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iRacing Membership - 25% off Renewals & 50% off New Memberships


Iracing memberships are on sale, which doesn't happen often at all. 50% off all new memberships and 25% off renewals.

25% off renewals:
12 months with code PR25OFF122019EARLY
24 months with code PR25OFF242019EARLY

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  • Tempted, I just built a pc for sim racing but I'm addicted to ACC.

    • +2

      iRacing doesn't compare to any other sim racer. It is the best by far the best sim you'll ever play.

      • try LFS best sim but without all the bling and go round corners on rails stuff

    • I was like you, then I tried iRacing, now I am spoilt.

      • Aren't you on Rooz?

        • No? I play some AC on public servers, ACC is quite good especially with the last few updates but I only play that single player.

          iRacing is fantastic for the online community and close racing, I only subbed to it a couple months ago when it was posted here for $1 but I'll easily invest more into it (it's really expensive when starting)

          • @WorkingLowJam: Yeah I saw the $1 deal, maybe that's where I saw your name. That's when I decided to go PC after being on PS4 sim racing so long. The FFB improvement alone is worth every cent.

          • @WorkingLowJam:

            it's really expensive when starting

            Well, it is if you want more cars/circuits but you get 18 cars/circuits in the membership sub.

            • @Diji1: It is really as expensive as you want it to be. There is enough free content in Road and Dirt to keep someone happy for a year. Oval can get boring pretty quickly without purchasing new content.

              The service has a license and protest system and they update the software with new features and functions every quarter.

              I finally jumped into the service after a promo deal - 7 years ago. I don't race online anywhere else.

  • Cheers!

  • Thank you!

  • I bought a yearrly membership this time last yr and never touched it once and expired.. maybe i should give it a go this time around.. but I feel like I'm not even good enough against AIs in AC, PC2, I shouldnt be vs real ppl lol

    • same here haha

    • I felt the same way, but decided to just jump in and have a go - found it to be a lot of fun and even managed to win a race after a few go's. Just need more time to play now…

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