How to order from Australia

Missed out on the last $200 2700x deal but it's on sale here for $130 USD. Problem is that it's pick up only in the US. Any way to get it here? Or get someone to price match?



    There are various parcel forwarding services that provide a pick up service. I don't have one to recommend as I have never used the pick up service before.

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    Personal Shopping is quick and easy to use. Within your account management page, there is a step-by-step process that takes you through your order.

    Step 1: Tell us whom you are buying from. It can be a USA retailer or auction site.

    Step 2: Tell us how you would like us to pay for your purchase based on the retailer's or seller's billing policy. We can purchase your items on your behalf using our USA credit card, PayPal account or money order.

    Step 3: Tell us what you would like to purchase. To ensure the exact item you want it purchased, we ask that you copy and paste the URL (web address) for each item into your order form. Then clarify size, quantity, price and description. - MyUS

    MyUS offers “Personal shoppers” for a fee…


      MyUS do not offer an in-store pickup service. The personal shopper service is a web based buying service (only)

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    So… you need to get someone to pick it up from the store, freight it, then add GST to it

    Yeah that's not coming cheaply

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    Not worth the effort dude.

    It's like $300 here.

    Once you account for postage, insurance, fees. Nope.


    Microcenter is like the USA version of MSY. It's about as difficult as trying to get MSY to ship stuff to USA.


    just wait for another 2 weeks ?

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    Uh, YD270XBGAFBOX is listed on Amazon (US) at:

    and yes, they will ship to Australia.

    But, yes I hear you say, I'm not paying USD$189.59+Freight…

    Then, do this…

    Click on:

    Scroll on down the listing.

    Down, down, watch the watch, you are getting sleeply…

    Get to: Feedback (on the item listing)

    Look for "Would you like to tell us about a lower price?"

    Click on this!

    Select: "Where did you see a lower price?"
    Choose: "Store (Offline)"

    Insert the…
    Store name:
    Please select province
    Price: ($)
    Date of the price:

    Click Submit.


    They probably won't because you are trying to get a delivery over an in store offer, but they might…

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