allowing for multiple purchases. If multiple purchases occur, both the expiry and credit inclusion will stack to the customer’s account. For example if the customer purchased two $20 Data Roaming Add Ons they would accumulate up to 28 days and 20GB data."

  • Wow, thanks OP - will definitely grab a couple optus prepaid SIMs to use for my december trip to japan - beats the kinda crummy data SIMs on offer for the same period of time on ebay etc.

    • mobal has unlimited data for $40 for 8 days in jap which i what ill be getting

      • Most unlimited travel sims have a daily limit, looking at mobal theirs is 3gb then you're potentially shaped for 1-2 days which isn't bad. That means a max of about 24GB for $40, so Optus's 20gb for $40 is still comparable.

      • Seems to be the equivalent of AUD$53.12 on their website and is limited to about 3GB per day. I don't know if this is the same sim but it's $29 on prepaidsims. On another note, if anyone knows the best Japan sims for around 25 days. Please let me know. I'm currently looking at this

        • I purchased the $29 Japan one from Prepaidsim last month. They advertised as unlimited but the speed dropped to <1Mbps after 1Gb. It was virtually unusable. I left 1 star review (kept it polite) on their feedback email and not surprising, my review never appeared on their website.

          • @Jiji: That's no good as I bought two sim from them for Japan trip.
            Is the 1GB per day?

            • @arctan: Count yourself lucky. I bought 3! (for the same trip last month) and they all slowed to a crawl after 1Gb. For me, it didn't reset after each day. It's just 1Gb in total. Once, I did find the speed went back up to 4G speed after midnight but usually back to a crawl by 6am. I don't know if the shaping only happens during peak time.

  • Brilliant, effectively becomes a travel SIM.

  • this makes Optus so hawt right now

  • good for those who don’t want to use VPN in china.

  • How or would this work if I only wanted to activate the data roaming 5 weeks into my overseas travel?

    • When you're activating a new sim card, you don't need to have it plugged in and turned on, do you? I don't understand how they would know you are not in Australia? I can even ask my friend in Australia to activate for me if VPN is not accepted, right?

      • The sim would def need to be in Aus for the initial activation as it'd ping the Optus network and configure its self. As long as you (or someone else but remember it does need an online ID check) activate in Aus you can then recharge it online with some free wifi overseas on the Optus website

      • You just need to activate the sim prior to leaving Australia so it can join the Optus network.

        The minimum cost is actually $30 as you're required to have a valid top up before you can add this plan ($10 for the minimum top up and $20 for the data pack). You can't use the top up credit to purchase the pack either (only credit card via the app or online).

        Purchasing a $2 sim on the Optus website (currently free) then activating it on the long expiry $10 is valid for 45 days will work as long as you do it just before you leave. Whilst overseas you can just visit the Optus website and add the data pack for $20 via card (no VPN is needed).

        • It seems that you can use the credit:

          You can use any Extras Credit included with recharges of $30 or more on some plans or purchase an add-on to suit you and your destination before heading for the airport.

          The only problem it says “on some plans”, so which ones would they be?

          • @fozzie: Just had another look…

            It seems only three recharges in the "Optus Prepaid Epic Data" actually come with an extra credit but it's poor value anyway unless you intend to use all the Australian inclusions as well.

            $30 recharge comes with $5 extra credit
            $40 recharge comes with $10 extra credit
            $50 recharge comes with $15 extra credit

            You've never been able to split a payment using my credit and a credit card so I'd assume it's the same with "extra credit" and it's only possible to add "extra credit" via the website or app using a credit card in $10 or $20 blocks.

            So best case scenario you recharge with the $40 epic data recharge which includes $10 extra credit and then you need to add an additional $10 extras credit.

            So for $50 ($40 recharge + $10 extra credit add on) you've got the 10GB roaming add on and 45GB data to use in Australia (AU data valid only for 28 days). In a very best case scenario when they sell the $40 starter packs for $20 then it'd only be a total cost of $30.

            In the case of the original post none of this would work because all of the Optus epic data recharges only have a validity of 28 days (4 weeks) whereas activating a $10 long expiry would net 45 days (~6.5 weeks) or even better is the frequently sold $30 packs which can be found for $15. This would give $30 my credit valid for 30 minutes of calls overseas whilst roaming valid for 168 days (24 weeks) and anytime during this 168 day period you can just pay via card for a $20 top up.

  • Would this make more sense than Bali local operators when travelling for a vacation for 2 weeks?

  • All of my favourite countries included. Thanks.

  • Is there anywhere where it talks about what speeds you get while roaming? like is it a mix of 4G and 3G or pure 4G?

