Singapore Attraction Recommendations

Family of 4 travelling to Singapore in Dec for 5 days

Children are 10 and 13
What attractions would people recommend, and more so, are there any known ways to get better deals on them as doing them all individually seems pretty pricey
Currently looking at doing
Universal Studios,
Gardens by Bay and Christmas lights
Some Downhill luge - looks to be fun
Madame Tussauds maybe

And have promised the kids to go to Kidzania

Any ways in which I can get the entrance price on these things down would be appreciated

I've seen Klook website, so that seems to be an option for USS
Just wondering about these all inclusive type passes and whether people would recommend those

Any help appreciated


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    Please check out this site .
    I just came back from singapore and purchased my tourist simcards and garden by the bay tickets from them. Also they currently have 16% off sale with code GT1111 that is valid until 17 nov. Worth checking out in my opinion.

    if you are planning to visit multiple attractions this are also worth considering.


    Universal Studios is a must if you haven't visited one in another country (they have the same rides)

    Do the open top tour bus, you get to see everything and can hop off at points you want to explore, then hop back on again.


    Those you had are all good - we were there a couple of years ago and the kids loved Sentosa and all the attractions there.
    Universal studios is what you would expect from a theme park.
    Downhill luge was quite fun.
    Adventure Cove water park was great as well, and good to cool off from the heat.

    Our kids enjoyed Kidzania as well but they were a bit younger than yours. Not sure if your 13 year old still enjoys role playing?

    There's also the night safari at the Zoo, which was quite enjoyable.


    If this is the first time flying to Singapore I'd recommend Klook for purchasing all attraction passes and be on the lookout for klook coupon codes. I've compared with Viator and other sites but usually these passes seem to be cheaper on Klook.

    Few bits of advise based on my own experience:

    Universal Studios - Do not get priority passes, instead plan to go there on a weekday and line up to enter as the doors open.

    Kidzania - Not sure if your 13yo child would like this as it is mainly aimed at children below 10. Best way to get rid of the kids for half a day so the parents could spend time doing their own thing (i.e. shopping)

    Downhill luge - This is quite entertaining and safe for both kids and adults but it is an activity that doesn't take too much time (15-20 mins for one round) but you can buy tickets for multiple downhill rides.

    Try to do all activities in Sentosa in one day and wrap up at Wings of time. Klook has this with a dinner voucher from a nearby restaurant. Food is just basic/cheap but will save you from having to look for dinner and can go straight to hotel afterwards.

    Leave a full day for Universal Studios. You will be done by 3pm so if you still have time/energy visit the Aquarium which is right next to the entrance. There is also the trick eye museum and kids will enjoy the props there and take some photos.

    Don't forget to visit some of the hawker food markets - No Singapore trip would be complete without trying the amazing street food (i.e. Chilli Crab and Chicken Rice)

    Night Safari - Approx 30-40 min taxi ride but the kids would love it but don't go on a weekend. Then there is a river safari and Singapore Zoo at the same spot if you prefer to spend a whole day there. Breakfast with Orangutans(separate attraction) at the zoo was great value for money as the buffet breakfast was excellent + zoo passes on top.

    China Town - To take home souvenirs and gifts.

    Adventure Cove Waterpark also is something the kids would enjoy, but if you are not staying at one of Sentosa hotels then this may not be ideal as you will have to carry extra clothes, towels etc. and it is a paid attraction.

    Then if you have time left Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands


    You can do Singapore in a day man, transport is excellent. Just pick the ones you'd think the kids would most enjoy.


    I recommend Singapore Zoo if you like zoos, it's one of the best I've been to.
    Also, if you're flying in with Singapore Airlines you can get cheap attraction passes.

    As Charusho said, you can do most of Singapore in a day. Maybe 3 days if you're doing Universal Studios and the Singapore Zoo (it's far away).


    +1 to Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Zoo. Night Safari can be hit and miss, some people have a great time, others have said they didn't see much.

    Legoland in Johor Bahru is a day trip over the border. My younger kids enjoyed it, but the quality of the park is not up to standard. Staff are good and it's clean, but the shine has worn off - lots of faded plastic, mold/algae growing on the exhibits.

    If you have time at the airport, Singapore Jewel is pretty amazing as well - enough to do that you could spend a whole day there.

    Try and avoid eating at the hotel or at international chain restaurants, get a real taste of SG and have a few meals at Hawker centres or try the local franchises (eg: Ya Yun kaya toast). Make sure you have enough cash for the Hawker centres though!

    Bugis is a pretty colourful place to do some shopping, with street markets right next door to larger air conditioned Westfield like centres.

    Grab is the Uber equivalent and prices are pretty affordable in SG, we used them a lot more than public transport.