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Optus Prepaid International Roaming $20 for 10GB (HK, NZ, Singapore, UK & USA) valid for 5 Days


We feel duty bound to inform the OzBargain community of this great deal on International roaming for Optus prepaid customers.

$20 for 10GB of Data in (valid for 5 Days) in:

Hong Kong
New Zealand


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  • That's Aussie spirit!

    • OzBargain has been good to us, and as we are new to the market our enthusiasm hasn't been jaded (yet) by competition.

      And of course we still think we are competitive (particularly in the 155 countries not in this offer).

      I just wish our posts got this many likes!!

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    +1 for sharing

  • Great value, and on prepaid too!

  • A bit confused…. Is that $20 roaming add-on available for purchase for 5 days or does it expire in 5 days?

    • $20 Roam Data – Includes $210 value, equivalent to a massive 10GB to use in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and USA over 5 days.

      Purchased in 5 day blocks.

  • So the $20 add on does not include any calls or text… hardly an alternative to buying a local sim

  • Good to know that it's only valid on the Prepaid Epic Data Plan and Prepaid Epic Value Plan. Doesn't apply to my great-great-great-great-great-grandfathered Woolworths Mobile, $26/45 days plan.

  • Any deals for Shanghai?
    Going in July!

    • try to get a singtel sim in singapore. vpn built in

        1. Starhub prepaid (happy roam) if you transfer via Singapore. SGD 30-50. Must register using valid ID on the spot.
        2. Google "Sim2fly". It roams to many countries ( Japan, China, HK, Spore, India and many more countries). VPN built in and no problem to access major sites in China. Cost about AUD 10-20 4GB Valid around 8 days. (Same thing depends where you bought them).
        • This is good to know. I bought this sim through a 3rd party paid a bit more but I can buy directly from there. I used this in Japan and it was great. All messages received was in Thai so it was a bit confusing but no issue using data.

          • @Bommi: Can you share where to buy this sim in Australia?

            • @rexii2300: Ah my bad. I thought the above suggestion was the Aussie website, just realised that it's a Thai one. I honestly don't remember..it's been a while.. Looks like you can even buy on ebay but seems a bit overpriced to the ones showing on the Thai website

            • @rexii2300: My friend bought some Sim2fly roaming SIMs for me in China. (I believe it was Taobao.com site). Cost me 14 AUD each.

              • @gstfree: Had a look at the sim2fly website off the Thailand site. I find the "nonstop 4G roaming" bit confusing. How much data for you get for 14AUD and for how long? Was on Vodafone roaming when I was in China. Ended up fairly costly and Vodafone speed in Sydney has gone down the drain for me. Only reason to keep them was the roaming. I'd there is something more attractive roaming wish I can jump ship to Telstra for the AU side and use a travel Sim when traveling

                • @rexii2300: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/3830/69438/20190524_22...

                  Refer to picture of the SIM above.

                  4Gb for 8 days. 14 AUD was discounted price for China channel sales.

                  Personally I tested it when travelling on bullet train at 313 km/h in China today. Internet connection speed is Okay, occationnally drop out. H+ 3G speed most of the time (including in super long tunnels at 313kms/h).

                  I highly recommend Sim2fly based on my own experience when using it in multiple asian countries.

                  By the way, SIM2FLY is recharagable.

      • Hong Kong SIM also works well (no blocking). I previously bought from SimsDirect but you can easily get it from eBay. There are different plans (data and validity period), just make sure the cover has these two cartoon characters. Otherwise, you might end up with a China local SIM.
        I also tried this SIM which works ok too. If you transit through HK, you can get any sim (that can roam in Mainland) from the airport, but note the shops' operating hour. Those SIMs I mentioned are data only, so they don't have a phone number (see comment below in regards with this).

        On a side note, I find "built-in VPN" a bit misleading. VPN implies that the traffic is encrypted. But the things is, any data roaming SIM is not subjected to chinese censorship but the traffic is not encrypted (i.e. chinese telco would know the IPs you're connected to). Does it matter? Maybe not, as most of us wouldn't care as long as instagram/whatsapp can be accessed.

        • To confirm, the china mobile Sim is bought in HK and not mainland is that correct? That seems like a ripper deal for unlimited data!

