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Wacaco NanoPresso Portable Espresso Maker - $76.90 + Free Shipping @ Alternative Brewing


Free Shipping Australia Wide on the NanoPresso Portable Espresso Maker with the Coupon OZnano - LIMITED TIME, GREAT GIFT!

The Popular NanoPresso with 490+ Reviews!

Despite its small size, the NanoPresso packs a punch. You can fit 8 grams of coffee in the portafilter and up to 80 ml of water in the reservoir, giving you the ability to brew single shots.

The brewing process is friendly to espresso newcomers and veterans alike. Simply press the pumping knob a few times and you’ll generate up to 18 bars of pressure – enough pressure to rival expensive commercial machines.

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  • Add 8g of ground coffee to the portafilter and tamp. Then add 80 ml of hot water to the reservoir. Assemble the brewer and hold it above the included mug.

    Do you also sell a portable kettle?

    • We do have a huge range of kettles, lots being able to be used on an open fire or gas burner - https://alternativebrewing.com.au/product-category/coffee-ac...

      Alternatively if you search nano - you will see the NanoVessel which is an additional water tank for the nanopresso which allows you to take hot water with you which will last a few hours. Ideal for hikes ect

  • Everytime I visit this site I end up buying something…

    Must resist…

    • +10

      "you need me" - whispers the coffee maker - haha

  • Awesome device for travel. I bought one for a recent month long road trip, and had perfect long black's every day. If you can't drink the in-room instant, this is a god send.

    Couple of notes. It's a bit messy and fiddly, so I would not recommend for home as a cheap alternative to an powered automatic espresso machine. No need to buy the Barista kit, just fill the water tank twice (without changing the coffee) for a long black.

    • I’d recommend the Barista Kit anyway. I prefer the double basket (should be standard kit, in my opinion!), and I reckon the larger tank probably helps with thermal retention, regardless of whether you are wanting to use all the extra capacity or not.

      Now that they make cases to fit the Barista Kit (I actually suggested it to them way back when they first released it!), that was the only minor issue with the Barista Kit previously!

      Speaking of: any deal for the Nanopresso L-Case, mate? :)

    • No need to buy the Barista kit, just fill the water tank twice (without changing the coffee) for a long black.

      Barista kit is for double shot.

  • Minipresso is cheaper at Anaconda if you don't need to ship. I have one, super good for camping.

    Be prepared to burn yourself with spilt boiling water though.

    • +1

      I don't believe they stock the NanoPresso yet sorry, which is the latest model

      I do see the MiniPresso for $74.99 you're right - we have that model for $49.90 +9.95 shipping on our website

      Hope that helps and hope you're enjoying it!

      • My bad, didn't notice this was the nanopresso.

        I would highly recommend these, makes a really good cup of coffee.

    • Can't remember the ratings, but Minipresso had a lower bar rating, so probably not as good tasting coffee I suspect.

  • Video to understand differences between Minipresso and Nanopresso

    OP - how does the Nanopresso compare to the ROK (apart from size)?

    • The nanopresso delivers a great shot for its price and size, when comparing to the ROK or Flair, its shot is slightly weaker and unless using fresh beans the crema isnt as full as on one of the larger units. This is mainly due to the sustained pressure you can provide to the coffee on the other units. Here in the office, we use the flair - so if your out on the road and can take a larger unit - I'd opt for them, better coffee. But if camping / hiking then the nanopresso gets the job done and super affordable.

  • +1

    Do you have the nespresso adapter for nanopresso? Are they on sales too? If not what is your best price? Thx

  • How does this compare to the AeroPress? Thinking of getting a portable espresso maker for the campervan, what would be recommended?

    • +1

      It’s different. Depends what sort of coffee you want to make.

      If you just want a strong black coffee, then I’d say Aeropress is the way to go (or the Delter - which I haven’t tried, but looks good!)). It’s simpler and less messy to use, and let’s you experiment with “recipes” (techniques) to adjust the strong black coffee you get out of it. Which is something a mix between plunger and siphon, I guess.

      If you want espresso style drinks though, Nanopresso is the better option (or upgrade to something like a Flair if portability is of less importance to you). You won’t get proper espresso out of an Aeropress!

      • Sounds like i should get both :D

        • Yeah, I have both! (Plus a stovetop, and a Flair lever! Plus the NS pod adapter for the Nanopresso, and an Aldi pod machine for the wifey!) :)

          It’s nice to have options, or a unit to keep at work, etc!

  • Thought about this for motorbike touring, but the mess and clean up just wasn't worth it..

  • Bought this deal a couple weeks ago. Fantastic product bought one for the mother in law too.

    These guys are awesome and very helpful customer service. If your outside of Brisbane for the love of God do not use Fastway couriers….

  • These Barsetto - ( See link below )were going out on Amazon for $15 and make a better coffee, but the silicone O-rings are rubbish. They provide a spare. Blew both out in the first week!
    Replaced with a rubber o-ring and it has been going ok for 3 months.

    Anyone had any success in getting replacement o-rings under warranty?


  • +1

    I use this everyday at work. Takes a bit to get used to but it makes a great espresso shot.

    I got the barista kit for camping and worked out I need to make about 50 coffees to get my money back from going to the cafe down the road.

    I either have the shot straight or put it in my protein shake as I can't warm milk easily.

  • Dammit - ordered but forgot the code…

    • Ordered with the NS adapter. But damn, forgot to include $5 off sign up bonus.

  • +2

    Just checked my invoice and see they have processed as if the code was entered. What a nice gesture from the company!

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