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2% Discount with Code and Use PayPal Payment @ CD Keys


How epic is that?! Get a further discount off already low prices! We wondered where the FB 5% discount disappeared to and they countered with 2%! Don't think, just jump right on in and impulse buy due to the amazing discount!

Omnyex will temporarily halt the campaign from November 29th, 2019 to December 2nd, 2019, if the Promotion Termination Date is not reached by then.

Well there's a heads up to their next sale

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  • +1 vote

    Don't think, just jump right on in

    Damn, I didn't think now all my super is gone…

  • +6 votes

    Used CDKeys for years, they're still grey-market but pretty reliable and at least sell the keys themselves instead of just being a marketplace for random others.


    Now they just need to restock Red Dead Redemption. I'd rather not go through a Chinese site funded by stolen credit cards.

  • +8 votes

    5% reduced to 3% reduced to 2%. Lame