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Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal and Bonus Dock $629 Delivered @ Dyson


Just like the previous Black Friday deals - $899 RRP down to $699 along with promo code discount and free delivery for $629. The Animal doesn’t have as many attachments as the Absolute+ but also $100 cheaper and you still get the V10 unit with bonus dock valued at $199.

Don’t forget Cashrewards/Shopback and AfterPay options too.

Last one sold out within 24hrs so be quick.

Edit. Seems to be back in stock

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    Sucks to be that guy with the coles gift cards 😂😂😂


      LOL, thinking the same thing.


      So many miserable people here who take pleasure out of other's potential pain. Then again I keep forgetting the maturity level is -20


        If you read that thread, the guy didn't read the T&C properly, insisted he was right, and blames the store, Coles, for not mentioning about the terms to him when he bought it. Who's the mature one?


          I read and I know. The guy screwed up but as I said taking pleasure in someone else's misfortune is immature and stupid. But hey the internet is full of miserable haters so I shouldn't be surprised

        • -2 votes

          HAHAH glad to know my post has come full circle.
          Also please link at least 1 comment that I made where I said screw you guys, I'm right and everyone else is wrong? Because my recollection is that I told my story, stated the facts that I had at the time, and left it to the community for their opinion.
          But yeah if you wanna call me out, put the link here

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          Also you made a post whinging about 69 cents…
          69 cents

          Not even a full dollar

          Want me to send you a dollar?


            @MiguelSanchez91: Well done, you took time to search my post! At least I was enquiring about something that Shopback admitted themselves that it was a glitch in their system.

            Keep clutching at straws mate, lol!

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              @Slugoid: Hardly took time.
              Its 69 cents.
              You probably spent more money on electricity to charge your phone to write such a long post about 69 cents.
              Anyway link me your PayPal so I can send you a dollar


                @MiguelSanchez91: https://www.paypal.com/au/fundraiser/hub

                Please donate $1 to any one of the charity's listed. Send photo of receipt. Put money where your mouth is.

                Also, learn to read. I never really cared about the 69c

                Yes, free money, I can't complain. I don't even care for the $0.69 or even the $4. When you have a company that says they would give you 7% back, you'd expect 7%.

                If that's the case, might as well just say "We'll give you back whatever we feel like" rather than having a specific cashback percentage. Just saying.

                Cashrewards seems more reliable from my experiences so far.


      I might start a new thread
      How to convert $500 Catch.com.au gift cards into Ebay gift cards


        I know it doesn't help but I always have a group of 'retailers' on my list that I need to be cautious of….Catch is one of them. If I see a deal with any on my list I proceed with extreme caution and read all TCs, call them up, research online etc. never have an issue this way. Most times I do not proceed and as I always stumble across a deal breaker.


    How does this compare to the lg cord zero a9?

  • +3 votes

    The dock looks very inconvenient, requires you to disassemble the vac in order to "dock it". Would get very tedious after…. Mmm… The first time you use it.

    Great price though.

    • +20 votes

      It's a single button push mate, if you can't even be bothered doing that much then I can't imagine you vacuuming in the first place.

      • +4 votes

        No it's 6 step process in comparison to wall mount which is 2 step So it defeats the purpose. But It does tidy up all your attachments in a single space compartment which is an advantage


        The standard wall mount requires no clicks!
        Lift and go.

        It's a single button push mate


        Lift vac handle, unclip wand. Join together.

        When done, release clip, wrestle the thing apart and clip two things back in!


      Nope. U dont need to.
      Edit: well for the v11 u dont

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    Is this one not cheaper? Minus bonus dock maybe…



      It’s cheaper but doesn’t include the dock. If you value the dock inclusion then this is the better deal because it is valued at $119. Which makes it cheaper to get this deal if you intend on getting the dock. I just ordered from the eBay deal only a few hours ago only to find this deal released with the dock and I actually wanted the dock. I just emailed Dyson’s eBay store to see if they can cancel my order on eBay or, include the dock for me. If they can cancel I’ll order through their website with the discount code.

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    Need a good deal for the absolute package as I need the fluffy head…


    Hows the longevity with these things?

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      I've got a v6 model with the mini motorised tool for carpets. It broke just after the 2 year warranty period.

      I've contact dyson to see what they'll do about it which is taking longer than it should to get a resolution. I cant really justify $600+ for a vacuum, the v6 at half the price was expensive enough….I'm considering a xiaomi equivalent if Dyson dont come to the party


        Not sure who would neg me. I'd also add the mini motorised attachment is selling on eBay for $100 as well


      Per use or total life?
      The Mrs almost wore me down, to buy one.

      Read the Choice review, and was reminded it's the Apple of vacuums. Amazing engineering, cute, but genuinely suitable for 10% of the people who buy them.

      Max mode, comparable to corded… 9min battery life!! Mid power mode, "suitable for in between cleans.

      • +1 vote

        My wife wore me down to get the V8 absolute last year. Luckily I spent less than $600 for it and we only live in a town house. I can vacuum 3 rooms on max mode before the battery runs out. It's portable, suction levels are acceptable (don't expect corded vacuum suction as Dyson likes to sell you) and does the job.

        People really need do some research before buying these, rather than think that's it's trendy that it must be good.

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    Bought one to replace my old dc34.


    Code isnt working, chatting with Dyson Customer service, they are telling me the discount code is only for existing customers who have already registered a Dyson product?

  • +1 vote

    Apologies for hijack, anyone bought 3rd party batteries replacement for DC58/V6? Some on ebay are half the price of genuine, and double the capacity??? Is it too good to be true?

    • +1 vote

      Yes, we just bought off eBay and so far so good.


        Some even offer 5 year warranty vs 2 at Dyson, although dunno if it's worth anything/what your chances are to claim it…

        • +2 votes

          The ebay ones from my experience (2) are pretty average. Disregard capacity claims. Mine lasted about 10months before it dropped to 3mins max. The so called ebay guarantees are useless. At best you'll get the paypal 'guarantee' however long that is these days, 6mths?


    Damn missed out again.. Out of stock


    Anyone NOT get a dock delivered with the v10?

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