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12% Additional Discount on Power Tools / Gardening Tools (+ 10% Coupon Discount) @ Edisons eBay


Original Coupon Deal
Edisons ebay are giving 12% off their entire ebay store.

The discount applies immediately once you add the product to your cart, then add PLEASE10 for an extra 10% off.

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  • 20.8% off, not 22%

    since 12% applies first and then 10% of the 88%

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      I can't math :(

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      For an $87 cordless Hedge Trimmer,
      PLEASE10 works only if you Buy 2

      And.. IT WANT Au$ 31.78 Postage (for 2)
      despite showing "Free Shipping"

      (2x $87) + 31.78 - 12% - 10% = $169.59

      ie, ~$85 each (Save ~$2)

      Not a Deal, until we can get "Free Shipping"

      Wanted to NEG it (as 2 before me have done)
      but (like a FELON in prison) "Past Revokes"
      have "Stolen" my Right-to-Vote "NEG"

      Where is OzB's Constitution+Bill_of_Rights?

  • Beaten to it … by paraneoplastic

  • I can recommend this rattle gun from Edison's:

    I bought it at the last 20% off sale to undo wheel nuts that were over torqued by the mechanic.
    Previously tried a wheel brace with 1m breaker bar but couldn't undo it and it twisted my brace.

    • Thanks for that i really need a rattle gun to undo bolts from my rideon mowers blade disk, my lawn mower shop advised me to get one as it would save alot of time.
      Will give this a try until i get a compresser and air tools.

  • Be warned that Mytopia and Edisons are other trading name for AGR Machinery. Any good reviews are generally false.



    Their website is full of phony reviews or ones left when the product arrived. This is one review that sums it up - http://www.productreview.com.au/p/baumr-ag-bcx720.html

    Review from Whirlpool

    "I'm sorry to say you have bought a pile of junk. Bought one of these off that mob and it was the biggest pile of rubbish, the plastics broke the motor and shafts would not lock into place and the pull stater broke on its second start and they refused to sent me a replacement even after I sent a picture of the broken unit, edisons are well known to sell junk and there support is not much better, good luck."

    "It's worse. Alias 'agrmachinery' and 'mytopiastore'. They are scum and protected by the fleaBay rating system.
    The Search tab on the left will find real experiences… keeping it local.. then there's google."

    Edison's even posted a fake review in the thread…


    And of course the master AGR machinery thread with hundreds of negative experiences that are all genuine.

    and then read whirlpool and ozbargain, eg: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/286720

    • I bought a wood chipper and 2 chainsaws from them.. They work great and i am a lawn mowing contractor.
      The chainsaws are almost the same quality as the overpriced stihl, and if they break i'd buy an other one and use the broken one for parts.. With stihl i have to spend an arm and a leg on service and repairs.

  • +2 votes

    Read any reviews from peeps who used their products for longer than a week. No support, no access to parts. Cheap and nasty junk.

  • I went through 2 of their 38cc chainsaws, they both had issues from new, chain-brake dragging, very poorly tuned, the seller wasn't interested I had to fix them myself, I got a bit of use out of them but not enough to ever wear out a chain, they were always a bit of a bitch to start especially if the fuel was a bit stale, they both failed in the same way, a plastic cog in the pull starter broke, no spares available, then I bought a Stihl on special and never looked back.. The Stihl is easily worth the extra money, it's a pleasure to use and always trouble free… From memory the Stihl cost about $300 and it's probably had 10x the use I got out of the 2x $100 similar sized chinese saws…

    A mate bought one of their large chainsaws, it was obviously a return, re-taped box and it had fuel and oil in it, it seemed to have a carb issue and wouldn't run, they bent over backwards to avoid the issue, he ended up giving up and chalked it up to experience, it wasn't worth the frustration of trying to get it repaired or get his money back..

    Dodgy dodgy company and products, zero support..

  • @Neil: It's about time edisons/mytopia was banned

  • I hope someone can help me. I wish to purchase Ryobi one+ 18-volt lithium-ion cordless battery grass shear and shrubber, or similar, as a present for my husband who trims our box hedges. I am a novice about tools. Seen some good reviews but very confused about which battery to purchase as there seems to be a few alternatives and clipper also seems to come in 2 designs. Perhaps it is old stock? Thank you for any insights from the community.

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