Speeding Fine after Court Case

I was speeding over 40km/h 2 years ago and ended up taking it to court (not a proud moment)

Tt was reduced to 20km/h over which meant I got to keep my license instead of having it suspended for 6 months.. very lucky as I need to travel quite a lot for my job.

So here's the thing, the judge said fines victoria will issue me with a fine and fee for the court case, but it's been 2 years! Is there a time limit of when it's no longer applicable?

I know another person that's in a similar position and there's has been 2.5 years for a red light incident..

Any thought? Anyone else in a similar position?

(And no, I don't want to call them up to get it sent to me sooner haha)


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    Fines Victoria apparently has major software problems that is causing all sorts of issues, for different parties.
    Google a news site; it was recently reported.

    Not a lot that you can do to resolve this.


    If you haven't received it yet, it might have been lost through some administrative processes, especially if it was so long ago - lucky you!

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    Keep an eye on your licence I. Case the fine has been issued to the wrong address or something and they think you are just not paying it. Can you check your licence status online in Victoria?

    Could be bad if you get pulled over for driving with a suspended licence due to unpaid fines or worse get I a crash and have your insurance not pay.


      That would be my concern. They stuff up with issuing the fine and expect you to wear it. Such a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.


    Offenders levy


    It'll come eventually.

    I'd still recommend you call Fines Victoria. If you forgot to update your address or missed it in the mail, you might end up with a clamp on your car next time you go to a shopping centre.


    I have a similar case but more recent. When I called up Fines Victoria, they were not helpful at all.

    I’d say call up for peace of mind - chances are they don’t have the capacity to expedite the issuing of your fine.


    Update: I just called fines victoria.
    They could see the infringement from last year, but it says it was withdrawn (possibly because it was taken to court?)
    The Lady said she will look into it and put me on hold, so as I knew I don't have anything outstanding, and my license was fine, I told her I had to go and I'll call back later.
    She said it's fine…

    So I'm safe for now, but I wonder what will happen to my fine now….


      I'd expect them to be working on it. They say there is more than $300m outstanding from this issue, so that's too large for them to just write off.


        Yeh, I would think so. But surely, there should be a rule somewhere saying you can't send it after X amount of years. We can't just wait for years, I personally already think this is too long (not just because I have a fine in the system) it's just a joke if you ask me.
        I could file for anxiety and panic attacks, because of all this waiting…


          But surely, there should be a rule somewhere saying you can't send it after X amount of years.

          I don't think fines are statute barred, so if they eventually send it, you will still need to cough up.

          Just put the money aside ready to pay the fine when it comes in.


    Question to ponder, if the fine is sent X years later, what interest rate is applied over those X years to the original fine amount?


    I had a fine from court nearly 2 years ago & I still haven't got anything from Fines Victoria;
    good luck them finding me, I moved state a year ago :p

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