    • I use Optus post paid (so it should be the same networks) and have done some speedtests around Asia and NZ:

      In Singapore it joins Singtel where I got 4G and speeds around 40-70mbps.
      In New Zealand it can join any three of the networks but I force Spark (due to superior speed/coverage) and this results in 4G speeds often in excess of 100mbps.
      In Indonesia I've gotten around 20mbps on the Telkomsel 4G network.
      In Malaysia on Maxis 4G it was around 20mbps.

      This is something I've put together and shared on Whirlpool. It's a list of Optus roaming partners for post paid customers but in the 10 countries covered by this deal I'd expect them to be the same (I know Optus prepaid and postpaid are the same in NZ, Singapore and the US):

  • Wish this was available earlier. I bought the tourist SIM from Singtel already.

  • If you go overseas for 30 days. Can you recharge another $20 after 14 days while overseas?

    • Based on the fine print it just says activations have to occur while in Australia. Buying the pack itself can occur whenever?

    • get 2 recharges on 1 simcard, before you go o/s.
      "$20 Data Roaming Add On can be stacked allowing for multiple purchases. If multiple purchases occur, both the expiry and credit inclusion will stack to the customer’s account. For example if the customer purchased two $20 Data Roaming Add Ons they would accumulate up to 28 days and 20GB data."

  • Does anyone happen to know if there's a daily limit? And if I used up all 10G in less than 14 days, would I be able to buy another 10G straight away or I need to wait out the 14 days?

    • The way the plan sounds to me, you buy '10Gb' with $20 and it comes with 14 day expiry, meaning you can keep buying the roaming credit and it should stack up, with a 14 day expiry from the last reload. Quotation marks around 10Gb as apparently it is $210 roaming credit.

    • You can buy as many as you want however there is a limit to the amount total at one time, a crazy 105 packs is the limit at one single time:

      Rollover: Accumulate up to a maximum $2,100 worth of value or the equivalent of 100GB over 140 days. If you recharge over this amount you will forfeit additional days and data limits.

  • Thanks OP, was wondering about SIM cards for my Japan trip and this fits perfectly

  • that would be right no Philippines.

  • Thanks op, going to nz in January and Optus will be the
    Cheapest option especially if I get half price $30 packs

  • Pity Taiwan not included, going there next month

  • This is just perfect for my trip to NZ next week. I am going for 14 days exactly. Can someone tell me the best and cheapest way to get this roaming offer. I am seeing different opinions. Can i buy the prepaid starter kits worth $30 that are on sale for at least half price or more, and use the included credit to activate the roaming.Or is that not possible and i would need to recharge another $20 in which case it is not worth buying the $30 kit and instead buying a $2 sim card. Any help would be appreciated

    • when activating the sim, the $20 roaming is available as a plan. Select it and proceed to payment. At the payment step you can choose to use a voucher or not. Now I'm not sure if you can use the $30 voucher (from the $30 kit) to pay for the $20 roaming plan?

      • If they let you use the included $30 to pay for the $20 roaming add on, then that works out well. But if they don't and you need to spend $20 for the add-on plan, it seems the best way is to buy a free sim or a $2 sim card. I have just chatted to optus, and they said when u buy the sim card, you need to recharge minimum of $10 and then spend another $20 for the add-on plan. SO you end up spending $30 all up for this deal.

  • Just got back from Bali. GRR this would've been great.

    I still had my Telksom simcard when I got back from Bali and it automatically locked onto Optus towers in Aus. Suppose they have an agreement.

  • Currently in Thailand and prepaid is offering 1.5gb at 3G for 7 days at $10AUD (199 THB). Not sure if other providers are better, but so have taken the Optus deal

  • I will going oversea for 4 weeks mid Dec.

    1: So the best deal is buy $10 on a 45 days plan and then buy a $20 roaming add that just before I leave Australia?
    2: Can I add another 14 days ( I need 4 weeks in total )roaming while oversea or need to do here in Aust?

    Thanks guys

    • You can activate up to 10 packs before leaving and data/validity period is pooled. So purchasing 2x $20 packs will net 20GB data valid for 28 days.

      It's possible to add packs overseas via the Optus website or app (but note that data charges still apply overseas), it's also worth noting that when your pack finishes it'll draw data from the $10 my credit at a rate of 50c per MB (so only 20MB total) but you can also use that mycredit for calls $1 per minute.

  • Currently in Thailand and paid 299baht ($15) for 30 days unlimited with true.

  • Thanks OP! Going to Bali at the end of the month, so this will be very helpful! :)

  • Has anyone tried to activate this new roaming data plan already? Care to share the process? My trip will start next Thursday so I would like to be prepared.

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