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20% off at 10 Selected Stores on eBay (Supercheap Auto, Outbax Camping, Grays Online, Edisons, Sparesbox, Knives Online + More)


Maximum 3 transactions per person, maximum $1000 discount per transaction. 20% discount excludes postage.

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Participating Stores:

  • supercheapauto
  • outbaxcamping
  • edisons
  • graysonline-australia
  • knives-online*
  • bargainsonline-australia
  • sparesbox_auto
  • bit_deals
  • laj9100
  • princess_trade

Terms and Conditions

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  • Wow so many codes all of sudden. Can't stack T.T

  • +18

    Weird bunch of stores. Hopefully a few more large players get added. Thanks op.

    • +7

      Yeah, not sure what kind of tradie is interested in princess_trade.

    • The sale is called "tradie back to work".

  • +42

    Quit playing eBay and just make it sitewide.

  • Good catch

  • +26

    still waiting for 20% tech sale :<

    • +1

      Me too

    • +2

      Graysonline-australia has some electronics.

      • +12

        Would steer WELL clear of Grays, many horror stories, including one of my own!
        Huge pains in the butt, and seemingly making a habit out of posting false deals (i.e - stock they don't actually have).

        • +13

          Purchased an amplifier advertised with 2 year warranty. Came with no receipt. Grays would not provide one by email no matter how many times I emailed and called them.
          Did a PayPal chargeback and eBay sided with the seller. You have to be careful with big eBay sellers as they pay a lot of fees to eBay so eBay will protect them.

        • +3


          Did you try going through your credit card? Or did you pay with PP balance?

        • +1

          @Obione: That is shady as hell. At the very least, keep a record of that transaction from paypal, credit card or whatever because it is still a form of proof of purchase.

        • +1


          I learnt the hard way to only buy through PayPal using a Credit Card. Always always finance it via a Credit Card as they will go after your funds and it is the first question asked when you call PayPal with a problem seller!

        • +10

          @Obione: Sounds about right! At one point around May last year they had a big eBay sale on everything, including having a couple of LG 4K OLED TV's - I picked up a 65" refurb model for 2. something grand, an absolute STEAL, so didn't mind that it was refurbed!
          Was a bit worried because I thought it was too good to be true, or maybe they'd advertised the wrong price. Their eBay store had tons of reviews saying they sent them different items to what was advertised, but I kept up hope.
          A giant box arrives, and it's a completely different, much lower end LG TV. I don't understand how they would even mix them up, or maybe they just hoped I'd not notice.
          They have no real customer support number to call either, so I had to go back and forth with some weird rep over e-mail.
          Eventually they said there was no similar model in stock, so I had to package the TV they sent me up and send it back for a refund.
          I looked at their actual website, which DID list more of the same TV that I was after in stock though, with 3 days remaining on it.
          I asked if they could just give me that one - despite it being advertised for a different price, it was the TV they were MEANT to sell me, so I figured it wouldn't be an issue.
          They waited exactly three days to reply to this, saying there was no such TV for sale on their site. I check again, and lo and behold - there was no OLED TV there anymore. The dodgy pricks had waited until the sale finished and it left their site before replying to me.

          Would never purchase ANYTHING from them again!

        • @Obione:

          Your PayPal transaction record should count as proof of purchase, but if not, you can complain to ACCC if a business won't give you a receipt. https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/prices-surcharges-receipts...

          I ordered a dehumidifier from Grays eBay store recently, should arrive today, hopefully it's all correct and the correct thing is in the box!

        • @Obione:

          Did a PayPal chargeback and eBay sided with the seller.

          You did a PayPal chargeback because they wouldn't give you a receipt? Or was the amplifier faulty?

        • @eug:

          Item not as described. Warranty = receipt

          No receipt = no warranty

        • @Obione: You do not need a receipt for warranty. Your PayPal invoice is enough. All you need is proof that you paid for it.