    • Just know that a Chinese phone number is essential if you plan on getting free wifi from places like kfc or using Chinese delivery or uber type apps. Most restaurants have free wifi though, as well as hotels. And windscribe vpn (free) works well

    • Best not go in July, its know as Huang Mei Tian (Means lots of rains and stinking hot)

      Go there from 20th September to early November or Late April to June. That's the best time to go

    • i like northsim, 1gb a day unlimited use. resets every day. but i dont think they have a china sim.

  • Can you buy 2 for 10d trip?

  • Hmmm indo would have been a great addition especially for the prepaid crowd in Bali

  • Pfft 5 days

    Hopefully this starts the war on getting better value for intl roaming

  • Need something longer than 5 days…

  • 5 days is a bit short, but hopefully it prompts other providers to lift their game and offer better deals.

  • 5 days? and only prepaid, with dual sims it's cheaper to get a sim in the country you're visiting. token effort from Optus.

  • Much better than the Kogan mobile roaming ‘deal’

  • Hmm I'm going to NZ in Nov but I'm on post paid, what would be my best option?

  • This looks to be good value for the US. I'm going to the US for 7 days and AT&T looks to cost around AUD70 for a prepaid SIM (8GB) whereas it'll be $50 for a $10 SIM plan + two $20 packages. Are there any other cheaper options in the US?

  • Anyone knows how this compares to vodafone roaming?

  • If you want to use only data you need to have the SIM card in the phone which means you will receive calls and texts and you have to pay for those. I don't see value.

    • you will receive calls and texts and you have to pay for those

      You do not pay to receive SMS.

      You only pay to receive calls if you answer them or if you don't answer and it diverts to voicemail

  • Optus is testing this initiative. Won't be surprised if we see a 10 GB international roaming on the high end phone plans by the end of this year. Telstra already have it.

  • For upcoming US trip, I will need only data. No need to make calls or receive calls. Longer expiry (30days) is ideal.
    I normally use less than 3gb data for 30ish days trip.
    Any recommendations, please?

    • for longer trip, and only for data it is better to buy one of those travel sims. We bought a few - one for myself, hubby and second son. Cost us about $40 for 30 days with at least 5GB data. Great for hubby and son as they were both taking turns with driving and for gps it was great. We didn't think we would use calls but we actually used that a lot.

      For your longer trip, best to get a travel sim …from traveldirect. They are also on ozbargain if I am not mistaken.

      we selected our activation date…so when we arrived in usa, on the plane, we would just put in the usa sim card and it was ready to use. No dramas and data was really good.

      Our trip was 34 days so we had 4 days to rely on wifi.

  • "We feel duty bound", does that mean that you are associated with Optus?

    • Hi Hungry,

      Absolutely not! I'm affiliated with CallCloud who sell Flexiroam Travel SIMs/microchips/eSIMs.

      In Australia we use Vodafone in Singapore Starhub & M1 (not Singtel) so Optus are the enemy.

      The comment was merely tongue in cheek, I was a member of OzBargain before setting up shop, and have benefited from the community both from feedback and sales.

      Of course we hope that by being genuine we'll establish more awareness & credibility with the community and we still reckon we offer pretty good value.

      Although this deal is great for the 5 countries mentioned, the world is very big place.



  • Any sim deal for Italy? A relative is going in a couple of months.

  • I just returned from Hong Kong. I pre booked/ picked up at Airport and it was great while moving around the city. https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/16505-tourist-3g-4g-sim...

  • Could the 10GB be split to be used on 2 sims whilst overseas? Like a normal optus plan here in Aus where two sims can share a pool of data…

  • At $20 for 5 days, that's $120 for 30 days. How is that of any value when it excludes calls? Many if not all of those listed countries offer prepaid plans of equal or greater value and duration. I don't see this as a deal at all.

  • Just used over the weekend. IMO - not a good deal.
    I was in HK for 3days, purchased an optus prepaid starter kit (don't know if this add-can be activated on a $2 sim?) was a wollies $50 pack for $20, so cheap and "included $15- extras credit" to use in my case towards international calls/texts whilst roaming in HK. I added the $20- for 5 days international data.
    During the 3 days whilst I was moving around HK the speed of data was pretty avg and frustrating. the connection dropped out multiple times especially when out late night trying to book uber's.. not to mention the $15- extras credit only allowed me to make 1 text message, and 3 * 2 min calls to aus.. which prompted me to activate international roaming on my standard telstra sim, which offers a very limited 200mb data per day in their day pass but was reliable and just worked.

    I only got this as previously every overseas trip i have had to top-up data on telstra so thought this may be a good alternate to try.. but again in my experience I didnt find it reliable.

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