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[Refurb] HP Gaming Pavilion - 15-cx0154tx (i7-8750H GTX 1050 8GB DDR4) $780 Delivered @ HP


decide for yourself if $780 for a (mid?-)entry level REFURBISHED gaming machine from HP is good or not.

1 year warranty

i7-8750H is 6 cores and plenty powerful
GTX 1050 is kind of dated, but this is the 4Gb version
1Tb spinning drive plus 16Gb Optane
8GB DDR4-2666
15.6" diagonal FHD IPS anti-glare micro-edge WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080)

HDMI 2.0
Intel Wifi AC with 2x2 with BT5.0

(thanks Phoebus and pw2002au for extra details)

part of click frenzy, so won't last long?

delivery looks like $0.01 probably a joke

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  • +4 votes

    Looks ok actually
    Even has a FHD screen!!!

    But seriously. A few other highlights
    HDMI 2.0
    GbE LAN
    Intel Wifi AC with 2x2 with BT5.0
    2.17 KG… probably so heavy because of all the typical HP bloat ware

  • +2 votes

    I'd consider this a fair price … given its refurbished. Its not super special but the specs are reasonable.

    Also worth mentioning this has the 4GB Vram vs the standard 2GB of the 1050 cards. Hopefully a little closer in performance to the 1050ti than standard 1050.

  • +2 votes

    Hp? No thanks! Never ever hp ever again!


      I hear you, mate. I am a Dell man 99% of the time. but who knows, maybe someone likes those HP design decisions.
      I'm not buying one, I have a Dell.


      HP have been sliding downhill for a good 15 years.
      However they do have some bargains occasionally.
      I'm waiting for their bankruptcy sale.

      • +3 votes

        You will be waiting awhile considering they consistently make about 4.5billion USD in PROFITS each year…

  • +1 vote

    Wow, looks like a decent price.
    Apx 9 mths ago I spent $ 1400 on something similar.

    If I was considering this laptop, I would query:
    Age, why is it refurbished, battery uptime, can I replace 1Tb spinning drive plus 16Gb Optane BY SSD and transfer Windows - plenty of keenly priced SSD around at the moment. Maybe leave old drive in for data storage, but consider the weight. Maybe increase the memory as well. Will HP do any of this, if not any HP documentation describing how to, will this affect warranty, could this be done for say $100 including parts, also any extended warranty.
    Hope this assists.


      Intel Optane technology is a cache system so I don't think you can use the 16GB Optain drive as a drive. It's just cache for the spinning drive. However I assume you can replace it with a different M.2 Nvme drive and perhaps through a bios setting disable the Optane cache system. If you're interested try google. Surely other users have replaced their Optane cache drive with a real ssd drive.

    • +1 vote

      This is still selling at JB Hifi for ~$1,500.
      I expect delivery tomorrow. I'm interested to see what they mean by, "refurb". Likely just an excuse to discount and move some old stock.

      • +3 votes

        Seems so. I felt almost unclean putting my fingerprints on the lid. Mine came uncharged, but booted within a short while of putting on charge. It comes with Windows 1709 build 16299.309. The updates to get it ready for 1903 went quickly, and even the painful one tp 1903 was only about 1/2 hour. It's on 1903 build 18362.476 now . That update re-toggled the unwanted and unwelcome " let me use online sign-up" hole to on and put the annoying HP circle back on the task-bar. so I'll redo the turning of of the advertising platforms and uninstalling the garbage before letting it update further.

        Cortana was quite chatty on first start up, but being 1709 it wasn't to much trouble to create an off-line administrator and shut down a fair swag of monitoring, sharing and freeium crapware and get to the stage where I could wind it down. The voice recognition works quite well for those wanting to use that.
        It did inform me that Office was active until the middle of January and prompted me to open an account so I'll check that out once I have it a bit more personalised.

        The drive is a little noisy during boot and heavy file access - almost took me back to the days of the seagate 40 meggers with the rattling of the heads. I only had a couple of slowdowns, one when requesting to remove crap-ware from the start menu carnival of windows whilst removals where also happening from the settings program menu and security updates were downloading and drivers updating, and a second setting a lock-screen picture from a USB file right at the time the first update was wanting to restart - I got a blue circle and blank screen until I did a hard shutdown, the same on the first restart and then a boot into an update screen whence it booted into 1903.

        After re-setting all the privacy settings that had been turned back on [ basically everything except microphone access that I had had re-queried on behalf of cortana], and a really quick reboot for some HP driver and 'net updates, it's now setting up 1909.

        First impressions, fast, bright, adequate sound , enough grunt for office work. I'll put Steam on and give Skyrim special edition a run later.

        • +2 votes

          as far as the cpu goes, there's still not much in the mobile world that's a lot faster than i7-8750
          GPU is better than basic but not really a gaming gpu.
          I got it for work but I suspect my son will wanna play minecraft which I'm quite sure the gpu can handle.

          I intend to just replace the HDD with m.2 ssd and put a clean install of Win 10 Pro 1909 on it. Avoid the HP bloatware completely. 1909 should have all the latest drivers too, at least the intel chipset drivers.


            @Phoebus: Good plan. I was tossing up throwing a 512GB NVMe in, but I'll mainly be using it as a office browsing/photo editing [to a 4K monitor] box that should run Skyrim S.E. all graphic options to the right on FHD, which an i7-3770 [~ 66% benchmark] Elite 8300 and a 2Gb GTX 1050ti does with ease.

            I might even see if any CPU/core boost will let me play @ 4K without consricting my viewing range too much or making me seasick - I could withstand Doom on a 386SX-25…


              @terrys: Games at 1080p should look pretty good on a 4K monitor because it's exactly 1:4 pixel interpolation that the TV/monitor should handle with ease.

              • +1 vote

                @Phoebus: S.E. is the recently released upgraded graphics version, but it took me a bit of fiddling to realise you need to run " windowed mode" before it offers the 3840 × 2160 60Hz option. My i7-3770 elite 8300 with a 2GB GTX 1050ti was a bit choppy, but this one runs as smooth as anything.

                Colours and textures are brilliant.

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