Is This an Issue in My Solar Panels Installation ?

Hi Solar home owners and all,

I have recently installed solar with one of the approved CEC retailer. After installation, When I check the panels - I found something different. Please see images.

After mounting bracket is installed, tiles are not sitting flat each other. Is this common ?
When it rains, water can leak from that space, right ?

Please can someone check your panels and let me know whether this is workmanship issue ? What should I do now !!!


Update :
Thank you all for your information.
Retailer has just called and confirmed that, they have forwarded the issue to the guys who actually did the job. Confirmed that it is not according to legislation.

But he has put all onus on inspection ( Which has not happened in my case yet). If the inspector is happy and issues certificate then no need to worry else they would fix the issue.Now everything is depending on the inspector.

Do inspectors work for retailers or they are from Government.. ?
Do they check roof as well ?
What should I do they issue certificate without inspection ( Installer may escape by showing certificate ) ?


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    have you talked to the installer?

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      Not yet. I have taken photos today only. Not sure whether this is an issue or not.

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    mine’s exactly the same. had them in for about 12 months now and no leakage issues.
    you can ask installer to shave the bottom side of the tiles if its causing issues.


    After mounting bracket is installed, tiles are not sitting flat each other. Is this common ?

    Thats 'normal' for a tile install, notice the backet going under the tile, it causes that pile to sit a bit higher.

    With the overlap etc, water runs down hill etc

    When it rains, water can leak from that space, right ?

    Gravity will stop it from flowing up hill.

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      Unless there's strong winds. The better way is to shave off part of the tile.


    Bear in mind that the panels cover the tiles from the rain. So the water can only come from the area between the panels and the ridge capping at the peak of the roof and will run in the valleys not the hills. Mine are the same as yours for the last 5 years and not aware of any leaks.


    That cross bar is too high causing the bracket to be too short and lifting the tile.
    The bracket should only lift the tile the thickness of the bracket, not as far as it is shown in your pics.
    Talk to the installer.

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    Like others have said, they've maxed out the bracket. By using a longer bracket, it won't pull as much.

    This is assuming that the tile lifting is caused by the insufficient bracket length.

    In terms of water ingress, it's not a biggy during mild rains but having it lift that much means water can move into the joints during heavy winds.


    Completely normal

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    Time will tell but a good installed would grind the tile so they sit normally

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      Meh… nobody is going to grind the bottom of every tile they pop a bracket under.

      If you worried throw a bit of roof and gutter silicon in the gap.

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        Nah good installers do. To silicone 40 tiles or so on every roof is just silly. Do it properly the first time then you won't have to go back to fix it


        They definitely do
        A quality installer will grind tiles for each rack mount

        Bill buster installers do crap like this and the end result shows.

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    It looks like the inside round in the bend in the bracket is holding the tile up. If it was further away from the inner bend it would sit the thickness of the bracket only off the top of the tile underneath

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    A quality installer will grind the tiles to allow the tiles to sit flush

    No idea what all these 'thats normal' posts have for their installs, but I wouldn't want that on my roof


      Best answer above. OP has defective work plain and simple. Installer was lazy. Check also for any broken roof tiles that they also like to leave behind.


    i don't recall mine looking like that. the rest of the install was rubbish but the tiles were flat

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