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[Pre Order, PC, XB1, PS4] Cyberpunk 2077 $68 (or $63 with Prime) Delivered @ Amazon AU


This is newly updated for XB1 today. It was $82 before today.

For PS4, it has already been posted here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/488071

For PC, it is still $70.99 (or $65.99 with Prime): it is now at the same price! (Thanks @mangobango for pointing out that!) https://www.amazon.com.au/CDPRJKT-Cyberpunk-2077-PC/dp/B07TB...
So, this deal might be better from Harvey Normal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/488498
But I guess the customer service from Amazon is better than Harvey Normal?

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  • Wait wait wait…Hardly Normal has customer service? This is news to me. I thought it was 100% salespeople aggressively trying to sell warranties and Monster HDMI cables.

  • Better to get it on PC with a 20 series and experience the ray tracing goodness.

  • you're breathtaking

  • PC with a 5700XT, or a PS4?
    Leaning towards PC, as that way I won't have to fight anyone for the tv.

    • You can connect PS4 to a monitor you know?

    • I usually get a PS4 copy as the trade in value might be better than a PC copy but if you're in it for the experience I'd go with PC.

    • It comes out in April 2020, the PS5 should be released in October 2020. If you don't mind holding off you couod play on a newer console, with patches. PS5 is promised to be backwards compatible with PS4 games.

  • This is becoming the standard price for new games of late which is great. This is why I never understand the whole argument that games are waaaay more expensive in Australia. AUD68 converts to USD46. Which is a large reduction on the RRP of USD60 in the US (which often doesn’t include tax). If you know what you are doing and not shopping at eb games, gaming is pretty decent in Oz.

    • Just came back from the US, not really sure what is meant to be cheap there anymore at all. Even clothes/shoes/electronics are more expensive

    • This is why I never understand the whole argument that games are waaaay more expensive in Australia.

      It was a very real argument about ~5 or more years ago, and is still present today in the Digital realm on Steam and on some PSN titles. Physical retailers seemed to get the memo that they were losing out to all the grey market sites and VPN purchases, and so adopted change. As someone who enjoys a digital only library I do get envious and it's quite unfortunate mind you :P

      • I agree. I prefer digital, but not at the $99-$150 prices they have in their digital stores. I wish I could just buy a download code from Big W for $68 on day one.

    • I like shopping games at EB for the rewards program / carrots whatever they call it. However I never buy games from their RRP I always price match.

  • Do people still pre-order games?
    Haven't they learnt a lesson from No Man Sky?

  • I'm a little wary of pre-ordering from Amazon, especially if it's something I'm going to want to play on day one. I pre-ordered Jedi Fallen Order from Amazon and it arrived 3 days after the release date, which sucked.

    • Oh, that's true. It sucks when delivering from centric warehouse. However, for people who live near Sydney CBD, it is usually delivered within 1 day.

    • You close to an eb?
      Could do the old rental racket

    • You should be able to see the estimated delivery date when ordering or closer to the date. You won't be charged for pre-orders until its shipped so you can cancel it. If its delivered past this date, do an online chat and complain - they'll compensate you somehow.
      My pre-order for death stranding was going to arrive after release, I contacted them and they got me express next day delivery for free so I received it on launch day.
      Or as iamhurtin said, buy it from EBgames and return it.

  • Just a heads up that PC is down to $68/$63 as well now

  • This price is good but I have to play at midnight
    It's worth the 100 bucks

  • Is the PC version redeemable on Steam, or GoG?

  • PC version is $65 at cdkeys.com

  • Never preorder! this game could turn out to be terrible for all you know.

  • Any PC preorder bonuses anywhere?

    • EB games has some physical items and GOG has some digital booklet and wallpapers. Don't expect any bonus in-game content however, CDPR doesn't do that

  • Hahaha. After being burned recently with games like Anthem, imma gonna hold off a little on the hype train. FFS, it’s not released until April next year. I’m pretty sure this game is going to be amazing, but…


    Any news on the Xbox one x version having higher graphical detail?

  • I have prime but still paid $68