Did You Get Disney+? What Did You Think?

Curious on this - how many of you ended up getting Disney+? If so, what did you think? Are you going to keep it?

I’m personally going to see how how I feel towards the end of the trial. The Android TV version doesn’t seem to be playing HDR or Dolby Vision either which is a bit of a bummer.

Edit: dunno why the poll box is showing up.

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  • Add a poll option to see who got hacked. Sticking to Netflix/Prime Video personally.

    • Hacked? Damn, just looked it up. I wasn’t aware. Wonder if any Australian accounts were compromised or if they plugged the exploit before launching here.

      • The people who got hacked likely already had compromised accounts. Generally we'd all use the same passwords for online accounts. So if you have been hacked in one website somehow, you likely are vulnerable in several others.

        You can check out this website to see if your email exists in any pastebin or other dumps on the internet. My main email has been along with my basic password I used to use for everything and now websites I don't care about.

        Since I purchased 3 years of LastPass I have slowly been updating all of my passwords. In the past few months I've had 3 attempts of people trying to reset my Netflix password. At some point I need to ditch my old email completely but not right now.

        • I purchased 3 years of LastPass

          How did you do that? I googled LastPass and could only see a monthly subscription

          • +1

            @heal: There was a deal a while back on Humble Bundle I think for a year sub for $5 or something and they stack so I bought a few.

      • I signed up with a random generated password and wasn't "hacked", it does appear to be accounts where people have reused passwords exposed in old hacks more than anything else.

        As for the service, it's pretty cheap for what I'm after so I'm happy so far

  • Cancelled Stan, jumped on Disney+. 0 issues so far. But if I'm being honest I signed up because I can't manage to find the full first season of Vampirina online. I'm sure there's plenty of other stuff the daughter will love, I'm sick of watching the same shows over and over so it might keep me sane for a bit longer

  • +1

    There should be warnings on those adds. Who thought it was a good idea just to slide show movie covers.

  • +1

    Anybody rocking this on an Nvidia shield?

  • Considering dropping from the highest netflix subscription to one of the lower ones then also subscribing to disney.

  • +6

    They bay by the sea for unlawful marines is always free, so I will be sticking to that, thanks. Don't want another subscription to pay.

  • 29 seasons of the Simpsons!! Nice.

  • It suits our family perfectly. Marvel/Star Wars for hubby. Endless Disney for the kids. Gummi Bears and DuckTales for me…hahaha…

    We've enjoyed showing the kids all the old cartoons. Am also looking forward to watching the Simpsons with them, they're just getting old enough for it.

    We'll be keeping it (and sharing with family) as there's far more on this for us to watch than any of the other streaming services (which we also have thanks to family members). One of the reasons we're happy to pay for it is that we can share the subscriptions with family and spread all the costs. Otherwise we'd be choosing and flicking between services. No way I'm paying for more than one.

  • +1

    Underwhelming considering the size of Disney. The Nat Geo section is disappointing compared to the old Optus app. I think I will wait for the library to grow. Not to say that there are not some good things but overall needs more to make it competitive.

  • +1

    Is the collection much smaller than the US? Couldn’t find a definitive answer as to what’s missing (appreciate an exhaustive list could be difficult… but any big titles?). Has anyone tried VPN/dns to see the US lineup?

    We will start the trial on the weekend, but figured ask here in the meantime…

    I tried calling Disney, but they said try ozb first.

  • -3

    Add a poll.
    Disney are in hot water over their support for the violence against protesters in Hong Kong, or something along those lines.
    There's also controversy about having all of these corporations separating their content to individual streaming services.
    Personally I don't watch movies or TV, but if I did I'd choose to pirate. I hate monthly subscriptions and believe they're set out to
    make people forget they signed up because you get charged whether you use the service or not.
    Some people have posted on social media they're excited about a piece of media being available on Disney Plus but they're all already available on DVD or torrent so I don't get the appeal. Obviously streaming is ideally more convenient but I don't see the appeal of the novelty.
    There are even things like Kodi where you can stream pirated content instantly for free if you need that level of accessibility.

