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1/2 Price: Lucky Almond Meal 400g $5.00 @ Woolworths


Keto-ers, gluten-free peeps, and also macarooners rejoice!!!

another 1/2 price almond meal deal from woolies. It is $0.25 cheaper too than last time it was on sale few weeks back

Stock up for Christmas baking season …

More info from Lucky website:…


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    Never tried this brand, But the price looks right.

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      I had their almonds they are good. Anything which isn't woolies brand is gonna be good.

  • The only problem with this is (for Keto) that it's little bit high in carbs, but it's still OK. Woolies own brand almond meal has half the carbs of this in 100g.

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      Always wondered how this happens, considering they're both just ground up almonds. You get the same thing with different brands of (natural) peanut butters; all are just peanuts and salt, yet different nutritionals for each brand.

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        A previous deal, an ozbargainer contacted the manufacturer and asked. The reply was that some suppliers use the American system of carb counting, some the 'standard '. Confused yet? I was too.

        • So does that mean the carbs on everything here, already has insoluable fibre subtracted? Or that the USA does!?

          i.e. If something has 5g carbs, and 4g of insoluable fibre, you're supposed to subtract 4 from 5, leaving you with only 1g of effective carbs.

          • @GregMonarch: That's for the american system

            In australian labels carbs already exclude fibre

            Some labels are just wrong tho

            • @ozfool: Sorry, that can be read in two ways… do you mean carbs on Australian labels already have the fibre subtracted? So if it says 5g of carbs, you're eating 5g of carbs - no matter what the fibre is?

      • I wonder that too. It would have made some sense if one was organic and the other GMO, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

      • Maybe the difference is one is blanched almonds, the other is roasted!? Or maybe one still has the outer dark skin but the other has it removed!?

      • The answer is that there is no difference. Labels are simply inaccurate. Brand A almonds are not substantially different to Brand B almonds, they just use different databases and interns when printing labels.

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      I have found that Woolied and Coles nuts are wildly different in carbs (there was one that didn't even make sense) even when they're the same thing but just at the different stores. I've learnt to ignore the higher carb and go for an in the middle number.

  • This stuff is crazy high in oxalates. Probably best to avoid it

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    Grinding up food aka processing it often makes it a lot less healthy eg juicing fruit compared to eating fruit.

    Not sure if this is the case with almonds but it wouldn't be surprising.

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      Juicing separates the juice from the solids removing some fiber and other bits. Grinding up fruits aka blending does not.
      What would make a blended fruit any less healthy or different than whole fruit, other than the form of ingestion and any secondary satiety changes?

      • So, does this process remove anything?
        I have seen peanuts ground in a health food shop and it turned into peanut butter, not a powder. I assume almonds would be similar.
        How are the almonds processed? Are they roasted to dry them out or something else?

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          I dunno. But they aren't being juiced.

          • @crentist: I think we can agree that they aren't being juiced! LOL

            It just made me wonder if it is the same as whole almonds or if something is removed…

          • @crentist: do you juice or milk an almond?

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          That's because peanuts:

          a) Are not a nut - they're a legume.
          b) Have high oil content.

          Almonds have some moisture, which is why almond meal is so common - but almond flour is not, which is used to make more realistic baked goods as-in lighter drier cakes. You can get it apparently but I've never seen it. Almond flour probably comes from roasted almonds (due them being drier). And I bet there's a carb difference too (not sure which way, up or down).

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      There's like 90 almonds in 1 cup of almond flour. Definitely easy to overconsume on low-carb/keto.

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      Um…. "25 g dark choc chips" !? Most people here are talking low-carb. That recipe doesn't even mention finding a 'sugar-free' version (if one even exists in Australia).

      This is what I make lately: - and if you're carb-counting, then remember a USA tablespoon = 3x tsp (3x 5ml = 15ml) where our tablespoon is 4x tsp (4x 5ml = 20ml) folks.

      I sometimes mix some thawed raspberries in before microwaving, then trickle some UHT cream on. (Cream 'disappears' into the cake fast. A slit in a UHT cream box means you can get a little cream on each heaped spoonfull, instead of pouring more and more on and watching it disappear.)

      • Ummm was I even referring low-carb people, just recommended a recipe buddy. Sheesh.

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          Who uses almond meal without doing low-carb!? Sheesh. ;-p The point is, as I said, most people are here because of low-carb. Anyone that eats that recipe will likely ruin days, possibly weeks of effort. I was not criticising YOU - don't be so touchy - I was simply pointing out what may not be obvious to others whom it would set-back.

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    I'm going to piece the meal back together and make almonds

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      that's Ozbargain spirit!

      Whole almond is on average priced at around $17-20 per kg, while this is currently $12.50 per kg.. .Bargain!

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    Feeling pedantic on a Friday afternoon, so just pointing out that while macaron-ers may rejoice, macaroon-ers may be disappointed that this deal is entirely coconut-free.

  • I need to add something nutty to my greek yoghurt and mango. Is this good?

    • This is like a powder.

      • More like bread crumbs

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