[QLD] BMW 530i Touring M Sport Package - $79,888 (SAVE $44,603) @ Motorline BMW Daisy Hill


Calling all high-yield investment enthusiasts!! Westpac Investment Analysts in 2020 wouldn't be caught dead in a Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe/C class coupe/CLA or Audi S3. The gorgeous BMW 5 Series Touring and 4 Series Coupé are the new "it girls" in town.

Motorline BMW at Daisy Hill, QLD have some awesome discounts on several new BMW vehicles. The 2 most noteworthy being:

  • BMW 530i Touring M Sport Package - $124,491 $79,888 (SAVE $44,603)
  • BMW 430i Coupé M Sport Package - $103,475 $74,900 (SAVE $28,575)

Amazing vehicles at 2017 used car prices.

Edit - To clarify, these are brand new vehicles, not demo. These are the drive away prices for this spec, not just base RRP, and include optional extras (like the innovations package), duties, registration etc.

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  • +51 votes

    Bargain, gives me a career path!

  • +30 votes

    On my way to grab 5……

  • -1 vote

    Touring = station wagon?

  • +37 votes

    Upvoted just for the hilarious description!

  • +6 votes

    I have given this deal a + even though I won't buy it… I feel like it's one of those Dell 60% off laptop deals where everyone will + it but nobody buys because at almost any discount it's not a purchase made on a whim.

  • +3 votes

    That rrp didnt last long.

  • +12 votes

    Bought two. Thanks OP

  • +24 votes

    Great deal, but delivery cost of big items to WA like usual, kills the deal ;-)
    P.S. Can someone post a receipt so that I can try get a price beat locally?

  • +2 votes

    Thats actually cheap. First food car bargain I remember seeing on here.

    My price range is $60,000 less, but.

  • +28 votes

    "Calling all high-yield investment enthusiasts!!" … this will never get old .. hahahaha so good!

    • +10 votes

      I was literally reminded about that this morning when I was listening to somebody talk about how much of a bad idea it was to go into debt for a depreciating asset.

      I thought, "Gee, it's been too long since I've seen that joke on Ozbargain." Guess today is my lucky day!

  • +5 votes

    Sweet deal. I’ll probably get one of each. ;)

    But any deals on Apple CarPlay, I don’t want to pay the BMW subscription.

    • +13 votes

      Velcro an iPad mini to the in-car display?


      Install a stereo yourself. The best CarPlay systems are $500, cheapest are probably 200. $100 installation fee if someone else does it.

      You can do this in a 15 year old car and it’ll feel almost the same as any new car

      • +1 vote

        BMW systems are all very intigrated. There isn't going to be a single or double DIN to fit an aftermarket stereo afaik

  • +26 votes

    The Tesla Model 3 SR+ is cheaper, faster, cooler and better.

    The Long Range would wipe it off the floor and the Performance model is in a completely different galaxy performance wise.

    All the Model 3s are cheaper than the BMW without discount by a large margin.

      • +18 votes

        The parts that care about cool tech and environmental sustainability.

        • +23 votes

          And don't care about fit and finish.

        • +26 votes

          Buying a new car is an awful decision if you care about environmental sustainability.

        • +52 votes

          I think Ozbargainers will start buying Tesla's when Blitzwolf makes a fast charger and braided cable for it lol

        • -10 votes

          How are lithium batteries cool?
          This whole "Tesla is cool" thing you guys are trying to push sounds extremely forced.

          edit: and I missed the funniest bit - how is environmental sustainability "cool"? Yikes.


          & where do you think all these batteries will end up when they die? Probably the car also as it will be too expensive to replace them???

          It's really a 'reverse economy' & isn't good for the environment is it?

          Everyone should ride Motorcycles if ur really serious about the environment - or a push-bike!


            @Bunsen: If the car is powered by the grid, then you get the efficient power production of the grid. And if the grid is powered by renewables, you get that too.

            Electric cars don’t have to be literally waste free to be better than lugging your own generator everywhere. Otherwise our homes would all have generators too.


              @crentist: & the waste batteries end up where?

              Where did I mention about the energy aspect? I am more concerned with the waste battery side of things.. Notice how u don't C many Prius first gen around anymore? Where have they gone?

            • -2 votes

              @crentist: Other than the battery waste.
              People just don't realise that they are just shifting the pollution.

              From burning petrol to burning coal.
              Only approximately 20% of Australia's power source is renewable energy.

    • +2 votes

      The model 3 is more in line with the size of a 3 series and the fitout is closer to a full spec Camry.