    • I too sometimes pirated movies but I also buy my movies on bluray very often. I have more than two hundred nd fifty bluray collections at home plus subscribed to Prime Videos, Netflix and Disney +. I know you can download movies from torrents but sometimes you just want to have the physical copy of it to show your friends and family who visit you on a special occasion. Its easier just to pop on a bluray disc and start watching. Streaming is good but sometimes you can't really stream properly due to too many people using the internet at the same time. An example for this is when you have 3-4 families coming over and all the kids are connected to one WiFi. You can't really stream anything when everyone is streaming something.

  • The Simpsons is butchered visually and made SJW-compliant. That's a big no for me.

  • I've heard The Mandalorian is quite good, so once all the episodes are out I'll binge it in the 7 day free trial, that's all I need for now.

  • I was paying the highest tier for Netflix but I'm not happy with their price increase, so I dropped that down to the mid tier and signed up for Disney+ as well. My kids are young (7, 4, 3) and they played with it yesterday afternoon and enjoyed it. I have most of the major Disney movies on Plex but the two littlies can't figure out the controls for that. Disney+ kids' profile is set up similar to the Netflix one, so they're able to find what they want to watch easier without having to ask me to do it. My 4yo was happy with Toy Story 4, and my 3yo enjoyed the Lego shorts. My 7yo was happy because all the shows she watched on Stan had migrated over.

    I had a look through the content, and to be honest there wasn't really much that I would watch. My husband will love the Star Wars stuff. I like the Marvel movies but I've already seen them all. The shows I watch are on my Plex server or Stan.

    It might seem overkill but we are a big household so we do have Netflix, Stan and now Disney+. We pay for Amazon Prime too but that's for the free shipping and Prime Video doesn't really get watched. I don't watch Netflix, that's for the kids because I like their kid-friendly set up, but now that there's way more stuff for them on Disney I might seriously reconsider cancelling it.

  • +1

    I have mixed feeling with Disney+.
    It's good for the kids. There are lots of movies for them to watch (all the Mickey movies or series, all Disney cartoon movies and more).
    But for me, there's almost nothing.
    Yes, there is Star Wars and Marvel but I have watched them all.
    I don't usually watch the same movie twice.

    It's different to Netflix where you can find new movies/series to watch even from different countries like German, Korean, etc.

    It might change in the future when Disney have produced more new content.

  • Very disappointing… No deadpool and other R-rated productions. I starred the trial when it was released in the US, where there is an option to combine Disney and Hulu, but then it's too expensive and not the same platform. In Australia the combo is not even an option.

    I think Disney is missing a huge opportunity to offer a platform that offers all its titles.

    I've cancelled my US trial, started the AU trial but already cancelled it.

    Happy with Netflix and Amazon US for now…

  • going to be signing up..
    sharing between a few friends, 20% off itunes credit and a yearly sub is a pretty cheap addition to the streaming options

  • Wondering if there will be issues sharing a Disney+ account. If I created an account and went in with a few other OzBargainers, I'd be a bit concerned if Disney+ looked at IP addresses and banned the account. This hasn't been an issue with Stan but you never know what measures companies take to increase their profits.

    What are peoples thoughts on this?

    • +1

      shouldnt be an issue based on their advertising of 4 streams
      Currently setup an account with friends for exactly that

      • Cheers, I'll set one up next week and adverse on the classifieds

  • Running the same Disney+ account on both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro on the same TV. Surprisingly more 4K movies are shown in the list of Movies on the Xbox X and only a couple on the PS4 Pro. Weird!!
    I tried watching Mandalorian on Xbox One X hoping that the 4K would work but to my surprised it's only steamed at 1080p I think or maybe not even Full HD. YouTube, Prime Videos streamed in 4K fine but Mandalorian didn't stream at 4K for some reason. Other 4K movies works fine. I don't have enough time to check out other contents but for now it's not bad.

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