Replacement for Pebble smartwatch

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has some good suggestions for a Pebble watch alternative? I've had my Pebble Time Steel for more than 4 years and while the watch is fine, the battery seems to be on the way out (not holding charge). As far as I'm concerned, it ticks all the boxes for a smartwatch:

  1. Can go for 4-5 days on a single charge
  2. Displays messages (unlike some of the Fossil smartwatches)
  3. Doesn't try to do too many things (I don't need to control every app on my phone using the watch).
  4. Affordable (as opposed to say an Apple watch).

The upcoming Fossil Hybrid HR sounds good but I don't think it is available here yet.

I know this was discussed here last year but not a huge fan of the Fitbit watches. Just curious to see if anyone has other recommendations?


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    Maybe have a look at the Amazfit Bip. it doesn't have as many features as the pebble did but it more than makes up for it with the 30-40 day battery life and gps. i have one and can't seem to fault it. costs around $70-$80

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    The Fossil Hybrid HR is available here. I tried it on at their Sydney store on Wednesday. Quite like it though was surprised to see it's a (tiny) but thicker than the Gen 5.

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      Ah, I just assumed that it wasn't available yet. Thanks for the heads up, Will definitely take a look at it in store.

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    Amazefit Bip (whatever is the new version)

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    You could also consider a Withings Steel HR Sport (or non-Sport version too).

    I've just purchased one in recent sales (they were down to ~$270 at Amazon and JB HiFi) to replace my Apple Watch.

    The Apple Watch is great, but I can't justify replacing mine with a $700 device when I'm not using the majority of its power - plus I always have my phone on me, which is more convenient for Apple Pay, messages, etc.

    25 day battery life, can receive notifications from the phone (on an albeit very small screen), waterproof, fitness tracking, silent alarm.

    The Health Mate app is great - I've been using it with the Withings scales for about a year, and also manual BP readings. Syncs beautifully with Apple's HealthKit too.


      Yep, totally agree with not being able to justify an Apple watch. I think the Withings watches look great. I'm just a bit concerned about the readability of notifications on that tiny scren.

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        This is where it comes down to personal preference.

        I've used an Apple Watch for years, and basically get notified of phone calls, text messages, calendar events and reminders. I turned off all the other notifications for any other app because they started to become really disruptive, rather than useful.

        If a message came in, I wouldn't read it on the Apple Watch, I'd see that so-and-so sent me a message, and if I wanted to see it, I'd get my phone, and if not, I'd look at it later. But that's just me.

        For me, it's nice to know "oh something needs my attention" and given only have specific alerts coming through, I know its worth look at my phone too.

        So I'm not really that worried about the readability (because my phone is always in my pocket) but if I have a time-sensitive reminder (for example) it's great to get that vibration on the wrist for that quick prompt.

        But ultimately everyone's needs and wants are different and lucky all of the devices can be configured to suit the wearer.


          Definitely agree that it is a matter of personal preference. I have a similar approach to you but I do like being able to read the whole message quickly on the screen to decide whether it is something worth pulling out the phone for.

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    Can recommend Garmin Instinct at this price point -

    I have this watch and I must say that I have really begun to like it after 5 months.

    Also, this one looks interesting -


      Thanks, the Garmin looks a little too chunky for my tastes but I appreciate the recommendation. Hadn't heard of the amazfit GTR either.

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        Amazfit GTR has OLED screen so it's not "always on". The older Amazfit Pace / Stratos use transflective display similar to Pebble, but battery life isn't great (~5 days).

        For Garmin, maybe Vivoactive 3? Those are fitness watches with 4-7 days of battery life. Less than $249 from JB, Rebel or Amazon.

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    Consider getting another Pebble?

    You can still find some on eBay eBay, not really any on Gumtree. There was back when I was looking at smart watches but decided not to take the risk with Fitbit closing it down; but now there's a third-party system to maintain operability -


      Yeah, I've also been considering just getting another pebble. I had a look on Ebay but was surprised at how high the prices were for brand new Pebbles. I figured for that price, I might as well look into what else was out there.

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