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[Switch] Free Gigantamax Meowth Mystery Gift via Internet with Pokémon Sword or Shield Purchase


Access the Mystery Gift Menu and go "Get via Internet".

I've got Shield, not sure if it's the same Mon on Sword.

Not sure when this expires.

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  • From Nintendo email:

    Before January 15th 2019 2020

    EDIT: Updated year to 2020.

  • Ordered from Big W. I think the W is upside down because it was a Big MISTAKE!

    Why do I always put faith in these quasi-adequate retailers? Order from Amazon if you want a game delivered at launch!

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    Got my gold satchel thing earlier as well. Exciting times.

  • THank you OP. I never know when there’s mystery gift to be received

  • Dont forget for claiming free pikachu or eevee if you have Let's go pikachu or eevee at wild area.

    • is it obvious how to do this?

      (I'm living vicariously through the internet until Amazon delivers my preorder)

      • It's fairly obvious if you're in the habit of talking to the NPCs.

        To be very blatant, after you take your first train trip and are delayed due to Wooloos on the track, talk to the people in the station.

        • I’m guilty of talking to every NPC.

          But probably a good thing I only do this in gaming and not IRL.

    • Is it straight forward, like do they tell you about this or is it something I have to look out for?

    • Thank you for this haha, I usually avoid talking to people… I wish I'd been able to get the Eevee though.

    • Can't you catch them in the game anyway I seen Pikachu earlier in long dried grass near pokekid dressed as Pikachu. Eevee is also wild according to it's Pokedex entry but I am yet to see it.

  • Anyone who's ordered on Amazon and not yet received (like myself), start up a live chat with an Amazon rep and voice your dissatisfaction. Just received a $15 credit on my next order for the effort.

    • It really varies depending on who you get. Mine insisted $10 was the maximum available on my Shield preorder which was dated Wednesday (I cancelled my original preorder to redo it to get the various Shopback promotions).

      • I only got $7 and I ordered both Sword and Shield in the same order…

        • In the customer satisfaction survey right after the chat, give them your feedback. I did this and only gave 2 stars because the agent frustrated me with the “your friends agent was wrong to give more than $10” and then I got a call back where they suddenly had authority to give a further $20 credit and will accelerate the timing of delivery from a Fastway (apparently they can request 9am Monday morning).

          Mind you I don’t complain often to Amazon and buy a lot so maybe my account is in a good standing… for now. Shrug.

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