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[PC] Steam - Pick and Mix Bundle: Staff Picks Fall 2019 - $1.59/$3.99/$5.59 AUD - Fanatical


Another Pick and Mix bundle from Fanatical. There are some good games in there so do have a look.

$1.59 AUD for 1 game
$3.99 AUD for 3 games
$5.59 AUD for 5 games

You can pick from the following games:

  • Chroma Squad
  • River City Ransom: Underground
  • Pony Island
  • The Ship: Remasted
  • Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation
  • Tesla vs Lovecraft
  • The Swindle
  • Equilinox
  • Valhalla Hills
  • Anna's Quest
  • Rocketbirds 2 Evolution
  • Rogue Wizards
  • Shadow Blade: Reload
  • Robothorium: Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawler
  • Fantasy Versus
  • Time Recoil
  • Xenoraid: The First Space War
  • Caravan
  • Murderous Pursuits
  • Shooting Stars!
  • Last Dream: World Unknown


My recommendation: River City Ransom/Anna's Quest/Pony Island/Shadow Blade/Tales from Candlekeep or Tesla v Lovecraft

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    Every one of those are repeats - most of us should have the bulk of them by now.


      Pretty much this! Can always try get the ones I don't have through Steamgifts as well..


    Some of the games I've played and recommend:

    Pony Island is great to go into blind :P

    Valhalla Hills is a cute city building/resource management kind of game, I got a few hours out of it before I was bored, but people have played hundreds of hours.


    Robothorium is good and well worth $1.59.


    Tesla vs lovecraft? Disagree. What mediocrity.

    After the awesomeness of Neon chrome and Jydge, the studio gave up. Tesla vs lovecraft has great potential with such a cool theme but they didn't do much with it. You'll get through the campaign in no time. The theme is good. But the rest of the game is just so limited.

    Even at it's hardest difficulty it's easy to get any level after a few tries. All you need is a very few aether crystals for a couple of the perk shuffle and couple of bonus perks. All you need to do shuffle until the healing perk comes up. And to have something better than hand guns / tommy guns spawning at the start because they are stinkers of weapons. Get the automatic shotgun (not hard) and piercing bullets and you're pretty much going to slaughter everything.

    There's just nothing extra to achieve either. It's dullsville. It's not like jydge which has awesome optional challenges. If you want to max out your character then grinding crystals takes forever. And frankly it makes no real diff to the game, which remains an easy to complete dullsville.

    There's a crystal challenge every 24 hours (can accrue up to 6 at once, so only have to play every 6 days). On switch at least it's bugged. I've had it spit out 20 challenges in a row (no 24 hour delay) then suddenly it realises what it's done and then no new challenges for 3 weeks. I swapped memory cards on the switch and suddenly it's 12518295318573035 hours until my next challenge. Literally. WTF. Thankfully I checked once recently and it's semi corrected itself to 500 hours. I wish I wasn't OCD becasue I have a genuine problem and will grind it out.

    Time recoil is similarly meh. There's a core game, controls are sloppy and imprecise which works against the core theme of the game, then there's nothing else to do. Although it is a decent length for what it is.

    Jydge, however, which is also part of this deal, is fantastic with plenty of interesting things to do.


      All valid points.
      Remember though that some people do not like "hard as nails" but want to play a rather casual game that does not take 100 hours to complete. So, for those with limited time and pain threshold this is a fun game.
      I am sorry about the OCD - I personally do not care for achievements so grinding is also no issue for me.


        I don't like hard as nails either. I just like things to do. Jydge gave me that :)

        I manage to ignore steam achievements. But things like maxxing out a character I still am a sucker for.


          How did you go with Borderlands and Borderlands 2? Did you max out each character class? If so how long did it take you?


            @Lysander: I've never played the series, sorry.

            It's on my to-play list, but not close enough to the top, so don't know if I'll ever get there. Most of my gaming time is on the work commute now, therefore Nintendo Switch based.

            Actually, I was thinking of Switch pricing for Tesla vs Lovecraft. At the Fanatical price I can certainly agree with your recommendation.


              @justtoreply: Not sure if BL is on Switch but I can highly recommend it for its fun story, gameplay, and humour.
              I have to warn you though: In the GOTY edition I think there are 6 different classes and to max each one out will require three playthroughs each.
              It could take you many hundred hours.

              Yes, for $1 or so Tesla will give enough fund an playtime. Compare it with a movie in the cinema and the value form money is huge.

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    Hi Op, how do you fit in gaming and Ozb?


      Aye, I've thought of that question myself.

    • +1 vote

      Well, really three things for me.

      1. I had plenty of time while doing my PhD and my partner+kids also like games hence I know and have played "a few" games.
      2. Very little sleep due to what I call "social justice and BS insomnia" - meaning I often cannot sleep due to all the BS I encounter privately and professionally, and then either work or play - if I work this creates more time for play later.
      3. Very efficient and effective working avoiding unnecessary time spent working or at work. Multitasking also helps to some extent.

      And sometimes I just have to take the time to relax and be distracted as otherwise my head would explode.
      For example, today I am very much looking forward to finishing work, then going to do some exercise, volunteer, doing some more paperwork for myself and then play a bit.

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