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Fallout 4 VR $9.30 @ CDKeys


Not too bad I'd say

Especially with the upcoming cabled PC VR support for Quest for those looking to build up some PC games to their collection

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    Good game in VR and generally but making the Quest cabled is … well it's cool but the main selling point of it was that it didn't have cables. :p

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      To me that's the perfect combo. I'd love wireless for taking to a friends place, games where you move around etc

      And also wired for better graphics, simulators etc.

      Just can't justify the price when my headset works ok.


      If you dont have an oculus currently, which is better, Quest cabled vs Rift S ?

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        They currently cost the same and for that reason alone some people would say the Quest is the better purchase

        Facebook has not released any new updates for the Rift S — e.g the Quest got the link cable support as well as finger tracking, but the Rift S hasn't been given much love by the developers.

        Despite that though, the Rift S does have a few small advantages, mostly that it's not front heavy (easier to keep on your head) and it has a 80hz refresh rate (quest is currently capped at 72hz, due to FCC certification).


          I'm betting the community will find a way to overclock the Quest's display to 80Hz once Oculus Link is out. It's also possible that Oculus release it as an experimental/beta feature

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    Shopback also have 3.5% cashback as well

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    almost bought it at full price.. phew! thanks!!


    Thanks OP. My Link cable is coming today.