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Baumr-AG 65cc Brushcutter Whipper Snipper Trimmer Brush Cutter MultiPole Tool 7 in 1 + Bonus Accessory Kit $143.2 @ Edisons eBay


Manufacturer: Baumr-AG
Model: BCX720
Engine Type: Petrol EURO 2 - Two Stroke Commercial
Dual Weighted Crank / Double Ringed Piston
Displacement / Maximum Power: 65 cc / 3.4 HP (4.1 peak)
Max. Engine Speed: 10,000 RPM w/ Centrifugal clutch
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 Litre
Fuel Mix: 25:1 (25 parts fuel to 1 part two stroke oil)
Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded 95 +RON
Gearbox Type: XB - Ball Bearing Commercial - Greasable
Arbor Size: 25.4mm (1 Inch) Anti-clockwise drive direction
Blades: 40T Gold Series Saw, 40T Saw, 8T Saw, 3T Slasher, 2T Lawn Edger
Coupling Type: Quick Spring Connection
Shaft Type:7mm Square Spline
External Diameter: 25.5mm

Powerful 65cc commercial engine
Patented direct-air-injection carburettor
Huge 4.1 HP peak power
Bull-horn handles for precision control
Patented anti-vibration system
Patented easy-starting system for truly effortless ignition
26mm-diameter pole in gold-anodized alloy
Commercial quick-change couplings with dual floating bearings
Bonus safety kit
CE and SG certification
Exceeds AUS/NZ safety standards
12-month Australian warranty

1x 65CC Brush Cutter
2x Whipper Snipper Heads
4x Brush Cutter
1x Lawn Edger
BONUS ACCESSORY KIT (toolkit, gloves, ear muffs, shoulder strap, fuel mixer bottle, ankle gaiters)

Original 20% off at Selected Stores on eBay Deal Posts: CSITE20 & CSUNNY20

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  • +3 votes

    There is a reason the more expensive multi pole tools use a quality 25cc engine. Weight.

    • -2 votes

      They have other units with smaller motors, I wanted something higher HP to clear some scrub.
      At that price I don't care if I only get a few years out of it.
      Seems better built than the other budget units.

      Had 2 Stihl's blow up so unless you are spending top dollar they all seem similar quality these days.

      At least the attachments seem easy to find and the motor seems OK

      • +1 vote

        I purchased one of these a few years ago from them, blew up after only having done a few hrs worth of work, looked online to see about getting a refund (didn't pay with paypal) and decided I'd keep my losses to just financial as opposed to losing my time as well. This is a fraction the quality of even the cheap entry level Stihl products.

  • +1 vote

    had one motor blew up after a year of limited use

  • +3 votes

    These are utter rubbish and are cheap Chinese rubbish sold under a phony German name. The backup is non existent, parts are not available and these will end up as landfill.

    Note all the B/S terms used like commercial quality……

    Baumr-AG is not the manufacturer, this is a B/S marketing name used by Edisons formally AGR machinery.

    Look at the feedback to see what they're like - http://www.productreview.com.au/p/agr-machinery.html

    They're website is full of phony reviews or ones left when the product arrived. This is one review that sums it up - http://www.productreview.com.au/p/baumr-ag-bcx720.html

    Review from Whirlpool

    "I'm sorry to say you have bought a pile of junk. Bought one of these off that mob and it was the biggest pile of rubbish, the plastics broke the motor and shafts would not lock into place and the pull stater broke on its second start and they refused to sent me a replacement even after I sent a picture of the broken unit, edisons are well known to sell junk and there support is not much better, good luck."

    "It's worse. Alias 'agrmachinery' and 'mytopiastore'. They are scum and protected by the fleaBay rating system.
    The Search tab on the left will find real experiences… keeping it local.. then there's google."

    Edison's even posted a fake review in the thread…


    And of course the master AGR machinery thread with hundreds of negative experiences that are all genuine.


    • +1 vote

      I totally agree. There have been numerous problems with that vendor for years, maybe 8 years or more. I doubt OP knew this, and was just trying to be helpful. It is a pity eBay still tolerate them.


      I just bought a concrete cutter off these guys and I know it's gonna be rubbish but If it lasts long enough for the Job I'm getting it for then I will have my money's worth it's that cheap!

      No I wouldn't trust edison's but some of the non motorized stuff is not bad.


        I just bought a concrete cutter off these guys and I know it's gonna be rubbish but If it lasts long enough for the Job I'm getting it for then I will have my money's worth it's that cheap!

        I hope it works safely for you at least. I'm always wary of cheaper tools especially when they have large spinning parts because of the risk of injury.

        Often it's cheaper to buy a brand name product, use it and when selling it you can get back 80+%.

  • +1 vote

    Would never touch a BumRag, would not matter if they sold this for $50 its not a bargain its landfill

  • +1 vote

    AGR Machinery. Enough said

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