This was posted 1 year 2 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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1-Year VPN Subscription USD $29 (~AUD $42.50) @ Private Internet Access


This Halloween deal appears to be working currently, though Black Friday is on the 29th and various other deals may show up in the near future.

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  • Perfect timing as my subscription was running out this week. I also jumped onto their online chat and was provided with a custom link which allowed my to keep my existing login details.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't 29USD the new normal yearly price?

    • This page indicates USD$39.99 is the normal yearly billing price.

      My PIA yearly is also up for renewal end of Nov. I've been happy with their service across desktop & mobile, here & when travelling OS. So I'll probably give this deal a go. Have not tried them when in China though, where I'm heading shortly, so probably also sign up to ExpressVPN for a month as a backup which has always been solid gold for VPN internet in CN.

  • I've had PIA since 2016 and this was the price back then too at ($29 USD).
    In recent years they have increased their yearly payments by $10 USD so I highly recommend that you sign up at this price point currently on offer.

    The price will remain at $29 USD for the lifetime of your continued subscription and will not change even if they decide to increase their prices as they have to grandfather existing subscriptions.

    Things to note:

    Does not work with Netflix (viewing other country libraries) as their IP ranges are banned/detectable
    Download their Android (PIA Official App) from off their website and not through Google Play. As Google forced them to remove the MACE function which stops ads. The Google Play store App does not have this function.

    Speeds are pretty solid with plenty of servers to choose from here locally and abroad and has PPTP/L2TP/SOCKS support for no additional charge.

  • Pity PIA cannot re-subscribe existing accounts/Users for current discount offers. I wrote to them and received the reply that it was not possible and that I can (a) leave my current PIA account/Username to auto-renew at my previous rate of $39.99 in 10 days time when it expires. Or I can sign up using this Halloween $29.00 bonus.. but only as a new customer. Not very customer friendly.. when someone says.. "hey I want to remain a customer, and I want to give you money".. any way, I guess not. Strange to give customers ANY reason to think of changing to competition, esp in such a cut-throat market segment.

    I use VPN for travelling 90% of the time and have found PIA to be very reliable and simple across many countries. A decent compromise between ExpressVPN - which is the gold-standard for travelling VPN - and PIA which is significantly cheaper and (for me) works just as well. Except in China - where I always sign up to ExpressVPN for a month as a backup and has saved the bacon several times.

    Off to create a new PIA User Account I guess :(

    • Your existing account really doesn't matter and just cancel the existing subscription.
      Sign up as a new user and just use a different credit card or Paypal from your existing subscription if your really concerned that they will reject the offered deal.

      There no such thing as a loyalty bonus with any company so it pays to cancel and re-join if you find a better offer.

  • PIA was bought by CyberGhost, they have a history of bad behaviour and even packaging adware with their products and i wouldnt trust them with a barge pole anymore sadly

    Neg is to alert people to a change in their status, to show a problem with the product - it isnt to reflect on your deal.


      Thanks for alerting us. Just curious, what was the bad behaviour?

      Also the article you linked to says that a company called Kape Technologies bought PIA, and that Kape had previously bought Cyber Ghost. This is slightly different from the scenario you mentioned (that Cyberghost bought PIA).

      I dunno who Kape Tech is. But i guess the question is have Cyber Ghost continued their bad behaviour after being acquired by Kape? Could Kape be ok and serve to improve the practices of the companies they own. I note they are registered in the Isle of Man…..