Advice Sought for Mum's 50th Gift Ideas

Hi All

Mum is turning 50 next month and i need some inspiration on a gift idea.

Budget is say up to $1,000.

Not much can be said about what she likes so general gift ideas would be appreciated.



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    The best thing you can give to mum is your time.

    I’d just throw a surprise party for her, surrounded by her loved ones, and invite those who are important in her life to share some stories about their relationship with her.

    Your $1,000 budget can be put towards either a venue, or food and drink if you’d prefer to do it at home.

    Best of luck!

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      Just been through this with my wife's 50th, and mine is in a couple of years. Now I know people are different - but the worst thing we could have done was have a surprise party (I have actually told her the same for me - don't do it !).
      Life is busy - a 4 day long weekend away somewhere relaxing with either your Dad, your immediate family or even just her best friend.

      Just make sure you organise the time-off yourself directly with her workplace - this is easily done.

      • I would love my son to do this for my 60th. So good suggestion.

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    $150-250 for a nice huge water garden bowl and $50-100 for water lilies.

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    Ironing board cover, dish rack, gardening gloves, vacuum attachments. There are heaps of things that mums love!

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    If you can stretch your budget just a smidge more

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    This is OzBargain…. so spend that budget on lot of;
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    $1000? I hope my kids are that generous when I turn 50!

  • A day spa package.Mum's deserve to be pampered.

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    You are willing to spend $1,000 but don't know what your mother likes?

  • Cash. $999.

    • $998

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    Something a little bit fancy that she might not buy for herself, but can use for a long time, like a LV bag.

  • Family dinner somewhere fancy that you wouldn't usually go…spend some quality time together :)

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    Maybe she wants a child who can pick out a gift based on 50 years of knowing each other. If so, I can do it for $200

    • How can i have known my mother for 50 years if she's 50 years old? We're not twins, we're mother and child.

      I don't understand what you mean by "If so, i can do it for $200." Are you suggesting you're my mother's child and have known her for 50 years because that also would not make sense.

      • Just having a joke. Nothing serious mate

  • A calendar.

  • Do you have any siblings? What are they getting her?

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    A Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, something she probably wouldn’t splurge on for herself, but secretly wants.

  • We paid for a photographer to do lovely informal family photos pre her party and then at the party - I then made them up into a photo book for her. Agree with other suggestions of something she would not buy herself like a branded wallet, luxury spa experience or jewellery.

  • Professional family photo, nice piece of jewellery she might have had her eye on, money towards a short holiday, spa treatment and cost paid to get her hair done (if that’s what she likes).

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    Send her and her besties for a weekend spa experience or do a staycation at a 4-5 star hotel and a piece of jewellery from Tiffany & Co.

    • As a mum who turned 50 this year - brilliant suggestion. The hotel and Tiffany is great.

  • You can do a lot with 1k that does not require packaging. Why not book a flight to Tasmania. Zip down to Melbourne and see a theatre play, or simply shopping.

  • If she likes to eat out then vouchers to her favourite restaurants.. she can use them when she pleases and they don't expire for 3 years.. a holiday to another city. not material things but experiences..

  • If you can afford to give Mum that much, she probably was a younger mum or you're Doogie Howser (google it). So for that reason, I'd suggest travel. She's probably not done as much of that as she'd like (who has?).

    Experience? I'm a mum who turned 50 this year. We won't talk about my present.

    I'd probably suggest a travel voucher for the amount, but I really love Sisusaasuun's suggestion of a little piece of Tiffany too. Can just be a smaller silver piece <$200, so you don't blow all your dough there and put most towards the travel voucher.

    Well done you.

  • Take her on a holiday!

    Mums highly value special times with thier kids

  • V8 hot laps - - you'd have some spare change to take her out to dinner and spoil her rotten.