          Even a hand-written receipt is acceptable proof of purchase, according to the ACCC.

  • +1

    Yes! I've been waiting years for 20% off knives….

  • +3

    Nothing interesting for now I guess..

  • KAaga

  • -3

    any bargains?

  • +1

    Uh..so random sellers? What do they actually sell?

    • +29

      I'll hazard a guess that 'knives-online' sells knives.

      • +23

        And they sell them online

      • +1

        Edison sells light bulbs?

        • AFAIK Edisons sells various types of power tools, which look to be largely non large brands. No idea about the quality or getting things repaired. Unless it was a fairly cheap/simple tool I'd be inclined to shop at Bunnings. Then again some people might have had very good experiences with them, I don't know.

        • +5


          AFAIK Edisons sells various types of power tools, which look to be largely non large brands. No idea about the quality or getting things repaired. Unless it was a fairly cheap/simple tool I'd be inclined to shop at Bunnings. Then again some people might have had very good experiences with them, I don't know.

          Edison's are the worst. Formally AGR Machinery they sell utter rubbish and don't back it up.


        • @Jawanzar:

          To be honest I was kidding. Never heard about the Edison shop :).

        • +2

          @Maverick-au: Thanks for the info Maverick. Always good to hear about these online shops before taking the plunge. Much appreciated :)

      • Interesting….using that line of thinking Supercheap Auto possibly sell car stuff as well, and their prices are presumably Super Sheap

        • +6

          And then there's princess_trade, which specialises in mail-order brides.

        • Are they kiwi?

  • +8

    I think what we want to read here is "Good Guys" and "Target" and "JB Hifi" and other retailers that may actually sell stuff we want!

    • +1

      Those guys will add 15% to the price before the sale though.

      • I have never seen Goodguys jack up prices during these sales.

        • +2

          lol they did last time. Bought a galaxy tab A went back next day to buy another one the price had gone up by like $30.

        • +2

          I have seen Goodguys raise prices on eBay as well. 6 months ago when I was looking at a fridge and washing machine.

        • +2


    • I'm always after a decent bargain on power tools myself, but I wish Total Tools had another one of their 20% off store wide sales.

  • +9

    I am in saving mode now. I'll give this sale a pass and see you in the next sale eBay.

    • -1

      Good thought… but What r u doing on Oz bargain then?

      • +1

        Waiting for the Amex deals, I like the most

  • +1

    any iphones for sale from these sites?

  • +2

    Thanks for posting but considering the vastness of eBay, that is a pathetic list of vendors.

  • +3

    Want to buy GPU. please add futu online etc

  • +2

    seem like only Tradies going back to work….. :)

    • +2

      Yeah, and they'll be late, just to prove a point.

  • +2

    eBay must be struggling

    I'm the last 12 months, there's more coupons than the 5 years combined

    • +3

      Just to grab more market share and attention now that amazon is on its way to Australia. IMO

      • I think it's working. eBay's aggressive push to become the 'default' shopping destination has conditioned me to consider it a hassle to create and maintain accounts with retailers' own websites. That's a worry.

        • We used to sell a decent volume on eBay

          But contrary to your comment above, they are losing market share

          Our direct sales are up, 90% direct 10% eBay

          Last year it was 70/30

          eBay is screwed.

          if there's a good offer, there is no reason why eBay should take a cut of the sale if the product sells itself.

        • +3

          Well those fees @ 14% plus messed up costly biased returns process have to cut into retailers costs.
          Especially high volume / low.margin goods. Sellers are often cheaper on their own sites because of this.
          Ebay need to address the elephant in the room and cut their fees. Just too high.

        • +1

          @King Tightarse

          eBay make seller absorb return cost even when it's buyers at fault

          They think they can get buyers to drive sellers behavior


        • When I get some inkling an eBay seller has their own site, I tend to seek it out, but have often been disappointed to find prices (inclusive of shipping) are higher. Lower prices are the exception in my experience.