      • -2 votes

        That’s bullshit keyboard warrior rhetoric, promulgated by people who’ve never been in a Tesla, let alone driven one. The Model 3 has a really solid German feeling interior, it has nice materials and a minimalistic design similar to Volvo’s. The Model S, where this line of crap started from, has a very luxurious interior. I believe that people who started this crap were comparing Model S to Mercedes S class and BMW 7 series, which in the US cost the same. And that’s a valid argument; an S class or 7 Series does have a more luxurious interior for the same money. But in Australia, where a Model S costs the same as a 5 series or E class, there is no comparison. The Model S has a much more
        Luxurious interior than either of those, unless you option the $20k Designo interior on the E class. The Model S shares much of its switchgear with the e class, and shares the same wood and has things like an Alcantara headliner as standard, which you don’t get unless you pay big $$$ for on the Merc or BMW.

        • +5 votes

          After comparing the Model 3 Standard Range Plus to the C300, the C300 interior (IMO) shits all over the Model 3. There's nothing luxurious about the interior of the Model 3 at all. (Sure the C300 was ~7k more expensive when we bought it but it's still in comparable ball park). Currently looking for another new car and if I did more miles a year then I'll probably get the Tesla but since I don't it's currently a toss between the 330i and C300 because it's nicer to sit in, looks nicer from the outside.

          If you want the premium interior on the Model 3 then you're comparing it more to the C43 or M340i in terms of price.

          Problem is you're right the base Model S costs the same money as a 5 Series or E Class, an optioned 5 Series or E Class that will have nicer interiors.

          Before buying the C300, I talked to Telsa owners who have moved from BMW/Mercedes/Audi and they've conceded that their Tesla doesn't feel or look as luxurious.

          The reason why some people say the Tesla isn't as luxurious or is just as luxurious is because it's personal taste. Your opinion might be one thing but a lot of other people have a different opinion and it's ok.

          • +1 vote

            @Trance N Dance: The C300 interior feels like it's from 10 years ago, and while it's a step up from the previous model, it's certainly not luxurious. It gives the pretence of luxury, but the material choices are a step down from the E and S class. But the Model 3 isn't marketed as a luxury car. If you want the luxury version, you get the Model S, (for a more luxurious price too). If you had the choice between the outgoing C class and the Model 3, and you chose the C class, you chose the wrong car. The Model 3 build quality is up there with a C class, and it makes a low level sedan like the C300 feel antiquated with it's rudimentary functionality, performance, safety and cruise control systems, operating system, and cacophony of buttons.

            To say that the 5 series or E class has an interior that is nicer than the Model S is wrong. You can option an E class up to a similar level to a Model S if you select the Designo trim, but that's a $20k option, which pushed the pricing way above the Model S. Materials and finishes in a stock Model S are way better than a 5 series or E class, but in a baseline E class you get a plastic dash, MBtex (or worse their cheap 'real' low level leather), no glass roof, metal or plastic door finishes, and plastic lining or hard plastic on most surfaces you touch. You can option to get a Nappa leather interior with lined dash, doors and an alcantara roof lining, but you're looking at $20k on top of the $150k initial price. And that's not even getting into the fact that the E and 5 series are vastly inferior cars overall.

          • +1 vote

            @Trance N Dance: Interior is only one aspect of car ownership, agreed current C300 has a nicer interior. its the only aspect where the Telsa is lacking, personally I like the clean interior its something different, uncluttered.

            BMW has always focus more on being a drivers car than outright luxury like a Benz. As a drivers car, Tesla is far better even at this price point there. The other hand C300 is 4 cylinder 190kw 2L turbo engine, pretty average motor if you ask me for the price point. Id rather a decent motor over a luxo interior, even a Camry has a better 6 cylinder engine.

            But like you said, everyone's taste is different.

        • -5 votes

          "Performance car" is an oxymoron under real world conditions (traffic and red lights), so you are really only paying for the prestige and luxury interior. In this regard there is no contest. Tesla is a Volvo in the first instance and a Camry in the second.


            @Bangbus: Absolute bullshit.

          • -1 vote

            @Bangbus: In real world conditions, Tesla is far superior.

            -100% torque from 0rpm, easy to overtake at any speed, no lag
            -one gear, so no issues with gearbox because it has no gearbox.
            -no fuel being burn idling at lights
            -regenerative braking
            -autopilot for bumper to bumper traffic
            -auto emergency braking standard, option in Benz, not sure about BMW.

            found the Model S relaxing to drive in traffic, drove recent Benz and BMWs, they're ok but their auto gearboxes are still things you need to factor in when overtaking, Tesla point and shoot really

            • +1 vote

              @Bid Sniper: I think you missed the point, "Performance CAR".
              Even a scooter will shit on anything with four wheels in traffic ie real world conditions
              If you want luxury buy a German car, if you want performance buy a motorbike.

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