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Mercane WideWheel Dual Motor Electric Scooter $1299 Shipped (Save $300) @ Dubitz Scooters


Get Mercane WideWheel Dual Motor 13.2Ah Battery electric scooter for the price of Single Motor - Save $300 RRP $1599
Get this amazing deal while the stock lasts!

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  • +1

    Seems a decent price. I saw a guy riding one in Brisbane this week.
    Good on hills apparently.
    But both tyres are solid ?

    • +1

      Really good on hills, its capacity is 45 degrees.
      Yes, they are both solid and durable, you cannot puncture them, so will last really long

  • +1

    Link goes to pic, wheres the deal?

    • Sorry, corrected the link, it will direct you to the deal now

  • +1 to no link…

  • -3


    Seems dodge as price is at $1349 anyway and code in invalid.

    • +3

      You're looking at the wrong dual motor, it's the 13.2Ah one not the 8.8Ah…

    • +2

      There are 3 models of Mercale WideWheel, $1349 is for the dual one but with the smaller battery (8.8Ah), offer is applicable on the best option - 2 motors and biggest battery - 13.2Ah, choose the last option and try again :)

  • +2

    If only i didnt have an m365. Been trying to squeeze every little ounce of power out of it and realising it'll never be enough. This thing looks amazing.

    • Sounds like a good time to upgrade, heh.
      M365 feels like a toy in comparison to this beast!

      • Like the power but it also gets heavier. Need to fold and keep it under the desk everyday so the weight matters. Would love to buy one otherwise

        • +1

          Yes, it is a bit heavier due to the bigger battery and two motors but not only scooter can be folded but also handlebars, so it takes less space

      • +2

        The missus would use it as an excuse to castrate me in my sleep so the xiaomi toy will have to do for now

        • +1

          Haha, safety first

    • What have you done to increase power?

      • Firmware update - bought a add on battery but its just sitting there atm. Also upgraded to pro lcd, better brakes and tyres.

        • -1

          Have you tried overclocking?

  • +1

    Shame there is no speed readout on it. Having owned a Xiaomi pro I could never own one without it now.

    • +1

      As an option: You can use a speedometer on your phone, if there is a need to check the speed

      • -5

        As an option: You can use a speedometer on your phone

        And get booked for using your phone whilst riding…

        • +3

          Not if it’s fitted in a mount… at least that’s the law in QLD where it’s legal to ride this.

          • @roller:

            Not if it’s fitted in a mount

            Yes, you can still get booked for using any apps other than the ones specified in the legislation.

            • @jv: What is specified in the legislation?

              • @rdhupar:

                What is specified in the legislation?

                Depends on your state…

                In Vic, you can use music, your GPS, and handsfree phone.

  • +1

    This is a very good scooter. Everyone should buy this one.

  • Come on NSW govt. Legalise this so I can buy one!!!

    • Most of our orders come from NSW and VIC where it is not legal yet but I am pretty sure it is changing now and none of our customers contacted us saying that they had any legal issues.

      • +6

        Probably because they were behind bars :O

  • How many kms out of a full battery? I'm too lazy to look it up

    • +1

      And generally subtract 30% from most manufacturers claims to get real world result.

      Unless you weigh 60 KG and live on a Flat Earth ;)

      • +3

        I wonder how many flat earther's weigh 60kgs or less

    • Theoretically it is 60km but as a comment below states, it only applies to a lightweight rider without any hills on its way, so realistically, if you go full speed on power mode it should last around 40km.

      • -1

        What if the battery goes flat.

        Are they still usable then?

        • +2

          They are but it is quite heavy, so it would not be as comfortable as with the regular kickscooter.

          • +1

            @DubitzScooters: So if I ran out of battery at the top of a hill and rode it down will it recharge from spinning wheels? I'm fat and may have this problem 😂

            • @l005e:

              I'm fat and may have this problem

              Then this my not be suitable for you, it's only rated at 100kg.

              Look at the Swagtron Swagger 5…. Rated at about 145kg.

            • @l005e: Charging the batteries using kinetic energy from the wheels is a great idea that I hope gets implemented into many scooters soon.

              • @RickyJ: Most scooters have regenerative braking already.
                On my Ninebot ES2 its the only form of braking (not ideal). My Zero 8 has it too (plus a drum brake).

                • @systmworks: I wouldn't want it on the breaks. When I'm going down hills or kicking it along would be ideal.

  • +1

    I have one and I’m very happy with it. I live in a hilly area and it hauls up the hills nicely even in the restricted (25km/h limited) mode. The only negative really is the throttle is a bit touchy and takes a bit getting used to. The wide wheels also do not carve like a regaulr scooter or bike but it just makes the riding style a bit different… not really better or worse.

  • Can I buy this without the speed limiter if I promise to keep it on private property ;)

    • +2

      Sure, they are all legally limited but you can play with settings to get full power and unlock the speed

    • +2

      There are instructions on the Mercane page on removing the speed limiter..

  • Good overview of 2019 scooters - this WideWheel included:


  • +1

    Dubitz is legit, would recommend.

  • Would there be any chance of you guys stocking Kaabo? I was looking to upgrade from my m365 and I did very nearly consider pulling the trigger on a Widewheel but I just worry a bit about the rubber tyres in a bit of damp and the Kaabo Mantis looked like it had better suspension (and pneumatic tyres like the m365).

    • +1

      Yes, we will definitely be stocking them but do not have an estimated date for now and they will be much more expensive but keep an eye on the updates. However, Mercane is a really good value for money and we prefer solid tyres as they are hastle-free and last longer.

      • +1

        Yep, totally understand the pricing difference could get you another m365! I ride everyday to and from work so safety and handlebar reliability is definitely on top of my list.

        Last question, when will you be stocking the 2020 Pro model cause having dual brakes on a Widewheel would definitely make me pull the trigger on one :D

        • +1

          The new 2020 Pro is not yet available but both Kaabo and 2020 Pro are coming after NY, so stay tuned. We are really curious as well :)

  • Damn I just bought a NineBot Max literally a week ago!

  • +1

    Hi, while researching this scooter online, I came across this.


    Has this been rectified on these ones you guys are selling?

    • +1

      We work directly with Korean manufacturer and he confirmed that Australian batch was not affected and we have not had any issues with that, so it only applies to US scooters.

  • +1

    I test rode one of these. Definitely has great power. Two issues I encountered were its twitchy throttle almost kicking me off and the height of the non adjustable handlebars. I'm 192cm tall and the height was the lowest of all the scooters I tried. My arms were at full stretch downwards. One bump and I'd be launched over the handlebars. I wish the bars could be adjusted higher. I'd have bought it on the spot.

  • These scooters have bad reliability and they have been recalled in the USA because of brake issues.

    Futhermore, a new revision is just around the corner, one with front and rear disc brakes. The one sold here only has rear brakes.

    • +1

      We have sold more than 500 of these scooter in Australia and non had the braking issue, no recall. As every scooter, WideWheel has some weak spots. From our experience dealing with a lot of different scooters, WideWheels have been way more reliant than the most popular scooters like Segway or Xiaomi. Also, it is the best in terms of price, power and longevity. On top of that, you get a one year worry free warranty that covers you for any manufacturing faults.

  • Review: https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/mercane-widewheel-rev...

    Article about brake issues - affected part is a 3rd party component used on several different scooter brands - can fail if tightened incorrectly.

  • +1

    Thanks. I bought one.

  • +2

    This thing is a beast. It's a very different riding style to what I'm used to on my ES4 but if you have hills or any kind of uneven terrain it's great.

  • +1

    Any deals on the zero 9?

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