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[VIC] 6.4kw Sunpower Solar System with European Fronius Inverter Fully Installed from $5,411 after Rebate @ Eko Energy


Disclaimer: I work for www.ekoenergy.co

Get a 6.4kW solar system fully installed from $3,186 + $2225 interest Free Loan (after $2225 rebate)

  • Sunpower 320W P19-320-RES Solar Panels (Combined 25-year Product & 25-year Performance Warranty)
  • Fronius Primo Inverter (Top 5 PV inverter supplier globally with a 10-year warranty)

Book in a telephone consult to discuss here - https://info.ekoenergy.co/meetings/kez-hassan1

We highly recommend you register for updates on the Victorian Governments Solar Homes Program by heading to https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/subscribe and their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SolarVictoriaAU/

Why eko energy;

  • Originally established in 2007, we have installed over 8,350 systems across Australia.
  • Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.
  • Australian backed warranties on our entire Tier 1 product range.
  • Preferred installer to over 20 councils residents via our solar bulk buy programs.
  • Highly ranked by independent customer reviews & testimonials dating back to 2010.
  • Strong financial backing from electricity retailer EnergyAustralia who has a 49% stake in our parent company Echo Group (Energy Division).

*Inclusive of the maximum $2,225 Victorian Government Rebate & $2,225 interest-free loan from www.solar.vic.gov.au subject to meeting Solar Victoria's eligibility criteria and approval. Based on a single storey, tin roof, no splits, suitable switchboard & single-phase power.

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  • Possible to get the panels on a solar tracker?

    • The extra cost is debatable value.

      • How much extra? Data seems to suggest around 25% more output on a north facing system (let alone east /west etc). So possibly providing an equivalent of an extra 1.25kw of generation from the same system. If its less than 25% of the install price its potentially worth it?

    • +1 vote

      As I understand it, solar trackers are on only available on ground mount systems, solar farms or commercial installations. I have yet to see a solar tracker installation on a residential dwelling in Victoria.

      • Interesting, I looked at this stuff years 7- 10 years ago and thought it would be common by now. Just need the panel to pivot in the middle of the rail, strut on the side. Looks like motorised strut and sun tracker are about $40 per panel. Basically giving almost peak output throughout the entire day.

  • +2 votes

    Average cost for VIC. Fronius is fine so long you plan it well as fans can get loud.

    For extra $800 you can get a silent SolarEdge Inverter 5kw, with P420 Optimizers and Monitoring.

    . but ekoenergy are reliable company but havent personally dealt with em.

    • Disagree, I think this is a great price for Vic, have no idea about the company though.
      I mean even on this site Sparkin Energy have got a fair bit of praise for their Fronius/Jinko 6.6kw system which has been at $3575 after rebate.
      So 3186 is a great price for better panels that offer 15 years extra warranty above the Jinkos

      • Actually didn't see this also includes the 2225 interest free loan from Vic government, so yeah I agree this price seems standard, not bad not fantastic.

    • As somebody who is running their own solar company, their pricing is pretty bloody amazing for sunpower and Fronius. Personally, I try to avoid Fronius just due to the noise. Solar Edge for 95% of people isn’t worth it, unless you struggle with shading or have an awkward roof, it’s not really worth it.

      • Hi, What inverter would you recommend? Thanks

      • For somebody running their own Solar Company.. then you should know this is "Average to a good" pricing.. These are P19 Sunpower panels (their chinese entry level). Both Interest Loan and Rebate has already been put into account. I'm in the loop with wholesale costs having relatives in the industry.

        My personal take (just replying to this specific ad and not solar install overall)… fair point about no shading and all.. but for the difference of 800 (possibly 500 if metering not included on this..) i'd go SE any time of the day, giving you optimal setup with panel level monitoring (telling u if somethings not right with a panel) and a quiet fanless system. Just try your best to install the SE .. in the Garage..

        (This ad doesn't even mention Metering module for the Fronius so thats extra $300)

        edit. I have enphase setup.. folks have se + sunpower (theirs is producing above avg compared to around their area according to pvoutput)

        • Sorry, I didn't read his full post. Didn't realise it included the loan as well. In that case it's still a decent deal, nothing outstanding though.

    • We offer option to upgrade to SolarEdge inverter with DC optimisers

  • Ive gotta stop missing key words like “VIC”, was excited at first.

  • What's the price without Gov.Vic rebate please?

  • +$2,225

      • another 2,225 because the amount includes the interest free loan
      • so is $3,186 out of pocket + $2,225 interest free loan?

        is actual cost $3,186 + $2,225 +$2,225?

        • Correct, 90% of Victorian homeowners are eligible so long as house is worth less than $3mil based off council rates and as long as combined household income is less than $180k based off ATO notice of assessment. Full criteria on www.solar.vic.gov.au

      • That’s how I read it and the title is completely misleading if this is the case. It should list the price as “$5411 ($2225 interest free loan available)”

        • Personally I wouldn't try to gold plate my system with Fronius or too overly expensive panels. Any of the Jinos, Trinas are fine. For inverters I'd do Sungrow, Growatt or some of the top Chinese brands or SMA for European.

