How to Lodge Official Complaint to Kogan Online?

Hi I am trying to lodge a complaint with Kogan. Is there any other way to contact them other than the online form?

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    Customer Service. Phone: 1300 304 292

    Head Office
    Kogan Australia Pty Ltd
    139 Gladstone Street
    South Melbourne
    Melbourne, VIC 3205

    Good luck with that.


    Thank you, I have tried that number and it's an automated answering machine that directs you to go online and visit the help centre or fill out the online form. I've submitted a few requests now and initially you receive the.. Hi your request was recieved.. Then next Hi your request is with a senior team member and now a week of nothing..

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    Kogan are not known for the customer service - you get what you pay for.


    ACCC or VCAT, then they'll get back to you


    I was hoping someone else knew a more direct line of contact… No online chat or call centre… I swear there used to be.. Oh well I will lodge through Accc. Thanks

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      Going to the ACCC is the worst advice people give here for some reason because they do not investigate complaints from individuals. Instead go to your state's relevant Fair Trading.

      More than welcome to try both though :)

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    Make a cardboard sign that says Kogan Customer Service Sucks .. take it to a busy intersection in your city and get video/photos .. share it with us ;-)

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