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Gulf Western Chain Bar Lube (for Chainsaws) 4 Litre $19.99 @ Autopro


My goto chain oil.
Slightly more expensive at SCA (ignoring discounted gift cards etc) with 20% off making it $20.79.

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    I use canola oil $2 a liter


      I have no issues using canola in my Husqvarna 575, apart from a small amount leaking whilst it sits in the shed because it is a bit thinner…much less toxic and cheaper too.


        I remember looking into this a few years ago.
        Just had another look and was reminded why it doesn't suit me - long periods sitting in saw unused can cause binding.
        I use my saw sporadically, hence sticking with specific bar oil is safest (for me).


          Because of the leaking I always store the saw empty of bar oil - you have to check it every time you use it anyway so I just fill it before use.


      Under light use is fine but if you're cutting up dry wood or working it hard you will fry the bar and chain guaranteed.

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