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Projecta 12V 4amp Battery Charger $55.90 @ Bunnings


Saw this on price hipster. By far the cheapest price. Plenty of stock around.

Good to keep your car batteries in top shape. They tend to last a lot longer if you charge them every now and then. I charge mine every couple of months or so.

The lowest price before this was $88.90

It will charge large deep cycle batteries but will take a long time.

Also note that this can charge batteries that have dropped down as low as 3v

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    I bought the aldi auto xs 3.8A charger which does car amd bike and also 6V. Currently goes for 29 but you can find it on clearance for potentially 20.

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      The car batteries have been reduced from $99 to $69 in last week, so chargers in same sale might be reduced.

      Videos of operation on YouTube
      After charging, switches to trickle charge. Displays voltage & state of charge.

      But this Deal has smart six stage charge system. A different type of charger.

      Video link in Aldi Deal shows it won't charge a very flat battery.
      This charges from flat (3V). Also has rejuvenation mode.

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        This video @23:45 shows once battery voltage drops to around 6V, the charger detects the 12V battery as a 6V one & charges it as one.

        So minimum voltage a flat 12V battery can fall to is about 7.5V with this charger.

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      Checked - sold out in my Aldi District stores.
      According to video review, this also has rejuvenation mode.


    I use this. Good charger. Good price


    Cheapest does Not, IMO, imply Cheap

    Cheap is ~Au$ 20 (last we checked) for a Smart Charger

    "Mother OzB" won't let me suggest a vendor
    (as I have No Time to look for one w/100%
    feedback across (How Many?!?) transactions)

    But the one I mean is the one Lotsa vendors
    seem to feature; it's wise to buy 2, unless
    you can, eg, replace small fan safely.

    We use 'em to keep $99 4WD batteries topped-
    up: Not in vehicles; used as lo-cast backups

    Doing so puts ~$20 in ur pocket vs Projecta


    Hi is this ideal to charge car battery? my battery easily goes flat had to jump start it every now and then


    Product info & specs

    Has smart six stage charge system.
    Charges battery from flat (some charges won't charge a battery after leaving the headlights on, dropping the voltage to 10V)
    Has rejuvenation mode.
    Has holes for permanent mounting
    0.6m fused harness allows permanent connection to battery - just clip on the charger

    Seems a bit like a cheap type of CTEK charger.


    You only need a 3 stage charger, the rest is BS.
    If your battery is at 3v, buy a replacement asap.

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      It's nothing much to do with a battery voltage at 3V. That's not healthy. This charger may not successfully charge a battery at 3V (or 12.6V).

      3V is the minimum voltage at which the smart charger can DETECT a connected battery.
      Well regarded CTEK chargers detect at 2V.
      Aldi charger above only detects correctly above 7V.

      As smart chargers only charge when a battery is detected - it's reassuring it may charge a flat battery (above 3V) in an emergency.

      Frustrating when a battery is connected to a smart charger & it shows no battery connected!

      In a cheap smart charger I tried - that detection voltage was a high 10V. It's no use if a battery that has been left with headlights on for a while, can't be charged because the voltage is below that minimum.


    Pulled the trigger OP thanks. its currently $129 @ autobarn perfect timing as my battery just gone flat the other day


    Price increased! Marked as EXPIRED.

    $56 @SuperCheap on CLERANCE - Bunnings may price match?
    No stock in 9 stores near me in Brisbane

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      I have that from about 5 years ago. It's great


        Lots of recommendations from long time users👍 Now have one😊

        Wanted one for years, but have a few free old chargers. Commented this charger seems like a cheap CTEK, so thought I should get the real thing!

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