          Most used Chinese inverters are half the price of Fronius and have 10 year warranty, in 10 years time the tech would be a lot different and the saving $1k you invest in the stock market might be worth $2k by then and inverters are half the price.

          Do a lot of research. Know what you really want and how people quote it. The quotes are very clear on the final page the gross cost, less STCs less rebate less interest free loan to arrive at upfront number.

          I recently got a quote on 6.6kw single phasee like the above but also worked on a 13.3kw with 10kw 3 phase inverter quote. Had to get up to speed pretty quickly.

  • Great price for VIC but @ekoenergy, how will SunPower warranties be handled after their spinoff?
    Major US solar panel maker quits manufacturing, sets up Singapore-based firm

    • All warranties across our entire product range are handled first and foremost by our offices at 61-65 Geddes St, Mulgrave, Vic. We have been in operation since 2007. Sunpower has been in operation since the 1970s and is backed by Total Group. Their spinoff is a diversification of the business and the 25 year warranty remains as is. If anything the spin-off strengthens Sunpower's business. Here is info on their history - https://www.sunpower.com.au/history

    • +1 vote

      warranties are not affected according to their press release on their website. Sunpower Australia will handle it as usual.

  • 25 year product warranty? Really?

  • That’s a ridonkulous price for sunpower.

  • Fronius is 5 + 5 warranty, advertise it as such.

  • Seems like they were formerly known as Jim's solar, possibly from the Jim's franchise?


    • Correct, we exited the Jim's Franchise model to take back control of the direction of the business. Thanks to our 20+ bulk-buy council partnerships, that is the foundation of our residential business, it didn't make financial sense to be paying franchise fees to Jim's Group. We are able to pass on the savings from not paying franchise fees to our customers.

  • I've been told to use micro-inverters instead of a (string) inverter suggesting micro's are better at performance/generating power, also no ho high Voltage on the roof; has anyone got micro-inverters or come across the same situation? I'm not sure if the above statement is true (specially the power generation part). Thanks.

    • Only if you have different direction or slight shading issues. Think of your panels as a single highway, anywhere it might be shaded / drop voltage will slow the rest down. If all your panels are facing the same direction and there is no trees (power lines, power poles etc) that will part shade the panels during the day then it is fine.

    • Also depends if you want panel level monitoring. Both micro inverters and optimisers give you that. I chose to go with Solar edge optimisers because microinverters have more complex electronics so I hope optimisers have less likelihood of breakdown. I think they're also a bit cheaper.

    • +1 vote

      This SolarEdge video may help explain a solution you describe that we are able to supply and install for you - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Bsq7umcffg

  • How many panels does this come with and what family size is this suitable?

  • We have limited roof space and have been looking at the 390/400W Maxeons. Do you do installations with those? We have, also, been looking at optimisers.

    • Efficiencies of panels are pretty close to each other. They would just be larger panels meaning you would fit less.

    • I have limited space too and would like to know if you do 390/400w panels?

    • We do 360w Sunpower

    • Get a quote. They will use a high res ver of google maps to map out how many and where panels can be installed on your roof. Get as many quotes but DO NOT tell em to upload for the rebate without your consent.

      Make sure u do ur research.

      • I’ve had quite a few quotes and we have roof limited space for panels, it does mean we can get more out of our roof space using the more efficient panels, but the panels cost more.

    • I just looked up how much those Maxeon 3s are.

      Holy hell!

  • Not a bad deal.

  • Is this deal still available?

    Get a 6.4kW solar system fully installed from $3,186 + $2225 interest Free Loan (after $2225 rebate)

    Sunpower 320W P19-320-RES Solar Panels (Combined 25-year Product & 25-year Performance Warranty)
    Fronius Primo Inverter (Top 5 PV inverter supplier globally with a 10-year warranty)

  • I have the same system, paid $2740 out of pocket. Located in Bendigo.

    So far so good.

    • who did you go with? ALso, i assume you mean $2740 + $2225 loan right?

      • I should have written it like that yes. $2740 + $2225 interest free loan. System was $10410 - $3220 STC - $2225 GVT Rebate: $4965. Then interest free loan.

        I think it’s the fact I’m getting large credits on my power bill makes me forget about the $2225 loan as it feels like it’s paying itself? Send me a message and I can give you the details if you like.

  • is it possible to add a storage battery to this system? And if so, what will be the extra cost?

  • Hi, I am looking to get solar power at my place but there are several companies out there and i dont know about their reputation ( I am a newbie at this).
    My friend recommends this https://hellosolar.com.au/?gclid=CjwKCAiArJjvBRACEiwA-Wiqq13...
    the price is only $1999 ( it is $3998 - $1999 rebate)I was told it is installation included

    Is there any reason why your price is $5,411?
    Can you please tell me what am I missing here?


    • Hi, I would suggest looking up some reviews online for hello solar. Here is one source - https://www.solarquotes.com.au/installer-review/hello-solar/

      We are 49% owned by EnergyAustralia which gives you added peace of mind that we will be around to service warranty claims long into the future. We have been established since 2007 and work with over 20 councils who refer their local residents to us for Solar & Batteries.

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