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3 for $99.80 Selected Spirits (E.x. 3 Russian Standard 700ml for $99.80) @ Dan Murphy's

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • Excluding Russian Standard?

  • Lol to beat first choice 3 for $100….

  • I wish 1st Choice or Uncle Dans would include some other rums in these deals..

  • I always like when first Choice do the cc 3x99 deal and I seem to have some 2000 points thing or something.

    Get to convince myself I spent only 30 on each :)

    Anyone tried captain Morgan Gold?

    Thinking of trying a new rum, gold in particular, but didn't want to spend too much if I didn't like it

    I currently rock: kraken, barcadi white, ocho
    I enjoy captain Morgan dark rum

    • My go-to's are Kraken and Baron Samedi (which has a unique taste), or Sailor Jerrys / Rebellion Bay.

      When Ive tried Capt Morgan I find it tastes too sweet/lollyish. And Ive got a sweet tooth.

      • Yeah def with you on that sweet taste.

        I haven't tried the baron.
        I'll pick that up.

        Will go well with my witcher 3 switch play through

      • Your go to is kraken and Capt Morgan tastes too sweet?
        I can't think of anything sweeter than the kraken syrup…. 😂

        If you have a sweet tooth try Ron Zacapa Centenario 23, but neat only (plantation is also worth its money the 25th anniversary is my favourite).

        As everyday/mixer Havana Club is good value for money.

        But I guess not much else is as subjective as taste….

  • i wish they would put in some half decent enjoyable bourbons

  • Whats the best 3 to get dollar for dollar value?

  • I'd say the cc, sambuca, Southern comfort?

    I haven't tried the next level up from those 3, maybe there's a super sambuca but everything else is only worth it if you were drinking cheap for the night.

  • Don't forget 5% off if you buy Woolworth's vouchers.