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20% off 35 Selected Stores @ eBay (Harvey Norman, COTD, Dell, Sony, P.C. Byte, Kitchen Warehouse, Futu, Mighty Ape + More)

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    Whatever happened to Francesca's memory card deals from PC Byte?
    Side note, we need a link that searches all of the above sites to see if they start raising prices.

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      no more good deals from Francesca / PC Byte since they joined cashrewards by TA

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        What a rip…

      • Francesca / PC Byte since they joined cashrewards by TA

        Not sure what joining cashrewards has to do with that.. PC.byte is not listed on cashrewards website??

        It seems there's been a lot less deals since Memorycity merged with PCbyte.

        Some examples of good deals posted by TA for PC.Byte..
        Exhibit A, post by TA for pc.byte
        Exhibit B, post by TA for pc.byte

        Still, way below the amount of deals that memorycity used to do.
        Seems like they just partake in the 20% off ebay sales now..

        On a side note - don't forget your cashrewards 1.25% if you're going to buy something anyway.

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          Memory City. Wow, that's nostalgic.
          Those deals by TA are close to a year old, so I would say the deals are gone now. But still probably the best place to get a memory card from if you need one.

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          still probably the best place to get a memory card from if you need one.

          Always check staticice & Amazon. Never settle for less my fellow professionals!

    • Scroll down on the linked page, eBay provide a search box ;)

      • Gone

        • Read the post :), appears when you reload the page a few times

    • +5

      Link to search

      eBay hasn't removed the search box, it just doesn't appear sometimes and you need to refresh the page. No idea why.

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      They have raised prices before, namely DSE. Someone collated the data and screen grabs. I submitted it to ACCC and their response was basically "DSE said they had a system error which resulted in the higher prices. We accept this".

      No point barking up that tree again.

      • +8

        Actually, there is, as each time it's done, it demonstrates a repeat in their behaviour and afford more credence to the claims that they're deliberately manipulating pricing, rather than it being an accident.

  • MORE??? WOW eBay getting the moneys

  • Dell.. good. Might be time to get an XPS.
    HMM.. $2999 for the QHD screen version. Maybe wait for an outlet deal.

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      was hoping they had these clearance deals from there website on ebay but they've removed alot of items

      • -1

        Reason to take your business elsewhere.

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      Have you tried the Dell Factory Outlet? I got my XPS from there for I think it was $2000 for the 15inch one. They are not available all the time, you need to check the site all the time incase they update with more stock.

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      Just my opinion but I think the QHD touch screen is overrated and is a drain on the battery and processing power. Many applications won't scale and research shows that very few people actually use the touch screens of their PC's to any large extent. Save the money and put it towards a 4k monitor…

      • +1

        I do have a QHD touch screen on my laptop, which I do love, mostly for the quality of bluray or movies it can show and even for reading the net and better screen real estate management.
        It really is not a tech I would want to be with out. Also the touch screen does come in handy when I accidentally turn off the touch pad in error.
        It makes me a bit of a "screen slut", but I really can not go back.
        I really failed to understand the beauty of a 4K QHD screen, until I had it.
        But if you are sitting upright at a desk, get a cheaper desktop with an amazing IPS screen.
        You will get a better deal.

      • I could not live without touchscreen.

        I can live without QHD, but want it to display high res photos for beauty and ease to work on them. My next laptop/tablet will definitely be 4K (I'll stay away from QHD and go that bit extra).

        • -1

          I'm all for QHD & 4k displays (as opposed to 4k TV's that are next to useless at the moment) - personally, I just think that they may be an overkill for a small to mid-size laptop. Wouldn't you want to use a large monitor to work on your photos anyway?

        • @elektron:

          For my purposes, I'm actually mostly after display rather than editing. But it'd be nice to have travel photos scrolling by at work (they don't let us change our screensavers)

        • -1

          Yes you would and you did in the past. Your heart will keep beating with or without touchscreen. Geez.

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    Wow. Another incentive to spend… Must resist…

    • this is ozbargain. resistance is futile.

  • +10

    Culture Kings

    Fire sale?

    • This sale is lit.

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    10am Start 9th Jan thru 15th Jan.

    Anyone got a link to search these retailers?

    • Scroll down on the linked page :)

      • Can't see it anywhere

        • It was there, but then eBay removed it (as the post now says) :)

        • @TheClipIt:

          Search is now back on the CSUNNY20 page.

    • +2

      Try this, managed to copy it before it got removed.


      • Already got it in the post :)

        • Doesn't work.

        • @Al Kider: It doesn't work on mobile, you'll need to click on "Go To Deal" and use the search box on there.

        • @JSQUARED: ah sweet. Thanks

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    I have a feeling my wallet is going to get sore this week :-(

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    One pair of Sony MDR-1000x, please.

    EDIT. Can't find it anywhere on the listing.

    • Unless you're specifically after the best NC available, the MDR-100ABN are are a much better deal. They offer similar NC to the Bose QC35 and similar (or, some would say, slightly better) audio quality to the MDR-1000x.

      I picked them up for $250 through a recent deal and they are an absolute steal at that price.

      • theres a second delay in the NC when ppl talk around you and you can still hear a murmur

        • Nope, no delay. Yes, you can still hear a 'murmur', but things like city noise, construction, vacuuming, lawn mowing, trains, plains etc are significantly reduced. The voices and other mid-frequencies are also reduced but are a bit more audible.

