Lanmodo Vast 1080p Automotive Night Vision US $299 (AU $439) Delivered @ Lanmodo RRP US $499 (AU $732)

  • Full-color Image to reflect the real situation
  • 8.2'' HD Screen and 1080P high resolution
  • 36° wide-angle vision, Night View Distance up to 300m/984ft
  • 170°wide-angle vision and 720P high definition image of Night Rear View Camera

As mentioned in the comments of this deal:

From this site

Seems to be a Black Friday deal that hasn't finished yet.

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    Two things concern me:
    The camera doesn't look like it swivels, so you have to have it mounted straight on the dash, not turned toward you like a rear vision mirror. This means it's either over to the side in the middle of the car and you see it on an angle, or you mount it in front of the driver and it obstructs quite a bit of vision (during the day particularly, unless you remove it).

    It seems quite bright so what would it do your own night vision? (maybe it's like a sat nav though)


    Wow the night Vision quality looks amazing


    I've bought one so I'll let you know, though this deal will possibly be over by that time.


    When visibility is down to 10 meters in foggy weather, NVS performance will be impacted. It is not suggested to drive on the road during such weather.
    Lanmodo NVS adopts low-light imaging technology , it needs faint light like moonlight, street light to form clear image and will not function well in totally dark environment.

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