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$4 Small Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal + Cheeseburger @ McDonald’s


Day 17 or 30
Two Cheeseburgers + Small Fries + Small Soft Drink
We are past half way, make sure we finish strong.

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  • make sure we finish strong.

    Okay. But only for you

  • Here we go again, a new day, a new deal. Whoop. Whoop.
    Wasn't this $3 the first time this deal came around, why the $1 price hike?

    • This is the type of inflation I will tell the grandkids about.

    • well i mean some stuff are also $1 the first time around and $2 the second time around so even worse

      • Maccas arent doing this as a favour. Getting people to visit maybe up to 10 times more than they normally would creates repeat business. Slowly upping the prices throughout the month

  • Isn't a hamburger normally like $1 and the small fries and small soft drink is pathetic like barely worth 50 cents each so this is not even a deal it is a rort.

  • Day 17.

    I wake up in a pool of sweat. It's 1pm. I've only slept 5 hours. The sugar from yesterday's Apple pie kept me up.

    I struggle out of bed and crawl to the bathroom. I try to drop a deuce. I can't. The lack of fibre has destroyed my digestive system. I wipe what I can. It hurts. My lactose intolerance made it hard to enjoy those delicious desserts.

    Looking forward to lunch. So cheap.

    13 days to go.

    • If you are really lactose intolerant you wouldn't be constipated from a low fiber diet because the desserts would be giving you the shits.

  • Day 17 or 30

    It's days 17, you poor thing, you must be comatose from all these food deals

  • Pay $1 extra to get a small McFeast meal - has salad and less carbs :D

    • This bloke McDonald's

    • What's in a small mcfeast meal again I forgot?

      I honestly thought that the mcfeast were gone.

      • it's back, and i only knew from reading a comment here a week ago. can't say ive heard maccas doing any promos.
        $5 for small meal at the moment, best thing in the regular menu

    • Is the meat in 1 McFeast = meat in 2 Cheeseburgers ?

      • Yep, slightly more actually.
        Cheeseburgers use 1:10 patties, meaning each party is 1 tenth of a pound.
        McFeasts use a 1:4 patty, each patty is 1 quarter of a pound.

        So two cheeseburgers would be 2 tenths of a pound or .2 of a pound, VS .25 in a McFeast burger patty

    • Wow, maccas app is hiding this deal from me, only when I actually choos the small meal will I see the $5 price.
      It use to be that I saw the promotional deal in the beef/desserts sub menu

      What other "hidden" offers are there?

      • on mine even in the meal options, it defaults to medium, and small is somehow under the large.

        it's weird cause the whole point of a deal like this is to get you in store, why make it hard?

  • They're too small. Not worth for an extra buck.


    The mount of times these muppets have asked me to show them the code on my phone is beyond belief.
    I don't think they comprehend that there's a generic code you can provide instead.
    Note: This is the same McDonalds every time.

    • Can you screenshot the code screen and then cancel the order and order it again? Ie so you can show them the screenshot?

      • Nope. Single use tied to your account
        Refreshing the code cancels the previously active one

  • This will no doubt be a dumb Q, but how do we use the generic code? Will it only work on kiosks? (I.e. No good at the maccas in shopping malls that don't have kiosks)?

  • it's a genric code , i use to be logged into the my maccas app but if you log out , the code becomes generic code via the app

  • I didn't think this was such a good deal but went and got one so I better upvote lol

  • Done these 30 day deals a few times. Today qent theough Druve Thru with the family. Girl on the speaker said 1 deal per car. We all have phones and the app.

  • My local will not give bottles of water with the 30 days deals where the meal includes a drink.