        • +1

          @elektron: you trying to tell me sony invented REAL time noise cancelling? they circumvented the speed of sound?

        • @furythree: No just saying that you're either misinformed or ignorant. The 4 millisecond delay is inaudible to the human ear.

        • @elektron: what im saying is ive got a pair and can notice it significantly

        • @furythree: You may have very sensitive hearing but it's nowhere near a second…not even a tenth second.

      • Would you please give a link to the better deal? I couldn't find that model number.

        • They're also known as Sony h.ear on NC Wireless - try searching for that but these deals are now expired.

          Here's the cheapest deal I've found on these (only the the yellow colour at this price though). I would still pick these any day over the Bose even if they were the same price. They are also the only wireless headphones on the market at the moment capable of reproducing high resolution audio if used with a Sony Xperia phone or any Sony Walkman.

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    The problem with these things is there's never anything you want to buy in stock. Hope it's different this time

  • Ohhh I need a cheap TV any reccomendations?

  • +3

    Really odd to call it the Australia Day Promotion given it's running from 9th Jan - 15th Jan.

    Does make me question whether eBay is running out of steam and having significant issues given how many deals it's giving out and how desperate it seems almost with some of these sales.

    • +2

      People have suggested that it's to secure their position online before Amazon / that huge Chinese online marketplace make a push into Aus

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        Ali Baba are commissioning a data farm to be built in Australia.

    • Gumtree for used items and other retailer's online stores are giving them hard time. Also not to forget Amazon which even US or UK or France sites, gets a lot of sales. Amazon is getting more involved here in Aus as well (getting bigger warehouse spaces) and eBay might be concerned of it, taken the fee they charge. Not to forget Aliexpress or Alibaba from China which have already many sellers selling cheap stuff to Aus. That leads to these sales.

      • +7

        Gumtree is owned by eBay

        • +1

          Yea I know, but it is free and eBay cannot starting charging before some other free listing website comes into action.

    • +2

      Business Outlook

      Fourth quarter 2016 — The company expects net revenue between $2.36 billion and $2.41 billion, representing FX-Neutral growth of 4% - 6%, with non-GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing operations in the range of $0.52 - $0.54 and GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing operations in the range of $1.05 - $1.15.
      Full year 2016 — The company expects net revenue between $8.95 billion and $9.0 billion, representing FX-Neutral growth of 6% - 7%, with non-GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing operations in the range of $1.85 - $1.90 and GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing operations in the range of $2.22 - $2.32.

      It ain't doing too badly.

      • +2

        Ebay Inc managed to grow revenue by 5.62% year on year.
        Amazon managed to grow revenue by 29.01%% year on year.

  • +1

    Didn't know HN has an eBay store.

  • +1

    Is there any fridges in this sale? I can't seem to see any on the sale page.

  • +1

    Here we go again… Again…

  • +1

    Fuuuuuu, no Appliances Online :(

  • No Supercheap Auto in the list.

  • +5

    Is culture kings, reality kings?

    • +2

      might as well be because they f**k you with their prices

      • LOL

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    Another day, another ebay sale

  • Any Dyson hand vacs in list over here ?

    • Use the search link :)

      • Search link has been removed by eBay

        • In the description :)

    • No

  • Does anyone know if it is possible to do the following;

    Log into Virgin Estore and purchase through their portal from eBay for additional FF points & get login to cashrewards for cashback for the same transaction?

    • Nope, only the last click gets a commision

  • +1

    any deals found???

  • +3

    Any iphone, tv's, fridges, sd cards, camera, eneloops, xbox/ps4, laptops?

    • Search link at top of the post

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        Think I need to calibrate my sarcasm transmitter

    • If Kogan was on the list it would have been good for iPhone 7.

    • http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apple-iPhone-7-128GB-4G-LTE-iOS-U…

      Iphone 7 128 GB for ~ $1000AUD delivered is amazing price! (Probably 1 year AU warranty as its delivered from Hong Kong)

      • Will you have to pay customs on that?

        • I am not sure, correct me if im wrong but as long the goods itself is not above $1000 AUD shipment is not included for the threshold.
          Example given:
          Item value of $999 AUD + $100 shipping = No GST or Duty
          Item value of $1001 AUD + $50 shipping = GST and duty applied to total value of $1051 AUD

          In our case the item cost $975 after the discount.

          The problem: There is a chance that the invoice will have the pre-ebay discounted price.

        • +1


          The problem: There is a chance that the invoice will have the pre-ebay discounted price.

          It will have the pre-discounted price.

          Item value of $1001 AUD + $50 shipping = GST and duty applied to total value of $1051 AUD

          You are correct, however there is also a customs handling fee of around $50 when GST is incurred.
          Yep, You pay a fee, to pay customs the GST.

        • @cwongtech:

          Thanks cwongtech, is there a chance to avoid the additional $50 fee and pay only the GST by declaring this in advance?

        • +1

          Nope there is no way. The only chance you stand is to ask the seller to mark the declared value down a little bit.

          If the 16GB version of ip7 would come down below the threshold, ask them to mark it at that value.

  • No GoPro 😫

    • +1
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