20% off Optus Postpaid 105 Plan through Chat

I'm not sure if this is the right place for it and whether if this is a known deal to all. But I signed up with optus yesterday (2nd attempt). First time I was just offered standard deal listed online which was note10+ 105 plan and 7 handset cost for 36mo with 3 mo free. I asked if they have any additional discount just to be cheeky but they said they can give me 50% sim only which I took up.

Anyway I needed to fix details in my order so I contacted again yesterday and the sales guy said my order is still at pending so he will put it through now. But this time offering me 20% off my handset plan for 36mo and no additional discount on sim only except 3 mo free for 12mo contract. Obvvy I took the 20% off for 36month then getting rid of sim only after 12. I am porting from Telstra not sure if that had anything to do with it.

Wanted to let others who are shopping for highend plan/handset know.



    …note10+ 105 plan and 7 handset cost for 36mo

    It's probably because I haven't looked at the phones and plans for a while, but $112/month for 36 months is an insane amount! That's over $4,000 for the life of the contract.

    24 months sounds much more like it…


      Oh yes, I'm coming down from a paying $139/mo with telstra, I need to have roaming incl. so the cheapest option with Optus is the $105 plan, so now it's $91/mo for 36 mo, which I am pretty happy with, gives me 2gb roaming and unlimited calls to countries I travel to regularly.


    Optus $59 Sim-only plan offers international calls and data (2GB I believe?) and you can purchase it on a 12-month basis. 3 months free essentially brings it down to $45 a month.

    I wouldn't sign a contract leasing a phone for 3 years considering the pace at which technology improves and the battery will inevitably degrade.


      note10+ is around $1500 for aussie stock which takes my plan cost to under $50, roaming is for the purpose of staying on my number. I actually have overseas sims as well anyway, so 2gb doesnt bother me. My notes are all still going strong after all the years which are used by kids except maybe the Note 3 which only lasts half a day only cos I couldn't be stuffed replacing the battery. So by my calculations, having interest free payments on my mobile then not having to worry about shopping around for another plan for 36mos is good enough.

      This is also not LEASING a phone of course, I've never leased a phone.


    I wonder if phone warranty would now be 3 years?

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