  • +2


  • +3


  • Did they bump up the prices before the sales started?

  • +4

    sales like these wont win me over ebay..pickup your game

    bring on amazon!

  • A further 20% off is a ridiculous price on the dehumidifier from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/281834

    I ordered one on the 29th and it should arrive tomorrow.

    • How much electricity would that use compared to a 3.5KW split system inverter airconditioner?

      • No idea on power consumption, I've had air con before but recently moved to a rental without one. It would also depend if you get a discounted rate of power for the air con. (Eg. Aurora have a lower tariff) In this case I don't need it for cooling anyway, need it for taking the moisture out of the 2nd bedroom/office as it also contains the laundry.

  • Here are the full T&C's :)

  • No TGG in the list?

  • How about a further 20% of this beauty https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/284207
    I can say it's a great unit, does everything I need, it's a pity there's no DAB stations nearby but media streaming from the net and from my NAS is excellent.

  • +6

    Guys be careful edisons are AGR machinery. They have just changed their name


  • +1

    This global knife set should be at a good price (around $260) cheapest I found online was $289.

    • +2

      I have these. You can sharpen then quick but they go blunt quick

      Get yourself some kiwi knives and never look back
      These are my go to knives now even though I have the global's on the same kitchen Bench

      • Lol they are shit metal with a hollow grind

      • These are the best knives. I have a heap of wustoff ones at work. Stopped using them and have kiwi ones everywhere. Cheap and sharpen in a heart beat.

        Don't worry about them been dropped or missused as they're cheap to replace.

      • Thanks. Was looking at purchasing a couple of victorinox knives but decided to give kiwi a try instead. Got 4 different knives for $23 delivered, probably can be had cheaper some asian grocery but can't be bothered. Looking forward to try them! Do you use a honing steel for them or just replace when they got dull?

  • Ahh damn i just purchased $250 worth of stuff from sparesbox_auto on ebay yesturday.. anyway to get refund? and then discount?

    • +4

      If you purchased it via credit card, you might be able to do a price guarantee where the credit card company will follow up with them (to my understanding) and get you the lower price. Check out https://www.canstar.com.au/credit-cards/2-litte-known-but-gr... -> Price Protection Insurance for details. Some cards will have it, some will not.

      Otherwise you can do the old tried and true method of just contacting the company and asking them nicely ASAP. Generally I've found this works so long as they haven't shipped out the item yet (which they shouldn't have given it's a weekend). Send them a message now on eBay and also just call them tomorrow morning (or today if they're open) and ask nicely about it.

      Good luck.

    • Me too. Just called them to cancel a still-in-processing order from Friday.

    • Some stuff is 20& more on their ebay store compared to their own online store. I checked parts for my car and air filter, cabin filter, bosch brake pads were only about $1 cheaper on ebay after the discount when compared to their own online store. Some items were the same price but some things are almost double the price on ebay like this bleeder kit
      http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toledo-One-Man-Brake-Bleeder-Kit-... vs

      • Prices on their store do not include the $8 shipping fee (none for orders > $50). The eBay item you linked to has "free" postage.

        • Tele said he bought $250 worth of stuff so that's not applicable. The item was just an example that you may be spending more going through their eBay store and there were more items like that

        • +8

          You seem to be really confused what you're negging for

  • +1

    Don't know why they decided to use 'site' in the coupon code considering there's only a small amount of stores participating.

    • +4

      maybe it stands for construction site

  • +1

    Thought tradies do not buy from ebay as their time is so precious and worth so much more than us normal ozbargainers

  • +2

    Here is the link to search all the stores except knives online. cannot find that one.

    Ebay Link

    A few good deals there on electronics/computer categories. Greys seems to have deals on acer tablets/laptops

    • How do you search this link? If I put the item before the seller list it finds nothing. If I put the search item after the list it lists everything regardless of my search?

      EBay are doing a great job in creating a frustrating experience…. 1 star.

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