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17 Day New Zealand Wonders Tour-all inclusive- December 2019 to March 2020 City Departures from $5550 @ Holiday Wonders


Experience Australia's best New Zealand tour deal with over $950 per person in bonus sightseeing activities! Take in the spectacular highlights of both islands, from the stunning beaches of the Bay of Islands to the awe inspiring waterfall of Milford Sound. You will be amazed by New Zealand's magnificent scenery, culture and unique attractions

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  • +4 votes

    What's the deal? FYI that's a twin share price so $11,100!

  • +7 votes

    Unless you're an octogenarian, who needs to be on a tour to see NZ? Has to be the easiest and safest destination on the planet to tour on your own.

    • -6 votes

      Traveling with a group, you not only have a very knowledgeable tour guide but you are able to meet and make long lasting friends to enjoy your trip with

      • +7 votes

        Traveling with a group means you will always have to wait for someone that's late :D

        • +2 votes

          Yep, so annoying being part of a group. You get herded around like sheep, then wait for the slow people. It's so frustrating.

          Forced to make annoying small talk with group members that you don't even like. I'd rather go out and make my own connections/friendships myself.


          I avoid group travel. It's easier on everyone else😉

          Was last back on a hot day walking Great Wall in China (had an interesting travel companion…). Didn't feel the love from my group😮 Luckily it was a 1 day tour!

          Cliques can establish on longer tours - not nice if you're the outsider… There's nowhere to hide😮

          Meeting locals is always a highlight of my travels. They know their country & show me beyond the tourist attractions. It's a wonderful sharing. We've become friends. That's difficult on organised travel.

          First hitchhiked NZ on the cheap for 4 months when I was 20. Great memories! I still hitchhike overseas (especially Japan) - it's an adventure. And cheap!

  • +3 votes

    This is an absolute rip off. I travel to NZ all the time. Flights are about $300-400 return. You can get $1 car hire from Avis between destinations but if not, only $50-90 a day. Most places have accommodation around $80-160 a night. There isn’t really anywhere that’s super expensive to see or do except for extreme sports like bunji or skiing. You don’t need a guide, just explore and if must do, lovely planet guide.

  • +4 votes

    This is an advertisement. Not a bargain, a rip off. You could spend over a month in NZ at the cost of 10k for two people.


    This forum is Ozbargain …

    … because it's a place for genuine bargains …

    … not a forum for anyone to market their standard prices with nice fat margins.

    I fail to see how a $6k holiday to NZ is a bargain.

    Reprice it at say $1k or $2k and yes maybe.

    But this seriously needs to be deleted or moved - otherwise Ozbargain risks being flooded with endless normal priced travel deals.

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