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Inkbird Sous Vide Cooker Wi-Fi $97.30 Delivered (30% off) @ Inkbird eBay


1. Wifi Remote Control: Simply pair with Inkbird Smart app to manage your cook everywhere in your wifi range
2. Precision Temperature and Timer- 77°F~210°F (25ºC~99ºC ) and 0.1℃(1°F )
3. Uniform and Fast Heat Circulation
4. Protection and Temperature Alarm

Here is another big deal on an instant-read pen.
35%OFF !!! AUD27 Deal will end at 2pm Nov.14

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  • Thanks, good Xmas present I'm thinking

  • Wasn't the costco ones $99

    • Yep, but no wifi

  • +1

    My Inkbird products have never let me down.

  • how does this compare to the anova precision wand? look similar but these seem cheaper?

    • anova is wifi/bluetooth with anova app

    • The display on this looks far more useful than the Anova. I really hate the useless display on the Anova.

      • Have you used an anova before? I dont see the display as useless

        • Yes, I've had one for a couple of years. It mostly shows the current temp, and every so often gives you a glimpse of the time remaining. Whoever designed it wasn't a regular user, that's for sure.

          • +1

            @mickeyjuiceman: Tho i mainly use the app for everything, but i dont see any issue with the screen.

            When you get one of these, can you tell us if it works better then the anova?

            • @asa79: Yep, will do.

              I rarely use the Anova app apart from setting the SV, given it's so crap (better now, a bit), but if I'm working in the kitchen prepping and cooking other stuff and so on, I'd REALLY like to know how long the eggs have left in the SV, not that it's - SURPRISE! - the same temp it's been for 20 minutes, as it should be.

              • +1

                @mickeyjuiceman: I usually set and go to office and keep track off it via phone so I see the app more then display

            • +2

              @asa79: OK, so I've tested it a bit, and defo prefer it to the Anova (bought last year). Better display, better app, faster to get to temp, quieter, funny recipe descriptions :-D

  • A$85 on Amazon. Appears to be the same product? Have I missed anything?

    • The $15 shipping?

    • +1

      ~$au125 + shipping

    • +3

      Hi,it's US$ 85,not AU$85 and we can ship it from AU local at AU$97.3(US$ 68)Delivered !
      Thank you !

      • +2

        Thanks All. Just realised that upon detailed reading. Thank you!

        Bought 1

    • USD?

  • Ordered. My tub-style Breville is on the way out (had it for a few years, was pretty good), and I have an Anova, but often use two at the same time, so I'll give this one a crack.

  • finally reasonable priced wifi sous vide

  • Thanks OP. Online reviews look good and also used shopback for a little extra discount.

  • Is this much use without a vacuum sealer?

    • You can use zip-loc bags with the immersion method (dunk it in water to push all the air out), but the plastic may not hold up as well over longer periods (like hours of cooking).

      I got a cheap vacuum sealer from Aldi and a bunch of bags. It works.

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